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  1. btw if you drew a straight line i can see the planes land in laguardia on a sunny day so it's not localized downtown..
  2. it was sunny earlier in manhattan.. but the last hour it's gloomy now low clouds and looking east towards queens i can see fog in the distance...
  3. when i was a kid central park hit it's all time record of 75 degrees in central park in february
  4. nyc got just over 20 inches for the 1996 storms but many places got 10 inches more philly got over 30 inches places on long island had similar numbers.. but nyc only got just over 20 inches.. bad snow measuring anyone?
  5. last year storm was the best in terms of constant heavy snow you had little of any breaks...and remember the 1996 had far better snow ratios due to how cold it was when the snow started it was like 11 degrees in nyc when it started snowing...if last year storm was that cold 40 inches in a few spots would be possible..
  6. wow i heard the decision would be made to close the schools at 11:00pm i'm glad they decided to give it earlier.. if i am correct that 2006 storm dropped 11 inches of snow in 3 hours in central park..
  7. if i am correct that 2006 storm dropped 11 inches of snow in 3 hours in central park..
  8. i think 5 inches in the morning and 14 at night to make 19.. weird thing about the 2011 storm it brought so much warm air up around that places in upstate ny and new england it was to warm to snow.. we got lucky here in nyc
  9. a few days all the doom and gloom on these boards this winter was over how quickly things can turn around..
  10. you do realize that 2 years ago in nyc for the month of feb nyc averaged 10 degrees normal ... and until last year in recent times feb been our snowiest month...oh btw we hit 2 below zero last feb as well.....
  11. a few weeks ago nobody including the models predicted the snow we got in the nyc long island area.. you can't be trusting the models more than a week out at best...
  12. Snowfall as of 7 pm: NYC: 5.0" JFK: 7.5" LGA: 6.3" EWR: 5.5" ISP: 8.0" BDR: 5.3"
  13. that central park number is bogus. we had 4.3 inches at 4:00pm.. no way we only picked up. .7 inches in the last 3 hours
  14. we had some of out heaviest snow during the 4:00pm hour .. i'm positive central park will be over 6 inches...
  15. 4 pm snow totals: NYC: 4.3" LGA: 4.6" JFK: 5.6" ISP: 5.2" EWR: 4.0" BDR: 4.0"