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  1. Central Park is not good for wind measurements. Not just speeds, direction is often off too. Those NY Mesonet stations will come in handy.
  2. I went to Long Beach. I figured why go out to Jones or Robert Moses with lifeguards if the surf will be too rough to really swim, plus the surfing tournament was at LB. The waves were really big, it came to the point where if your on the sand you will likely get splashed, water was advancing pretty far onto the beach. I wanna see what it'll look like when Jose makes its closest pass.
  3. NYC beaches extended the season again this year to Sept 10, but Sept started chilly so it wasnt so appealing. Now the sun and warmth is here. I think some NYS beaches do the same too.
  4. I was waiting for the Bronx one. It'll be interesting to compare to. I'm on the other side of the NYBG, just under 2 miles SE of Lehman.
  5. A little summer feel tonight. 74 dewpt 69
  6. It passed already, run of the mill wind gusts now. Dry though here.
  7. Hudson-Eastern Union-Eastern Essex-Western Bergen-Eastern Bergen-Eastern Passaic-Rockland-Northern Nassau-Kings (Brooklyn)-Northern Queens-Southern Queens-Southern Westchester-Bronx-New York (Manhattan)-Richmond (Staten Is.)-Northern Westchester- 749 PM EDT TUE SEP 5 2017 ...A STRONG GUST FRONT WILL AFFECT HUDSON...BERGEN...SOUTHEASTERN ESSEX...SOUTHERN WESTCHESTER...QUEENS...RICHMOND...BRONX...NEW YORK...KINGS AND ROCKLAND COUNTIES... At 747 PM EDT, radar indicated a strong gust front located along a line extending from near Pearl River to near Oakwood. Movement was east at 30 mph. Wind gusts up to 50 mph are likely, as well as trailing heavy showers and embeddede thunderstorms. The gust front will be near... Nanuet and Pearl River around 755 PM EDT. Tappan and Norwood around 800 PM EDT. Coney Island and Nyack around 805 PM EDT. Yonkers and Tarrytown around 810 PM EDT. White Plains and Scarsdale around 820 PM EDT. Rockaway Beach and Harrison around 825 PM EDT. Port Chester and Rye around 830 P
  8. 56, quite breezy. Been a long time since I felt such a chill.
  9. From what I've seen it appears Harvey is going to slowly drift back out into the gulf and make a 2nd landfall around Galveston and into Houston. Horror movie of a forecast.
  10. The rainfall totals and forecasts are mind boggling. Additional 6"-10" of rain daily for days on end. When I think of 2"-3" of rain flooding my basement I cant imagine what those totals would do.
  11. 62 here. Dewpt 49 We've turned into San Diego.
  12. 63 now, which is the low temp. Very refershing, but I'd take a couple more summery weeks before being ready for fall..doesnt look to be in the cards though. Widespread 40s in the NE and midwest.