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  1. so cold have the heat on...
  2. enjoying the cool chilly nights and using a heater on...
  3. beautiful weather chilly raw beats those days when it was in the 90;s in may..
  4. another comfortable weather week in terms of temps for the nyc area
  5. what happened to the 80's that was supposed to happen today?
  6. i will miss this cool weather...
  7. i'm in manhattan its raining and windy..
  8. surprised i saw no forecast of any storminess tonight for the city
  9. nice brisk morning in the city might be the last until the fall..
  10. went out this morning wearing my winter coat and gloves it felt refreshing !
  11. complete bust for nyc
  12. rain should have started by late morning in the city it is 4:00pm and not a drop yet..these local weather forecasters are getting worse ..
  13. cold water eastern atlantic..