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  1. Pfft, they'll probably say he died from CV.
  2. yes, news media (NBC) was saying this morning that there was a surge in new cases from the riots. OMG, I never thought I would hate the MSM as much as do now. Last 3 months have been brutal.
  3. Checked out Raymond. Only 9 cases. Casco of which we live on the line has zero. Naples, Bridgton, Harrison all <5
  4. I thought they were making claims they were virus free like a month ago?
  5. Took them long enough. Hippa my ass.
  6. Fast drop for you guys. We're still at 4.97%
  7. My 401k just about back to where it was pre-pandemic
  8. Literally time will tell. Let's see how things are in 2-3wks. If infections and hospitalizations are still flat or on the continued decline, then there has to be a revision to the health/public policies governing these current measures.
  9. recall DITs game changer note about the company that was supposedly supplying some face cream to hospitals based on the possibility that ocular infection was the primary route of infection, which isn't/wasn't the case
  10. sounds like the face cream we heard about that prevents eye infections
  11. why use the last seven days? Overall, Sweden has fewer deaths per 1M people according to WM at 450 vs UK's 580
  12. I'll admit I contributed to that stat
  13. Thanks for reigniting the doom and gloom here.
  14. 5 deaths today. I think this might be our highest one day total.
  15. heck, I'm just about to rip this N95 off my face that I wear to work everyday,.
  16. Protests have been going on for what, 5-6 days? Maybe they got it from the protest, maybe not. MSM can't wait to jump on this possibility and cycle back to doom and gloom. Let's wait and see if there are large outbreaks and case spikes in the next 2 weeks. This should also take into account the large gatherings that took place during Memorial wknd. It's a nice experiment to test the spread of disease outside.
  17. Oddly the media didn't report on this. How come?
  18. From the paper: We have found that transmission can be controlled simply by limiting contacts such as public transportation and large events Good luck with that in NYC
  19. I'm going to try this stuff but there's little to no rn in the forecast
  20. Here's the final product. About 25 different shrubs, perennials and other bushes. Many are small now, but will get much larger. After many failed attempts of getting grass to grow in this spot, we thought this would look nice. Now we have to bring in more topsoil in the Fall and reseed the surrounding area around the mulch bed with grass seed. I'm confident that with good topsoil we can get grass to grow consistently well. I will say we need some rain quite desperately as the soil is bone dry.
  21. gotta get creative. beats staying inside and eating off a tv table
  22. Nobody is stopping anyone if that's what they want to do, but there won't be widespread use in the US if Covid mutates into a nuisance cold virus
  23. CA restaurants are all open to dine-in as of today, yet here in Maine, gov said not till July.
  24. I got my weekly AMC email and thought for an outdoor group, their message about limiting the time spent outside was odd: AMC continues to support the evolving national effort to control the spread of COVID-19, and so we encourage and recommend limiting your time outdoors to brief, local outings and backyard adventures, always maintaining compliance with state and federal stay-at-home guidance. Be well, and thank you for your readership and support! —AMC Outdoors editors