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  1. another line came through the city not as heavy as the first line.. both lines were very brief.. 10 to 15 minutes.. and now we have another break..
  2. wow had 10 minutes of super heavy rain and wind here in upper manhattan.. though heard no thunder... raining hard but not as intense...
  3. i enjoy the darkness so early this sun setting at 8:30 pm is not my cup of tea
  4. that is what usually happens during the summer months...
  5. went to the supermarket this morning a few raindrops were starting to fall.. came out of the market 20 minutes later it was pouring rain.. for 5 minutes..
  6. enjoy it while we can before hot humid weather lasts until september..
  7. so cold i had to turn on the heater.. who would have thought to use on in june...
  8. that earlier heat wave was a dry heat...
  9. actually for august it was in the upper 80's the day of the blackout but it was not super humid.. was a clear day i remember.. of course with no a.c or fans it was very uncomfortable that night...
  10. at the time i made my comment the models were showing a lot of rain for the nyc area.. they backed off.. but then again they were showing nothing for wednesday.. now this morning they are...
  11. latest forecast i saw will say your wrong...
  12. a nice refreshing breeze blowing in my window
  13. it got windy all of a sudden is the cold front coming through or is their a storm in the vicinity of nyc?
  14. still at 92 don't ask me why or how...
  15. well obvious as were heading toward summer temps won't be as cool as they were before..