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  1. Seen some large trees down. Today is not very windy at all though. High wind warning was too late.
  2. Wind is howling now.. Brooklyn mesonet gusted to 51. Manhattan 55, Queens 58. Some very strong guests coming through now setting off dozens of car alarms.
  3. When it comes to snowfall, DC is turning into Atlanta. At the same time we have increasing snowfall. Theres a huge snow dichotomy along I 95 now over a relativetly short distance. I wonder if it's a semi permanent thing or if plummeting snowfall totals will eventually move up the coast here? Being in more favorable position for noreasters maybe saves us?
  4. Had to head out wayy too early for a sun morning, but I did see the moon, looked amazing. Also star filled sky looked extra bright. Sometimes you can see them in the city. Low of 53 here.
  5. Sun is out, like someone flipped a switch, nothing gradual about it. Mostly sunny 61.
  6. Water is way higher than normal around the Seaport and wall st pier 11, with some splash over. Dont pay attention and you might get wet sitting around South st
  7. Mostly sunny, 72. Some high clouds moving in though.
  8. Yeah, it's a beautiful day so far, brilliant sunshine in lower Manhattan, view from world trade is partly cloudy to mostly clear all around.
  9. Quickly went from a few breaks of sun to mostly sunny. I saw wildly varying forecasts this morning for today, from a repeat of yday all day cold and rain to sun and mid 60s.
  10. 40 degrees colder than yday now. Quite the shock to the system. Dreary low to mid 50s day.
  11. wow..DC and Baltimore both reached 98, easily setting Oct all time records there. Clouds from nearby t storms stopped the rapid rise here, wonder how hot it would of got.
  12. Got mostly cloudy for a min but sun is back and 94/71. amazing stuff.