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  1. Low 42 this am. Have a few peppers planted, still producing albeit it a little smaller. Wonder how long they will hold on. I used to drive well in westchester regularly, now I work in the City, I feel so lost I dont get to see any frost/freeze lol. I wonder if the leaves are even changing color outside the city. It pretty much green and lush here. I used to see some nice color along the Sprain to Taconic about this time of Oct.
  2. Got down to 41 this morn. Refreshing but I'm still not adjusted to chilly weather and dry air especially. Feels like I've gone from summer to Thanksgiving in the blink of an eye.
  3. I think the White Plains record is the most impressive. It can get pretty cool there espically since its not actually in the city of White Plains
  4. Looks like intense storms just to my north along the Bronx Westchester border. Here it's light rain, breezy with lightning and thunder. Temp down to 80 dew 73
  5. 93, dew 77, HI 108 here. 100+ heat indexes for just about everyone. CITY SKY/WX TMP DP RH WIND PRES REMARKS Central Park FAIR 92 74 55 CALM 30.09F HX 101 Bronx Bot Gard NOT AVBL Bronx Lehman C N/A 93 72 49 W6 N/A HX 100 LaGuardia Arpt FAIR 96 70 42 SW10 30.06F HX 102 Queens College N/A 90 75 62 S14 N/A HX 100 Kennedy Intl FAIR 88 79 74 S13 30.10F HX 103 Breezy Point N/A 81 N/A N/A S13 N/A Brooklyn Coll N/A 90 75 62 SE12 N/A HX 100 Staten Island N/A 91 72 52 W5 N/A HX 98 Newark/Liberty FAIR 95 70 44 W10 30.06F HX 101 Teterboro FAIR 94 74 52 SW8 30.05F HX 104 $$
  6. Yeah, and much more car centric culture there. In NYC you are likely to spend much more time out and about or waiting in the heat.
  7. This is how I always thought of it. The confusion stems from people thinking that Northeast and Mid Atlantic are mutually exclusive.
  8. I think the sun gets lower behind the trees and in a general sense skyscrapers cast large shadows blocking some sun from reaching the ground. Esp when comparing to wide open expanse of an airport getting every available min of direct sun.
  9. Damn it is disgusting out just walked several blocks. This ranks with some of the hottest nights ever. Now 90/73, but if you held a thermometer out on an avg city sidewalk I think you'd get something even warmer. This stuff plus UHI is very taxing on the body.
  10. That really shows how how these type of warm lows are a very recent phenomenon.
  11. Nearby LGA was 98 and those courts absorb heat well, you can add at least a few degrees if not more. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/tennis/45339175 http://www.espn.com/tennis/story/_/id/24506318/usta-needs-commons-sense-heat-policy-us-open
  12. 83/75 After a low of 82. Heat index 90+ all night.
  13. Pretty amazing how they play at the US Open in this. Some cant make it through.
  14. I dont think most offical reporting stations meet the criteria. I suspect unoffical measurement in a backyard or something similar maxmize the dew point potential in a way a barren mostly concrete airport does not. Central Park could but they dont have the heat to match the humidity.