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  1. That make sense..I started further NE at Pelham Pkwy and it was increasingly hazy going SW to 149th/3rd Ave. Coming up the stairs near WTC white smoke in the air look like snow for a sec. You can feel and taste it down here. I think wind is more due west now instead of SW earlier helping to push it uptown more
  2. Faint smoke in the bx to now heavy irrating smoke and smell in lower Manhattan from the Newark fire
  3. Moderate snow in lower Manhattan. No acclumation..not even on grassy surfaces or cars. A mod to heavy windswept white rain
  4. Now rain snow sleet mix here, bx. Pictures I've seen in Manhattan and BK on social media look more impressive, don't know if they got under a heavier snow band or I'm too close to the Sound with a gusty E wind off of it, but I'd call it a trace here.
  5. 15 now after a low of 8 this morning. Been a while since last single digit temp
  6. As of an hr ago a touch over 7" near east side of Botanical Garden in the Bx. That wet snow that sticks to everything with a fluffy drier layer on top
  7. There was a 20 car pileup on I 287 and smaller piles up and closures on the Hutch, Cross County, Bronx River Pkwy, Deegan Expy. In hindsight that Winter Weather Advisory should of included NYC and southern Westchester. They extended it after the damage already begun.
  8. More ice than I expected here. Boston Rd in the bx was littered with accidents and completely closed approaching the Westchester border. I could hear the bumper cars overnight. Temp 33 now. That overnight freezing rain is sneaky when it's quiet out and has a chance to form a glaze at marginal temps without the constant flow of traffic during the day.
  9. A significant snowfall in DC, it's about damn time. If I manage to get a snow shower out of this I'll be happy.
  10. Yeah I was riding my bike, felt pretty good. I have to remind myself it's early Jan, and to get near home before the cold air sweeps in, I felt the change beginning by 230. Been trying to enjoy those 55+ winter days but reality is on the horizon. If it comes with snow I'll take the tradeoff.
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