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  1. 42.3f. shielded on the hill
  2. AIT. Just a sprinkle last night. Really could have used a soaking
  3. This will play out most of the summer like this. See it here nearly every year for last 7 yrs.
  4. Doubt we'll get more than a quick shower
  5. Here we go again. I've gotten used to the dry pattern after May and the one T-storm all summer pattern, although last season was pretty wet through June.
  6. Work has begun to transform this failed lawn area with more natural landscaping with shrubs and such. Before and during. Will post when she's done.
  7. haven't cut the lawn yet. Letting it grow to get through the heat of this week. She's pretty tall (10") in the areas where there is growth. I'm putting minimal effort into this this summer.
  8. When does pinkham notch, being federally operated open again?
  9. Three solid weekend days then a dud today.
  10. Thought the mountain would have had more snow. Sugarloaf still looks tasty up top
  11. Fog and mist. Where's the sun
  12. Let's not talk about the lawn. Local stations seem comparable
  13. Wow, fast forward into summer. 85.6f.
  14. Lots of snow still on the rock pile
  15. A little bit of a light show with some rumbles. 0.66". Probably be the only tstorm all season
  16. She's a beaut Clark. High of 69F. Light winds.
  17. timefortucks website no longer has the forum feature. Anyone know if this is due to covid? I assume people are still hiking to ski
  18. Snowing in The County right now. These are the days when I'm glad I live farther south.
  19. Too bad they turned the cams off
  20. 36.1f. Most of the snow gone but stiff NW wind and squalls atm. Pretty ridiculous for mother's day wknd