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  1. i'm sure we had a few days where the temp did not hit freezing in december
  2. 2 memorable storms in december that is 2 better then we had last winter i will take it..
  3. the park 1o inches so me being north of the park should be close to a foot i guess..
  4. iinterestnig on the weather channel they were using radar and it was showing or indicitive of mixed precip in eastern pa with the temps in the low 20's but not in ny area..
  5. lee golderg said nyc will be on the dividing line between 6-12 and 12-18 in northern parts of the city..
  6. the sleet area may just be in only brooklyn southern queens and not in uptown in manhattan
  7. since the 2016 blizzard and this will be in the city the heaviest snowstorm since that blizzard..