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  1. Its all relative..lows 70s still felt cool to me esp with managable humidity. Thought id have an outside shot at getting below 70, but 72 was the low. Compared to typical lows of mid 70s to low 80s w/ high humidity this summer this is a very cool day. Next few nights look like small chances to get a touch below 70 within the core UHI, if not then who know how long it'll go.
  2. Yeah the gague at the Battery showed a storm surge, you can see a small jump near low tide so it just ended up being like an extra near normal high tide
  3. High 90 today, but with dews falling to the upper 50s.
  4. Sandy, Irene, Isaias, Fay Irene goes ahead of Isaias for me because it brought significant flooding as well. both urban street flooding and river flooding. I've seen the Bronx river flood many times but Irene may have been the most I can remember seeing it outside its banks.
  5. Plus Sandy had power outages from storm surge flooding key infrastructure too. That can decimate the whole system and with no quick fix. Fortunately we dont have that problem. Also, thanks to that, Manhattan has avoided almost all power outages while every other boro has widespread power problems.
  6. Con Ed says this is the 2nd biggest power outage in its history. Biggest being Sandy of course. Irene now moves down to 3rd. When the winds died down more I explored further and its really a mess. I moved my car to the most tree free spot I could find just before the onset of strong winds, now half that block has damaged cars from trees. Glad I moved in time. Also ran into random pockets of no power scattered around.
  7. wow I think its worse, and more sustained strong winds Cant say I've ever experienced powerful winds with bright sunshine in the summer before. If it wasn't for the greenery it's look more like a powerful cold frontal passage in November
  8. Pretty extensive power outages on the Con Ed map. Some traffic lights out around here. I'm told neighborhoods just to east closer to I-95 near co op city with widespread power outages. Sun out like a light switch , clouds racing through
  9. 65 miles W of NYC per last NHC update. Still windy here but gusts are less powerful
  10. NYC Mesonets near 70 mph for reference.. Queens is at Queens College. Manhattan at Hunter College on the UES Bronx -Lehman College, Bedford Park SI - College of Staten Island http://www.nysmesonet.org/weather/maps/Wmax
  11. Took a short walk, not the safest idea. Trees, and large branches falling all over. Got stuck trying to find a way back avoiding large trees. People out were staying in the middle of the street, scared of snapping branches all around
  12. wind really came in strong with those showers, howling down the street, strong enough to start to rip some of those cloth awnings some business have. Then it calmed down somewhat.
  13. sudden heavy rain came in like a wall, slowing down now. gusty winds with the downpours