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  1. too bad you couldn't get a pint at the lodge up there.
  2. nice. we're getting our second one tomorrow
  3. Low dews. Feels refreshing. Not looking forward to the sweat dripping down my crack wx coming up
  4. Enjoy the trip. Take a hike up Pleasant Mtn if you can.
  5. Seems so odd and unexciting watching brickyard 500 without fans
  6. Fogged in. Did someone spout off and get the CV thread shut down?
  7. Kelly out of town till weds. Might go up and take boat out for spin Sunday.
  8. Looking forward to my hannaford microwave dinner[emoji16]
  9. Not stopping me from pounding em on the deck. Sucks being solo
  10. Big waste of money is what it is. Poor topsoil and no irrigation. Weeds took over late last summer and think we had some grub damag
  11. We'll see if nearly 4" rn will do anything to "green up" the nasty back yard
  12. yeah, I really had doubts about this panning out. 90% of the time, it seems we get shafted in our area.