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  1. A bit chilly for shorts, but good weather for a hike
  2. Good thing we're using up all this precip without any cold in place. looking forward to high and dry after this week.
  3. ...and then it'll be the 3rd week, then Xmas.....
  4. They're getting punished for someone screwing up the full dose half dose regimen?
  5. Ha, Kelly just made a screwdriver. I told her it was too early
  6. Wow that blows. I get annoyed if I have to reboot tivo once a month
  7. I doubt we'll ever get fiber here. After three price hikes in less than 2yrs, I'm pretty tired of Spectrum. I'd try starlink.
  8. 27.1F. coating of sn on ground. Stove going. Wine in hand. Cozy
  9. Just bought some tsla stock couple days ago. Wished I had gotten in earlier this year. it's bound to crash, but some think it'll hit $1000 per by eoy.
  10. VT gov going overboard a bit requiring all kids returning to school after TDay to be asked if they went anywhere other than their house for TDay. If so, you have to quarantine for 10 days or take covid test. I'd tell the school to mind their own business.
  11. Pretty much same for me. I'll eat some fish like haddock and salmon. Other seafood like clams, scallops are a no-go. It's more of a texture thing. Like a big chewy snot in my mouth. Sorry if I ruined anyone's late night dinner