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  1. lol i will believe it if it actually happens...
  2. if i wanted sunny cool temps i would live in san diego i want some stormy weather // this weather is boring...
  3. lowering sun angle is responsible for cooler temps...
  4. i thought you said summer would last
  5. funny how euro shows storms weak like laura and sally.. it's showing this storm weak as well uh oh...
  6. i guess upwelling does not happen in the gulf this year...
  7. more likely to have stronger troughs in l;ate october then in mid september sandy was once in a 100 year storm..
  8. wore my jacket this morning first time here in the city since june it was chilly out...
  9. what is the odds we go through the entire greek alphabet the way so many storms are forming lol..
  10. a beautiful fall morning in the city comfortable temps nice gusty wind i am glad real summer is over...
  11. summer is over.. it is time to enjoy the cooler well a asteroid strike or a super volcanic eruption will cool the earth by a lot.. no one should be making 100 year predictions..with certainty..
  12. what a storm for manhattan no thunder or lightning but wind and torrential rain..
  13. i like this climate pattern we are in milder winters but still good enough for snow... it's better than it was in the 80;s where you had many days in nyc during the winter when temps would end up in the single digits at nite..
  14. i remember lee lee goldberg yesterday afternoon said maybe a shower south of the city for today...
  15. weather forecasters blew it for today's weather..