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  1. Probably b/c of the relatively cool nights north of NYC and upstate. Also the soil type on LI. I wish NYC mesonets had soi ml temp somewhere. NY botanical garden's wunderground does, its was 77 this morning. NYC soil temp outside of the large parks might be really high with the warmer nights. Like in a typically small backyard surrounding by rows of bldgs. I used to check NYBG soil temp for potential of snow sticking in marginal events.
  2. I noticed the Park temps passed LGA for a time today but inexplicably started to fall slightly while everyone else kept rising. It been not so wet lately so that helps, but I think the sun gets behind the trees around 3ish and slows temps there.
  3. Forecasts have trended to more sun and hot for Sat with clouds/rain holding off till night. We'll see. Around 92, 93 wouldn't surprise me. Their reasoning is it will barely reach advisory criteria, just in the most urban areas.
  4. Heat advisory got extended into Sat for NYC and urban NE NJ
  5. Thanks to a spike in the dew point, 102 heat index at LGA. 94, 72 dew
  6. Humidity creeping back up. After dews falling into the 50s around the City, N&W its back into the mid 60s now
  7. Thats really high. Not suprising though, its hard to find a spot that can clear the shadows of surrounding bldgs in Manhattan.
  8. Yeah, dew point dropped to 61 at LGA. Temp is up to 91, but with falling humidity the heat index is steady
  9. They are all here http://www.climatecentral.org/gallery/graphics/summers-getting-muggier-as-dewpoint-temp-rises A product of warmer ocean temps I assume. Also, maybe that's a factor in warmer overnight lows, which seem to be pushing positive departures more than the daytime highs. Consistently very warm as opposed to short bursts of extreme heat.
  10. Yeah the 1981-2010 Central Park summer avgs always seemed a little lower than I imagined an NYC summer. Maxes out at 84/69. I think it was the only site that actually got cooler than the previous 30 yr normal. (for July) I know it used to max out at 85/70, and before that 86/69. LGA gets to 86/70. If you follow the progression of normal through the big cities DC to NY the LGA avg fits in. The Park's peak avgs is the same as JFK (but JFK stay there at 84/69 for a shorter time)
  11. NWS point forecast has a decent heat wave here. 87 today, then 90, 92, 93, 88, 90, 90. and basically 75-77 at night. In terms of consistency the hottest so far. I wouldn't count out all of Aug though.
  12. Getting really muggy out there. 78, dew 74
  13. Despite being in a pattern not conducive to lots of heat we are still running a little above norm for the month. If that prediction is correct then soon soildly above normal. It takes a "cool" pattern just to stay close to normal.
  14. Wow, what the hell was I doing on that day? I know I was a teen with no ac then, probably hopping in a fire hydrant. Philly had an 83 dewpoint. It seems close to impossible to get such extreme heat (100+) with extreme humidity in these parts. It takes everything lining up to get triple digits, humidity that high would hold temps down from max potential. That must of been some air mass. I can remember one time I forget the year with something similar, I went to a city pool the line was insane, ppl were passing out standing in the sun, the staff started hosing down the lines to keep cool. That pool water temp was disgustingly warm too. People soup.