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  1. Anybody notice the air look disgusting today? At least a layer above the surface but below the tops of the tallest bldgs, i.e. 1 WTC.
  2. After a 30 min train ride from bx to midtown its mainly sleet on 34 St. Dont know if it made it further uptown.
  3. Ill take it even though I not 100% sure how. Estimate just over 2" here.
  4. Mod to heavy snow, temp down to 26. Closing in on an inch. First actual acclumating snow on pavement.
  5. Moderate snow, blowing snow 29. Coating sidewalks
  6. Winds gone southerly here too now..SSE. temp up to 28 and little peaks of sun actually.
  7. Dec 2015 is safely the most absurd month imo. It never went below freezing in the city. Its insane to get though Dec without getting down to 32 for even a few mins. If it was Nov it still would be considered a warm month. Despite lacking the drama or destructiveness of a major storm, taken as a whole, Dec 2015 to me is one the most remarkable weather events in our history.
  8. 97-98 had 0.5" until a surprise 5" snowfall in late March, preventing that winter from having the record lowest snowfall.
  9. lol at cherry blossoms? I know there are a few varieties that can have a 2nd bloom in fall if the conditions are right, but Jan? I'd think the sun isnt strong enough yet regardless of temp. hit 69, went on a bike ride, felt great albeit it windy at times. Sat under a southern magnolia tree and for a sec felt like I was in South Carolina lol
  10. lol I was wondering where the hell did it go. Vanished at the Hudson river. Does look like just north of the city may of got a little something. At the GWB though it just fell apart. Temp is 66 but dewpoint falling into the 50s, with a few breaks in the clouds.
  11. Brilliant sunshine! Up to 60. If the sun stays out we'll past forecast temps very soon.