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  1. Looks promising.
  2. they pulled them off the OTC shelves a few weeks ago until after they run the trial
  3. we are not, but blue balls setting in. We haven't even kissed since my wife stopped flying 2 wks ago
  4. Found out the one employee where I work lied about being POS and never got tested according to local CDC. This caused a lot of anxiety, angst and company closure this week. That person was fired. On one hand I understand the termination, but on the other this guy's wife is immunocompromised and probably feared getting sick and giving it to her. In retrospect, he could have just said he didn't feel well and take the paid 40hr (up to 80hr) week off to see where things stood then. Oh well, looks like we're all going back to work Monday. I'm going to wear a mask during the day when people are there.
  5. drink Gatorade if you have it.
  6. Sweden's herd immunity approach.
  7. yeah, found some old sand bags which are good for doing some biceps and shoulders. I have to put up a pull up bar somewhere.
  8. For those that go to the gym and lift, what are you doing now? In addition to cycling, I like going to gym and pushing some weights, but gym will be closed for awhile. Other than push ups, I don't have much at home.
  9. we are essential as well, but with one Pos case late last week, we have closed for this week and will re-evaluate sunday.
  10. joking right? it'll never happen. just accept that people have different opinions and move on
  11. are you working around the corner or at home?
  12. CA seems to be doing pretty good too
  13. Does it matter to the thread discussion?
  14. read the Dr's comment at the end of the article about why
  16. Gov giving a presser here in ME soon. Looks like we're heading to full state lockdown. Meanwhile our company is making a case to ME CDC that they should provide test kits for all 50 employees so we can get back to work as an "essential" business. One person has tested pos few days ago.
  17. jc, what's the friggin magic # that should be done? 50,000, 25,000, 1million. Of course more is better, but 110K isn't terrible and it's what we have to go by for now.
  18. New cases per day are leveling off for the US. Some states already on the downside.
  19. Pretty much agree with all this
  20. yeah but this is cumulative # of cases not # of daily new cases