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  1. Humidity is so low, does add a cooler feel to that 60 degree temp. Dew points are upper teens to 20. No complaints though, I plan on making the most of some sunny mild days. Its about time.
  2. If that turns out accurate we wont have much of a spring at all this year. Just flip to summer at some point.
  3. seen a few trees down, damaged power lines, to street flooding and basement flooding. Now mostly sunny and 61. Was in the mid 40s a little over an hr ago. Mesonet little over a mile away had 3.80"
  4. Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island Mesonet stations all over 3". Bx about 3.5"
  5. yeah the Bronx River is a mess, went to white plains and back.
  6. Spring 2018 banter

    Ive noticed the offical stations do not show up on the map. Its been like that for me more often than not for a long time (on the app). I have them saved in favorites and I can get to them that way.
  7. Dropped 11 degrees in the last 90 mins..the bulk of that in the last 20 mins or so. Down to 61. Did get up to 74 just before 2pm. Still a mild/warm day despite NE winds all day. Yday was the real heat here though.
  8. LGA has dropped a couple degrees to 61. Ive been still rising but slowly at 67. Moved some outdoor activities up, miss the sleep but may turn out to be a good idea.
  9. Damn I 80. So I already around the high temp? I 80 is basically down to the GWB.
  10. Got up to 82 today. Light breeze has turned S to SE here. Sea breeze incoming. Brooklyn and Queens mesonet stations have fallen into the 60s. Still at 80 here. Bx and Manhattan staying warm for the moment.
  11. The Park, LGA at 81. Newark 82. A little above forecast, as usual. It just a matter of getting the warmth here to begin with.
  12. got up to 62 today, then down to 54, waiting on the warm front
  13. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Look like heavy snow now, at least 2" and that includes roads, sidewalks. Looks like it had no issue sticking at all. Doesnt even look slushy. I am a little suprised I admit.
  14. Some cherry blossom trees around me are blooming, the rest are on the brink. I suppose its safe to assume they will be toast tomorrow? Kinda sucks, since many of these trees are relatively new, planted by the city. It pretty nice when they are blooming together. However last yr they got ruined, and this yr seems to be on the same path. False spring in Feb then cold/snow. They have fared better than last yr though. There are some varieties I see that usually bloom later anyway, those are safe at least.