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  1. elevation mountain peaks are pass 10.000 feet sometimes their are blizzards on the big island summits..
  2. wind really starting to pick up in the city..
  3. i started using gloves weeks ago...
  4. both temps at taken at the airport that is why they are higher then anywhere else..
  5. couple of big time wind rain wind storms we had last 2 weeks dropped a lot of leaves in the city i am surprised still how many trees have a lot of leaves left...
  6. that is when a lot of people get away for the thanksgiving holiday they leave on tuesday not on wednesday
  7. not bad 60 degrees sunshine a pleasant almost mid november afternoon..
  8. what a underwhelming storm today..the only thing falling from the sky was leaves so many leaves everywhere..
  9. canada is so much warmer at this time of year relatively speaking of course then even last year..at this time..
  10. even lee goldberg showed radar which might indicate by morning the heaviest band will be just to the east of the city if that is the case any will be unhappy by rainfall amounts we shall see when it is all said and done..
  11. future cast does not look as impressive for the city as it did at 6:00 pm it should have been pouring in the city by midnight is it will not be maybe 2 to 3 hours later so right away you take a inch of rain off the table..
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