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  1. Well that stinks
  2. like one-time use menus.
  3. not everyone is that coordinated
  4. bring a little hand sanitizer, don't touch your face after picking up the ball. what's so hard about that
  5. what? thank god the plane drowned out her voice. embarrassing.
  6. Not as bad as Sorrento. Lol. I guess the CEO was interviewed on CNBC this morning and did poorly. But, but they said 100% effective. What an irresponsible and fraudulent idiot he is
  7. Is this your conclusion from reading the paper as they do not make this statement, nor does their data support this. They say the ocular service "may" or "could" be the primary entry point based on ACE2 and TMPRSS2 expression and conjunctivitis, but that's not even close to demonstrating it's the primary mode of spread. From the paper: "Although viral infection of ocular cells has not yet been reported in patients, a recent report found SARS-CoV-2 can infect conjunctival epithelium in an e x-vivo culture system" "Infection of ocular surface cells could lead to the eye as being an important carrier, with ocular virus shedding constituting a significant mechanism for infection of other individuals." How so? What is the proposed mechanism? Eye to eye?
  8. To clarify, it's the face cream or whatever you said from your conf call that would be a game changer, not the fact that some believe and/or have shown the eye can be an infection point of entry
  9. Just referring to what you said on Friday about some game changer data being released soon.
  10. Apparently. Kevin alluded to this on Friday. He must be bound by confidentiality, otherwise just spill the beans
  11. The Johns Hopkins study
  12. The naysayers are a;already out and about
  13. At least their data is human based, from trial, albeit small. Sorrento's stock OTOH is balsting off based on some in vitro data and a CEO saying 100% effective. What a joke
  14. Good news, but 8 people is tiny compared to the Oxford 1,000 PI participant study
  15. For frontline workers, I totally agree they should have eye protection, but not for the average Joe walking around
  16. Not definitive evidence for direct ocular infection. I said aerosol. These patients could have and likely picked up the virus on their hands from fomite and rubbed their eyes.
  17. Nor have I come across any study demonstrating aerosol infection via the eye, but Kevin says there's some big Hopkins study that supposedly supports this. Anxiously waiting....
  18. Just saw it. Pretty impressive
  19. Their stock went nuts last week. I'm SEC is investigating
  20. Lots of snow still on the rock pile
  21. Regarding flying and the news correspondent's claim he thinks he got sick from the flight. They could easily contact trace everyone on the flight to see if they develop symptoms. In fact, I hope they're doing this, otherwise this guys claims are baseless and further damages the industry.
  22. A little bit of a light show with some rumbles. 0.66". Probably be the only tstorm all season
  23. Yeah, thanks, I will