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  1. yesterday was a brutal an any day of the summer and it was the humidity that was the reason..
  2. when will the next total eclipse of the sun happen right over nyc?
  3. only had a few rubles of thunder here on the east side of manhattan....
  4. let me guess your hiding in the bathroom right about now
  5. the nam was but the other models were not
  6. i was watching the news and the dewpoints were in the lower to mid 60's in the nyc this afternoon much lower than the 70 plus this morning ...
  7. i hate summer.. i hate the heat.. i hate the humidity.. i hate the long days of sunlight.. i hate the fact their are more people outside.. i just hate summer!! ...
  8. beautiful night last night got so chilly had ti turn fan off
  9. their in the top of the 3rd inning if they have the lead after the top of the 5h inning it's a official game.. no need to play 9 innings.. a lot of what if's their...
  10. another line came through the city not as heavy as the first line.. both lines were very brief.. 10 to 15 minutes.. and now we have another break..
  11. wow had 10 minutes of super heavy rain and wind here in upper manhattan.. though heard no thunder... raining hard but not as intense...
  12. i enjoy the darkness so early this sun setting at 8:30 pm is not my cup of tea
  13. that is what usually happens during the summer months...
  14. went to the supermarket this morning a few raindrops were starting to fall.. came out of the market 20 minutes later it was pouring rain.. for 5 minutes..
  15. enjoy it while we can before hot humid weather lasts until september..