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  1. i remember in 2002 we hit 90's in april it got cool after that
  2. got to 80 in the park i feel a little faint not use to the heat...
  3. did not wear a coat but had a hoodie and light jacket over it...
  4. next full eclipse in nyc area will take place in 2079 so get ready!!
  5. did the temp drop in the city during the height of the eclipse?
  6. another beautiful winter's day in the city but as i look around trees are greening. depressing thought...
  7. here in manhattan did not feel the quake or the aftershock,
  8. time to get back to weather what about next week rainstorm is it still on?
  9. anyone who was in the nyc area in august 2011 felt that quake for sure..
  10. overabundance of caution.
  11. only had my winter coat hoodie winter hat and gloves on....
  12. the earth could be falling into the sun and central park wont hit 100
  13. i was outside and did not feel anything....
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