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  1. last month some voices were saying we will have mid 80's into october looks laughable now...those predictions...
  2. wonderful news with sun angle diminishing by the time the pattern changes it will not make much of a difference..
  3. thunder and lightning in manhattan very unusual in these cool temps
  4. a late november day in the city coat gloves etc ..
  5. when i see you post i know it is bad news for fans of weather... aka rain or snow ...
  6. so cold today if i was going out i may wear a winters coat..
  7. looks like sunday will be the rainy day in nyc complete bust today
  8. hurricane mathew was a cat 5 at 934 mg hurricane edith was a cat 5 at 943 mg so it can happen at 937..
  9. accuweather forecast winds for port charlotte.. WindSSE 114 mph Wind Gusts222 mph
  10. you said this season would amount to nothing already we have a name that will be retire in fiona.. and who knows maybe ian as well we shall see..
  11. the storm was always going to become a major no matter what the nay'ayers on this board were saying yesterday..
  12. what a blustery day for september my hands were cold i should have worn gloves..
  13. time to turn the heat on going to be quite chilly even in the city tonight..
  14. third summer peak warmth will finally be over following the cold front passage later this week
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