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  1. WCSH had Lew at 2.43" at 7am. Someone on other side of town?
  2. PF was right. Moisture pinwilled in overnight. 1.7" since midnight
  3. Nice. 0.1" here. Be surprised we see anything more than 0.5" all week.
  4. Didn't even register in the gauge here. Round one swing and a miss
  5. Looks like severe stuff sailing south of us. Thunder but not a drop yet
  6. You were right on head fake
  7. Is the cutoff low really going to produce some rain into early next week or is it another head fake?
  8. Too bad rain didn't precede this
  9. doesn't look like any rain coming. what happened to the storms? the small cell currently looks to be scooting around us.
  10. Not super hopeful for any meaningful rn today
  11. Oh boy, 0.01" overnight.
  12. 84.7F for the high. Now 75f. Heatwave denied
  13. Almost never rains here in summer. Tstorms are almost non existent anymore
  14. Brandy. Here's a better pic. 1957 Barbour
  15. Under the boats, lol. Only about 3' of water