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  1. i had the heat on a few nights last week it was so chilly..
  2. here in the city it is so muggy outside feels like a july morning
  3. humanity has survived a long ice age it will survive anything short of a massive asteroid or comet hitting the planet...
  4. feels very humid summer like for october 3
  5. it felt very warm out their this morning and the sun angle was so low it kinda blinded me a few times...
  6. they did not have concrete before humanity existed so central park temps are what the real temps should be..
  7. the other day newark was 70 and the only place that was close to newark was philly which was 68.. it shows newark temps are not accurate ...
  8. had to turn the heater on last night...or maybe i should close the windows instead..
  9. ny reservoir levels are 18% above normal soil saturation is very wet in the tri state area west and north
  10. thank goodness we had a weak war this summer or so many of these cape verde storms would have made it all the way across..
  11. had a few lighting strikes here in upper manhattan...
  12. we need to get to 10 inches in the city for the month we are so close....
  13. maybe it was upwelling since the storm is crawling along
  14. with rain continuing is their a chance nyc central park can get to 10 inches for the month?
  15. i am upset that nyc is unlikely to get to 10 inches of rain for the third month is a row. we had over 7 inches on the first day of the month smh...
  16. the asphalt at the airport makes the temps hotter then they would be anywhere else.. the offilcal temp should not be taken at the airport but somewhere else in the city..
  17. normal high in nyc for the last day in september i think is 73 it is not suppose to be cold dude..
  18. newark temps are inaccurate been that way all summer..
  19. dewpoint is higher then it was in the city yesterday.. does not feel refreshing to me,,
  20. after the storm real fall weather begins summer is over!
  21. that big trough in the east was predicted a week ago at this time...
  22. well compared to yesterday this feels much cooler..
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