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  1. Manhattan mesonet shot up to 78/72. So at least at NYC I guess. Hazy sun trying to break thru too
  2. It looks like it's trying to brighten outside looking south. Also the fog has lifted above 30th fl window in lower manhattan and I can see outside again.
  3. Was thinking the same thing. Strong SW wind all day and dews still in the 40s. 81, DP 44 here.. It's probably an unpopular opinion but I find it a little too dry to me. Esp for allergy and asthma purposes. Doesnt have to be 70s but I'd like to reach a point where dews stay basically 50+ for the season.
  4. Bright sunshine and very windy. Howling downtown. Clouds are racing across the sky, interesting to see but was that forecasted?
  5. Shout out to the UHI for taking care of that problem..
  6. Lots of thunder and lightning for a while but only led to a brief period of light rain or drizzle. Slid just south and east over south bx, qns, nassau north shore.
  7. Severe t storm warning NE NJ, NYC western Nassau. Those ch 7 alerts are on point while watching NBA finals
  8. That impressive. We talk about it but it seems hail rarely materializes within nyc. I got partly cloudy skies and temp down to 79.
  9. I see it from the bx looking toward the Sound...plus T storms just nw over Riverdale/Yonkers and just to the south over LGA. So far here in a small calm spot wit clouds and sun. Ominous skies all around except straight overhead.
  10. I was about to ask around what time should I expect rain/storms to reach NYC? Should I be asking "if" instead? I'm going to be outside all day am hoping it stays dry as late as possible..like post 5pm.
  11. A little disappointing how much clouds and haze there is today
  12. That's interesting. All the clouds, rain has temps, esp lows temps, more uniform. NYC has higher norms though. Cloudy nights are a bigger + for the suburbs. EWR probably spent a little extra time just outside of marine influences too for an added boost.
  13. One would think these back door fronts would become much less stubborn by this point. I live by the when in doubt, side with the backdoor cold front motto. (For NYC and points N&E ) Usually by mid May or so I have much less faith in the bdcf's staying power.
  14. Been in the 50s all morn. 59 now with a light NE wind after a low of 56
  15. dWave

    May 28th-30th Severe Potential

    Yeah in the bx had a brief light shower now its dry, with few rumbles of thunder. Watching lots of lightning on cams of lower Manhattan, NY harbor