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  1. Funny you mention the BP thing. I have also have low BP and sometimes when I get up feel dizzy and such. Most of the time, I'm 120/70 or 80, but a few times when I've visited the Dr, it was higher. A couple times recently it was 150/90. I was like wtf! So now every time I go to Dr, I get panicy in anticipation of what it might be. Yesterday I had 12 wk post-op elbow surgery follow up and they check BP. It was 128/80, not bad. Then this morning at dentist, they take BP too and it was 118/72. Most of the time when it's high it's when I go to see my PCP. I've also noticed the automatic BP cuffs seem to register higher than the traditional stethoscope and pump cuff method. 67/57. Nice day, but a bit cool
  2. Same here. Chol has always been 200-290 since HS. Tris always <110. HDL typically 70-80, LDL 150-170. I tried statins 2yrs ago and stopped after 3 months due to muscle pain. Doctors always want to Rx them. I took the bull by the horns and decided to have coronary calcium score test 1yr ago. I scored 0. I'm 49YO. My PCP said "well I guess you don't need statins". Not sure why they don't recommend the calcium score first before Rxing statins like they are candy. I can of course still get plaque buildup later in life, but after 49 years of supposedly "high" cholesterol, I was surprised I had no evidence of any buidup at this point. My ratios are always good, so that must be helping.
  3. 51.1F. Gotta love hillside living. Lawn gets more time to flourish
  4. Great night on lake Sent from my SM-G981U1 using Tapatalk
  5. Wife took this before I got home Sent from my SM-G981U1 using Tapatalk
  6. Yeah, pretty meh here. Couple booms, 0.23" and brief gust. Next! Sent from my SM-G981U1 using Tapatalk
  7. looks like I'll be heading into on way home from work
  8. Well, I left the window open and rain came in and ruined my Wifi davis console. I knew something wasn't right when my last report was 0.50" and nothing more after an hour. Hooked up the old davis USB console and back online, but no idea what we ended up with for rain. Fitting. Probably deserve it after moaning about how much we were going to get
  9. What? Slant stick? We've only had a steady rn, no hvy downpours. Just checked a couple stations close by and they are a few hundred higher. Tenney Hill force field on full effect Sent from my SM-G981U1 using Tapatalk
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