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  1. Wtf. Got behind the slowest driver from Sugarloaf to Farmington. 35-40mph.
  2. thanks. I was thinking my Davis temp sensor was off. It's an old unit (16yr)
  3. I'm curious about temp difference at similar elevations. This morning we bottomed at 1.8F. We're at 720'. On my way to work, at top of Spiller Hill, 696', temp is -6F. How come? I can't imagine 24' difference in elev would equate to ~8F diff. Meanwhile at 320' (bottom of Spiller) it was -10F, which is expected as it's a shallow boggy area.
  4. I lift and cycle. Recently went to a naturopath. At 6'1", 155lbs, body fat is only 8%. They say with every decade, a man should gain ~1-3% body fat. Ain't happening for me. My %fat in college was 12%, no doubt due to crappy eating and beer. I'm going backwards. He said metabolically I am an anorexic. I try to eat more, but my metabolism just ends up finding it's equilibrium. I'd love to put on 10lbs, but it won't happen.
  5. Other than next Thurs sys, which may be rn, sn or mix, I don't see any net gains around our hood. Low 40s starting Sun through next week. I'd say the pack will be shrinking quite a bit.
  6. I can count on one hand how many times we've been below zero and this morning isn't one of them
  7. Certainly hasn't felt like a winter above avg snow wise
  8. Yeah it's nice to be slowly climbing the ladder and leaving those sne guys behind[emoji2]
  9. Last two times I've been to SR, we keep missing the good stuff. Last Fri was decent, but scraped off/boilerplate by late morning.