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  1. I didnt see any rain today. Cloudy though, some brief brightening but no sunshine. 65 Its not that bad a day, not hot but still fine without a jacket.
  2. I went to school near Lake Mich. The lake effect snow experience was great time for a weather fan from NY. Wasn't as snowy as up in Marquette but the closet official climate station was South Bend, IN which I believe avg around 70 something inches. I was closer to the Lake so probably was averaging around 80"+ Lake effect is so variable sometime the avg wont tell that part. I remember a time there was a surprise super skinny lake effect snow band dumped 15+" in half a day but outside of it was partly sunny. It'd be the equivalent of a blizzard in Manhattan, sunshine in Queens/Brooklyn and NJ. It wasn't always that extreme but wild swings in conditions would happen often. It could be incredibly dangerous if your driving 75 down the highway and without warning run into a wall of snow and heavy acclumation. Unfortunately I was also there for a couple well below normal years, but I couldn't tell b/c at that time all I knew was late 80s and 90s NYC winters which weren't very snowy outside of the 95-96 etc. Below normal could still get you 50"+ It got depressing though I cant lie, winter there has much less sunshine than NY. Lots of lake effect clouds during winter, it didn't always mean snow. One month at least some snow fell 20+ straight days. Mostly an inch or so per day with a few 2"-3" days mixed in. I would of traded that in for a 12" storm and then some sunny days.
  3. Yeah, I got that NWS statement, looks like it will be just north of the Bx though. At least the strong part of it. I bet some light rain/drizzle get to maybe 233rd St. 80% of the boro stays dry. Increasing clouds though now and 91.
  4. I've been steady at 89 for a while, actually dropping slightly.
  5. For what its worth..
  6. 94 at LGA Once again warmth overacheives.
  7. possibly. They always do that stop at 89 thing. LGA down to 91. I reached 93, with a heat index of 95
  8. Yeah I noticed that too. I expected it'd be slightly cooler than LGA but not 83. Unless the sea breeze has made it up to the LIE.
  9. 92 at LGA ! 90 at EWR Park 88 Im sitting at 90.
  10. True..and today is a nice day. It feels pretty warm when your in the sun
  11. I just noticed the Staten Island mesonet is reporting now. Located on College of SI campus. Not reporting precip totals though.
  12. Flooding everywhere wow Multiple stranded vehicles at intersections.
  13. Topped out at 69. Didnt make mid 70s forecasts. Based on Central Park it did though, high was 74. LGA just 67.
  14. Besides a midnight high in the upper 60s I thought the bulk of the day would be steady in the upper 50s. Instead warming into mid 60s, not bad. I was lagging behind though, Sound influence I assume but now im into low 60s too. .