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  1. Sun breaking out here too now. Id call it mostly cloudy still though, or "mix of clouds and sun"
  2. They been missing storms to the north, east and south for years now. We cant get every storm.
  3. Not a flurry here in the Bx. Snow on radar not reaching the ground. Actually the cloud cover is thinning out in spots.
  4. DC has it bad..in terms of snowfall they might as well be Atlanta now. Meanwhile we have increasing snow avgs. The spread in avg snowfall is massive now over an area not *that* far apart. Prevailing storm tracks seem to consistantly suck for that area. Snow always to the north or south. Norfolk ends up doing better than DC.
  5. Yeah I grew up so envious of those living "north & west." 3" events in the city was enough to make me happy back then. That what I grew up under so like most things, ppl use there formative years as the baseline for the rest of their life. All these big snow events on a regular basis in the 2000s has been a dream come true, but I never got confortable with it. I feel it can end any time lol.
  6. Temps continue to rise, up to 59 now
  7. dWave

    December 2018 General Discussion & Observations

    Oh sh*t that explains it. I was about to post if anyone saw the sky light up in blinding blue/orange lights. Looking toward LGA from Soundview.
  8. dWave

    December 2018 General Discussion & Observations

    Yeah it almost all snow now driving from 233 st to pelham pkwy
  9. Heavy rain mixing with snow and sleet in the bx. Some brief burst of all snow/sleet. 37
  10. There was some flooding and beach erosion in the Rockaways. A little more significant than most ppl expected.
  11. I think you may have just missed the short snow squall. It came through where they inflate the baloons for the parade to the suprise of everyone there.
  12. lol i came to post the same thing. Salt/plow trucks driving around. If ppl blamed the city for the chaos we had then they gotta accept the salt storm for every chance of a flurry. 1-3" salt forecast overnight. Salt drifts in spots