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  1. A quick downpour came through that morning. Seemed to dissipate just as quick for JFK to get 0. Some plants around here seem to enjoy it but the ground was all dried up within an hr or so. As dry as its been I was a little suprised no one commented on the rain out of nowhere. Turns out very few saw it.
  2. Suits in summer once of my least fav things. Should be banned till fall lol.
  3. 1pm..90s for many. CITY SKY/WX TMP DP RH WIND REMARKS Central Park FAIR 90 58 33 CALM Bronx Bot Gard N/A 90 57 33 SW12 Bronx Lehman C N/A 91 59 33 W6 HX 90 LaGuardia Arpt FAIR 92 55 28 W10 HX 90 Queens College N/A 88 55 33 SW13 N/A Kennedy Intl FAIR 86 65 49 S13 Breezy Point N/A 81 N/A N/A S6 N/A Brooklyn Coll N/A 88 59 37 S8 N/A Staten Island N/A 90 59 35 W12 N/A Newark/Liberty FAIR 93 55 27 S10G22 HX 91 Teterboro FAIR 90 60 36 SW8 $$
  4. NWS had forecast of 90 for me so they called it
  5. 80 dew 61 never felt so cool.
  6. I remember that stretch well. It was a hellish run. Does anyone know if that 84 degree dew point at JFK still stands as a valid reading?
  7. Same here..I think so at LGA too.
  8. Got up to exactly 90.0 today. Now 86.
  9. Expanding but will it cross the Hudson? Lots of thunder here now
  10. It looks mostly north of the airport though. More in downtown Newark, Irrivngton, Harrison. It does look a little dark in the western sky now.
  11. Suppose its plausible. Baltimore had a HI similar to that yday. Central Park is 92/77 HI 106 Showing 91/80 HI 108 here A t storm just popped up around Newark.
  12. Oppressive dews indeed. Typical Miami summer conditions now..upper 80s to around 90 with upper 70s dew. Here..87, dew 79 HI 100. Dew point maybe slightly inflated by a lot of nearby lush plants lately.
  13. Humidity really high this am. 80, dew 75