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January 2023 Obs/Discussion

Torch Tiger

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1 hour ago, Cold Miser said:

Pathetic Down here this year. I have had snow in the the air for a total of 12 minutes haha. Seasonal total 0.0 

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1 hour ago, STILL N OF PIKE said:

Wow , that is actually amazing to me 

The consistency of the warmth has been amazing. You’d think a plus 9 or plus 10 month would have several big torches of 50s and 60s but that isn’t the case. 

ORH has cracked 50 just twice this month, 11 highs in the 40s, and 18 highs in the 30s. Zero highs below 30. 

But the min temps are the bigger culprit. Lowest of the whole month is 19F which is still warmer than the average low for any of the days this month, lol. Mins have run about plus 13 this month. 

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2 minutes ago, tamarack said:

Nice.  Still 23" here and it's solid, at least 30% water content.  Last 2 events totaled only 1.6", leaving the Jan total a mere tenth shy of 30", which is about 10" AN and 3rd most for January 1999-on, so no complaints here.

I got you by 2.5" with 32.5"/mos, But Lava has me by a few more to my SW.

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