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  1. nice comfortable temps to start next week in the northeast...
  2. what were they thinking those people who said school should have been let out early today because of the threat of severe weather smh...
  3. keep them in school until the storm passes on by
  4. gloomy and rainy=perfect weather...
  5. so humid today when will this summer ever end?
  6. it was suppose to be drizzle and cloudy all day...
  7. sun has broken out in the city when it was predicted to be cloudy with drizzle from time to time during the day another blown forecast...
  8. i see a lot of comments about how they are sick of this kind of weather. again i ask why would anyone want warm and humid weather from now until late september? i prefer to keep the heat away for as long as possible no sane person would want humid hot weather for 6 months non stop if that is the kind of weather you like.. move to florida!!!
  9. still feels 10 degrees colder then actual temps due to the low humidity and breezy conditions...
  10. this cool dry weather causes little nicks in my skin
  11. does not feel like 65-70 feels like the 50's with the cool dry air....
  12. warmer today then what was expected due to some early sunshine..
  13. it is so cold this morning with a gusty wind.. blustery conditions amazing for early may in the city..
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