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  1. nyc was totally unprepared for this storm... where are the plows and salt spreaders..
  2. i am a little past the upper east side the streets are snow covered and the sidewalks as well..posters who are in the harlem area will vouch what i say is 100% correct...
  3. snow covered streets even in manhattan...
  4. snowing lightly here in upper manhattan..
  5. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=OKX&product=AFD&format=CI&version=1&glossary=1&highlight=on significant change by the nws nyc...
  6. i see tons of leaves on the ground lately....
  7. nycwinter

    Admittedly, a very boring question

    central park reported winds are always the lowest in the nyc area....
  8. had to turn on the ac today....
  9. i don't expect cold weather in october....but it has been cold enough to wear winter coats quite a few times this month....
  10. enjoyed having the heat on last night....
  11. this weather will put a end to the bug issues....
  12. nycwinter

    Major Hurricane Michael

    it was already extra tropical at that time...
  13. nycwinter

    Did Hurricane Andrew Hit As a Cat 5 Or Not?

    of course you had winds sustained at 165 mph it had to be a cat 5...
  14. nycwinter

    Major Hurricane Michael

    they had a weather channel reporter who was standing next to the train... she said their was no water anywhere near this train had to be from the wind.. usually you don't see trains over turned unless it's from the winds of a tornado...then again she said it did not look like tornado damage in the area she was in.. so it probably was from the wind of the hurricane itself...
  15. nycwinter

    Major Hurricane Michael

    everyone agrees that michael name will be retired?