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  1. 39.2f. time to throw down more seed
  2. This is a usgs drilled well (290') not too far from our place. Doesn't look like ground levels are suffering too badly since Jan although the level is dropping. ~15% drop
  3. Plenty of room. At 1st I thought you'd be able to see them. That would suck especially in a rural area like that.
  4. I'm throwing down more seed this weekend
  5. Measure it. I checked ours last weekend. Teddy OTS. Let's lock in another 7 days without precip
  6. News asked if wild fires are spreading covid
  7. I think she slant sticked her measurement[emoji38]
  8. My godmother lives outside of Bozeman and I recall her telling me they had a couple inches of ash all over
  9. Probably going to have to stop watering after another week[emoji3525]
  10. In Randolph? Is it still breezy? 43f
  11. That sucks. You just never know when your time's up. But it sounds like the 1st guy wasn't as much in distress as initially claimed. They said he was able to hike down a bit with assistance to the hut. My initial thought was chest pains, but maybe it was broken bones? The 2nd guy was clearly a cardio event.
  12. Would be a kick in the teeth to not be getting any precip for lawn project to then get it wiped out with frost. We're usually protected on the hill from frost till ~ halloween
  13. New grass seed starting to sprout. Unfortunately no rain in the next 7days. Keep on watering.
  14. Checked the depth of our well with string. Think we're ok. Water level was around 80% full. It's a 500' well.