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  1. salt damages your sneakers your floors and underground electrical when it sees down into the sewers..
  2. temps should rise rise a few degrees before the sun sets in 30 minutes...
  3. i am glad daylight saving ends tonight model runs will come out a hour earlier...
  4. the normal high for the last day of october in nyc is 59 degrees enough with the cold air nonsense..
  5. some weather people are saying last night nam was south so you can't give the nam any credit..
  6. heat was turned on all last night whew need to have a fan on when i sleep...
  7. watch out for fallen tree branches when we had that big nor'easter recently a big tree branch fell not to far from me
  8. euro has crushed the gfs the last few months.. never go against the euro...
  9. huh you love snow dude why now you don't want snow?
  10. i don't like the sun it's to bright i got used to the cloudy gloomy skies...
  11. more rain this morning into early afternoon then was predicted for nyc for the entire storm lol.
  12. i thought crappy chilly weather was the type of weather you liked?