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  1. if we could have snow on halloween we can have it it late november even with warm ocean temps relatively speaking..
  2. i'll believe a storm happens 2 days in advance... i will not pay attention to 10 day out postings from anyone...
  3. the forecast low i saw from many tv mets and radio mets in nyc was 24....so it was right on not as you predicted above
  4. you will be proven wrong.....
  5. was very warm when i went out this morning i almost forgot it was november....
  6. that's not so bad at all i enjoy that kind of weather
  7. terrible as in bad weather or not bad weather?
  8. bust for nyc where is the 2 inches of rain most predicted...
  9. cazn't feel any more humid and uncomfortable in nyc even in the middle of summer....
  10. i actually had to use a portable heater last night with a blanket and i was still cold ....
  11. freezing cold with the wind had to close my window
  12. the last 3 days been uncomfortable.. as bad as any hot stretch during the summer...
  13. we need a vei 7 eruption to really cool down global temps..
  14. well if it goes offshore from san juan st john and st thomas would be blasted...
  15. because of the quake today i was wondering what would be the effect on a hurricane if a quake happened on the path it would take.. would the shaking cause cooler water to come to the surface and weaken the storm?