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  1. nycwinter

    Hurricane Dorian Banter Thread

    if dorian did no damage would its' name be retired on it's stats alone?
  2. nycwinter

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

    not even close to being compared to patricia and it won't be..
  3. nycwinter

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

    joaquin was a good distance from the us coastline that will not be the case with this storm..
  4. nycwinter

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

    terrible comparison joaquin was nowhere close to the east coast..this storm will either make it inland over florida or just scrape the coast..
  5. nycwinter

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

    Everyone is going to immediately think Matthew, though it did significant damage to NE Florida. However, Matthew would have been devestating for many communities had it actually made a Florida landfall and got the eastern eyewall inland. We're talking 30-40 miles in places. Really, what that 12z ECMWF run does is pretty much throw everything back on the table. That's a pretty uncomfortable track to try and utilize for an official forecast. Sure, ensembles and the other OPs, but it is still the Euro, and it is being a royal pain in the ass today. well mathew was devastating to the carolinas as well with lots of flooding..
  6. i can see lots of lightning strikes in queens...
  7. torrential rain here in upper manhattan but no thunder..
  8. turning out to be the start of a beautful comfy weekend here in nyc
  9. here in manhattan i could see the flashes of lightning from storms so far to the north of the city..
  10. what a nice refreshing cool breeze blowing out this morning in the city...
  11. everyone knows the real air temp in nyc is not from central park... about time the weather people responsible for such records take notice..and do something about it..
  12. well a week is not a brief respite from the summer heat.. that is a eternity
  13. with a breeze out it is like a blast furnace outside in manhattan...
  14. the park use to have higher recorded temps years ago....
  15. other places that got torrential downpours did not affect todays' temps only central park..