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  1. well 2015=2016 winter was crappy then came the big blizzard
  2. i already have given up on winter .. but i do expect a cold wet spring into june...
  3. february but some discrepency in snow totals the park got a lot more then surrounding areas even in manhattan got way less..
  4. yesterday you were confident next weekend might be s snow opportunity what happened?
  5. i recall more than 10 days before it happened the euro predicted 60's for nyc did it feel warm....
  6. temps in the 40's next weekend how is that a threat?
  7. um no i do not appreciate 1-2 inch snowfalls...
  8. um no streets would be more wet then in manhattan was 28...
  9. wow you already have more snow on the ground then was predicted last night for your area...
  10. for those who like snow in march it would not be sticking like this in the daytime due to sun angle..
  11. since 2008-2009 winter.. we have had over 20 inches in central park every year.. and many years more than that by a lot.. except for the 2011-2012 winter season..
  12. 2015-2016 december and january were torches worse then this winter then we had the blizzard which saved that winter..