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  1. That makes sense, western Queens is very dense and urbanized, and becomes a little less so the futher east you get. Also around LIC you have about 12 miles of land including the most urbanized parts of Brooklyn separating you from the Atlantic, once you get out to GCP, your lined up with Jamaica Bay and now you only have about 6 miles btwn you and the water. I feel similar about Manhattan, during the day it does feel a little less hot compared to just outside of it, I think its cuz there so much shade from tall bldgs. Just out of there esp Queens and the Bx its still very urbanized but without all the shade, so much more sun reaches the ground to bake you. I do noticed those temps really peak on and near roads like 278/BQE, Bruckner, Deegan, Cross Bronx. That kinda what alot of NYC is like away from the water or in a park.
  2. I think 2024 there will be a solar eclipse, over 90% here, in early afternoon. You wont need a clear view of the horizon at that time of day.
  3. what the outlook for sky conditions for the eclipse at sunrise tomorrow?
  4. 94 /73 /HI 104 Plants look like they are struggling, despite ydays downpour. nearby Micronet says 96/69 HI 102
  5. I think 70 ocean temp is a stretch for early June. Wanna be done with any 50s by now, but 60s slowly climbing toward 70 is ok, with 70s thru July to the Aug peaks.
  6. 86 /75, some drizzle here with lighting looking north. severe t storm warning, but it look to barely miss just north, about to slam Bx/Yonkers border now
  7. hazy sun, 82 /73 after low of 77 Did LGA, NYC etc.. set record high mins?
  8. Holding steady at 96. Looking toward the Van Nest/Tremont micronet is which is 97. That con ed plant is LGA minus the water. I always thought walking up Bronxdale to Morris Park was espically brutal, I see why now lol
  9. Up to 94 at noon. Riding my bike around its more of a sea breeze than yday so its still quite warm but tolerable in spots close to the Sound..but only within a mile or so, then its back to the furnace
  10. Yup always does that. Sometimes it jump up again late afternoon as the sun clears the trees, but varies with the changing sun angle during summer. Every mesonet, micronet in and near NYC was low to mid 90s. They are not all perfect, but with 90s so widespread its ridiculous the Park cant manage to touch 90.
  11. Mostly sunny, hazy 93/ 65
  12. For what its worth, LGA did a few years ago. 2017 I believe. I was working outside that day a bike event, until they canceled after a few people passed out.
  13. I guess thats a tough record to break from the 1880s. I think many other places are still in line to see records fall. We'd have to get upper 50s, to low 60s at LGA, JFK, EWR etc.
  14. Thanks, I forgot there was a micronet network in addition to the mesonet network. There is even more it seems, maybe for internal use only, because over the last couple yrs I've seen these little mini weather stations popping up all over, mainly on utility poles. I've seen Con Ed trucks putting up radiation shields etc, I was wondering what is going on. Professional climate stations are great, but it's also interesting to see actual conditions you experience in the middle of the street, and little micro climates as well.