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  1. i do not mind having a cold crappy march beats mid 80' like we had in some marches late 1980's early 1990's
  2. taylor only... carson was middle line backer..
  3. mahomes is still the best by far
  4. that is why i mentioned the defensive line and not the overall defense you have to pay attention..
  5. 70 sacks 4 players with 10 sacks ..
  6. it is laughable listening to some in the media who thought the giants had a chance in this game..
  7. eagles defensive line is way better then those 80's giants teams
  8. nasty thunderstorm in the city.. will probably be the best thunderstorm the city will have all year lol..something you would not expect in mid january..
  9. i even had to open my coat outside today...lucky i had a sweatshirt underneath..
  10. snow flurries today and will be in the 20's tonight so that stretch is over...
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