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  1. 45.3f. feels good in sun. Sure doesn't feel x-massy
  2. Lol, always room to trim some more
  3. Yes from pwm. I thought sn starts just after midnight Mon night
  4. I've got a flight out Tues at 530am to BWI then back that night. Wonder if it'll go
  5. At least I'm not saying it would have been equivalent to 24+". 2.70"
  6. Which model nailed this prolific rainer 7 days ago?
  7. Here's another. Tallest residential tower in world, 131 floors. Cool $60M+ to own penthouse suite. fawkin engineering feat
  8. I jinxed it too by buying new. Can only brap it so many times in the garage
  9. Wtf, another heavy rainer. Of course being modeled 7 days ago, it was a lock. God forbid it was snow. Just a mood killer and setback to getting on the trails