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  1. Sun still out so reaching 80 is in reach. was wondering if we would get through April without one.
  2. Sun, warm and humid afternoon NYC 75 LGA 74 EWR 79 TEB 77 HPN 71 FRG 66 an 80 at Newark looks likely
  3. After some sun its 70 and drizzle
  4. Some sunshine breaking through in lower manhattan
  5. Must be windy, looking down at some white caps on the east river and NY Harbor
  6. I'm curious...what is this second batch of fog and rain? Wasn't it suppose to be clear behind the line of storms earlier than am. Wasnt that associated with a cold front?
  7. Wow t storms woke me the hell up. Some window shaking thunder
  8. 66 here with hazy sunshine. Only 59 at LGA and 71 at the Park.(I suspect LGA has recovered since the last reading though) This time of yr is the Park's time to shine before LGA becomes the citys warm spot in the summer.
  9. Clear spot at the park... Central Park: 64, visibility 7 miles LGA: 58, visibility 0.0 JFK: 55, visibility 0.1 miles Dtwn Heliport (wall st) 59, visibility 0.3 miles Newark: 60 visibility 0.2 miles
  10. Its very dense fog here in the bx. Visibility is basically zero. I cant see the houses across the street standing at ground level. 59 degrees
  11. A near perfect day imo after the clouds gave way. Got up to 77. 71 now.
  12. 68 at central park now. LGA jump to 66..south wind now..front pushing through
  13. Yeah felt pretty warm here in lower Manhattan. Got more breaks of sun than anticipated. Had lunch by South St Seaport, no shade over there , took me by surprise how warm it felt. Wall st Heliport showing 65. Bx thermometer shows 60 though with that ENE wind. 55 at LGA.
  14. Wind shifted to S/SE and temp jumped to 51