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  1. Still no 32 here. Doubt we'll hit it tonight
  2. You're area always seems to have long outages
  3. 82f down here in Miami. Feels like July again. Getting on a boat tomorrow.
  4. Never saw grubs and I checked a couple times this summer. Did see what I thought were chinch bugs. Local landscaper said this was no way due to lack of water. It would have came back by now if it went dormant.
  5. The dead grass just pulls right out. No roots left at all
  6. I fertilized twice. Once in April and again in June. Didn't start to die off until August. Pretty sure it's not over fertilized. I'm gonna rotatil it next Spring and start over
  7. Never saw grubs, but sometime in Aug I saw bugs in the turf, so assumed chinch bastards.
  8. Was fully established. Here's a pic from May 19th. I'm pretty certain it was chinch bug and/or grubs. Devastated
  9. Lawn still not fully recovered and probably won't. Lots of work come Spring
  10. I thought I saw maps showing possibly 0.5" through Saturday.
  11. Looks like a non event up here fri/sat