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  1. Glutton for punishment. Last time, I swear
  2. What a coc day. Gotta love shoveling 6yds loam, aerate, spread seed then topdress with 8 bails peat moss. Freaking house stuff never ends
  3. Great day to do the lawn reno. Of course no rain in site
  4. Not even 2 months ago, Fauci was saying not to expect a vax until early 21 at the earliest. Now it's Nov 1? Hate to be critical, but this smells funny to me
  5. Was walking around Stowe neighborhood last weekend while at friends and found out this 10,000sqft home going to get leveled. Owners are building a $15M mansion. Nuts. The current house looks good to me. To each their own
  6. ....but dry. Lawn seeding project this weekend. Need rain
  7. waves were huge yesterday on sebago. Probably not the best decision, but I'm sure there were countless others having fun without incident.
  8. PF can confirm, it's gusty here at 1778' in Stowe. Wind was howling all night. Mansfield gusting to 70
  9. Looks like 1" on the dot will do it
  10. Lol, heart attack on a plate. I got a plain burger
  11. Drove through Smuggs Notch. Cool stretch. Would be fun on bike. Lunch at Brewster's Pub
  12. 0.86". Decent drink with some more coming
  13. At our friends in Stowe. PF, look familiar?
  14. Frcst 0.2" for tomorrow? Why bother. What happened to the washout
  15. same here. I still need to put some grass seed down, so not wanting any frost/freezes too soon. don't usually get there till Halloween or later
  16. Yep. Nice taste of Fall. 69/41.
  17. What a dud with the CF. Temp drop is nice though. 0.02"
  18. Nice. Be in Stowe this weekend visiting my wife's cousin. Hoping the rain stays mostly away on Saturday.