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  1. 85 after a high of 86. Felt a little more like summer today but still near perfect imo. Some highs in SE NYS.
  2. Yeah, backyard is looking like a out of control rain forest here. Very lush. Last 14 days total precip, Bx Mesonet is 2nd wettest in the state.
  3. Nice little downpour over SW Bx headed to Soundview, Throgg Neck/ NE Queens if it holds.
  4. Rain in Manhattan now. Lately it seems If there is even the slightest chance of rain it will definetly happen.
  5. Already past here..thunder and lightning now rain just starting. Looks amazing with the setting sun still partly visible along side dark ominous skies Special Weather Statement issued August 8 at 7:45PM EDT by NWS Upton NY At 744 PM EDT, a gust front was located over Bayville, or over Glen Cove, moving southeast at 45 mph. Winds in excess of 40 mph are possible with this gust front. Locations impacted include... Jamaica, Flatbush, New Rochelle, Flushing, Mott Haven, Levittown, East Tremont, Freeport, Valley Stream, Long Beach, Glen Cove, Plainview, Coney Island, Garden City and Massapequa. null TARGET AREA... New York (Manhattan); Northern Queens; Northern Nassau; Southern Westchester; Kings (Brooklyn); Southern Nassau; Bronx; Southern Queens
  6. Skies looking crazy over the bx now looking NW from outside the Botanical Garden. Powerful West winds picking up right now.
  7. Was thinking the same thing. Using NWS I see mid and upper 80s except 83 on Sat. Two nights in the upper 60s as well. To be fair what does a early Aug cool down look like? As much as I can remember, the only way I know to hold temps to "cool" levels in early Aug is clouds and showers. It's a break in humidity that makes it relatively "cool"
  8. Doesnt look like its moving at all either. Its dry looking down toward City Hall but I see rain just few blocks north and midtown is completely obscured in heavy rain now
  9. Heavy rain more so on the west side of Manhattan with hail (30 stories up at least). Looking east on the lighter side with breaks of sun.
  10. ..looks like its raining over the hudson river actually but dry in Manhattan itself
  11. I can see toward SI, NJ I dont much going on that looks severe from this vantage point. I will find out in a few..
  12. Severe t storm warning Hudson, NE Union, SE Essex counties, Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn.
  13. Sunshine with light rain out of nowhere in lower Manhattan
  14. All of the reasons everyone has mentioned is probably why most major cities just use the airports. Could be tough to find a place with enough space to have an acceptable sitting, yet safe and protected from vandals and other interference. The sheep meadow would be nice but imagine permanently closing that to the public lol. I don't think vandalism at the castle would be as much of a problem now as it was back then anyway. They probably could put it back with little issue. The current site can be easily vandalized too but that doesnt seem to be a problem. I wonder, they cant get permission from the city to trim the trees around it? Maybe cut down a couple all together. It wouldnt be perfect but itd be an improvement and wouldnt involve breaking the continuity by moving the site. They could offer to pay for the planting of a few new trees elsewhere to make up for it.
  15. 80/72, which was the low, another 80 degree night