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  1. Flash flood warning as torrential downpour is near stationary over Bx, Southern Westchester and a little of NE NJ. Picking up around 2" of rain a day since Sat
  2. You gotta put that on you tube or something. I heard a lifeguard today say he thought he saw a dolphin (probably) jumping out the water in the distance. There's a video recently of a pod of dolphins swimming in the western LI Sound, between Rye and New Rochelle. A little surprised they would go so far into the Sound. There was a dolphin in the Bx River a few months ago so I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore.
  3. Was at the rockaways and the water was very warm, reminded me of those water temps near 80 we had in July. Felt a little warmer then back then tbh. My watch was showing 78 - 81.
  4. Very heavy rain continues..over 2" temp down to 68
  5. At the Rockaways cloudy and humid. Weather station home in Bx says very heavy rain. 1.70" rain in last 45 mins. Lightning detection going crazy. Temp down to 70 from 89
  6. Hazy sun 91 dew 75 Must be fun at US Open, it started so pleasant too. It couldn't last, when does it ever happen without intense heat at some point.
  7. High 97 here, now 91 dew 70
  8. You're argument is based on a sample size of 7 days vs an observed disparity over years...decades now. Of course there are other variables involved day to day, but the trend from the 90s to now is undeniable.
  9. 90 dew 70 now, after a low of 79.
  10. 96 dew 69 Matches highest temp recorded in early July
  11. Some sun breaking through. Temp was steady around 80, now 83
  12. The same persistant narrow line roughly from Newburgh to the Throgs Neck Br, extending toward JFK now. Where is it coming from? Is there a back door cold front stuck there?
  13. 82/67, light rain again with some sun coming through Hot mostly sunny forecast turning out to be warm, mix of clouds and sun w/occasional showers
  14. In Central Park it will
  15. Quite a storm woke me up. Epic light show
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