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  1. That's not going to do anything. Did you end up seeding? Hoping for some T showers later this afternoon, but I'll give it a 10% chance. Then it's rain free for another week at least.
  2. Less than forecast? I saw up to 14" in favored areas.
  3. We almost invested a bunch into some ETFs last week, tech ones included. Glad we didn't. Probably best to wait till after the elections.
  4. Don't they tow them to the top of the wave?
  5. Even though our lawn never looked as good as yours, I know exactly how you feel.
  6. F it. I'll keep watering. If we run the well dry, I'll drill another. Not giving in
  7. United we stand with dead lawns
  8. Not surprised. If it weren't for the 7" in June, this probably would be the driest summer in how many years?
  9. After this week, is there any rain in sight, as in wetter pattern?
  10. Naples causeway jammed. Town busiest I've seen it this season
  11. Not many more warm days on water. Temp down quite a bit.
  12. Glutton for punishment. Last time, I swear
  13. What a coc day. Gotta love shoveling 6yds loam, aerate, spread seed then topdress with 8 bails peat moss. Freaking house stuff never ends
  14. Great day to do the lawn reno. Of course no rain in site
  15. Not even 2 months ago, Fauci was saying not to expect a vax until early 21 at the earliest. Now it's Nov 1? Hate to be critical, but this smells funny to me
  16. Was walking around Stowe neighborhood last weekend while at friends and found out this 10,000sqft home going to get leveled. Owners are building a $15M mansion. Nuts. The current house looks good to me. To each their own
  17. ....but dry. Lawn seeding project this weekend. Need rain