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  1. Wow, what a COCy weekend. Three days at off grid cabin in Evans Notch with some hiking. Perfect weather
  2. Local mets only calling for showers Monday. It's comical in a bad way at this point.
  3. Wide just broke sprinkler timer. Off to buy another one
  4. By Sunday, we'll be looking at showers, 0.1-0.25"
  5. There have only been two documented reinfections, maybe this is a third. Of the millions of infections, these reinfections don't even move the needle. Time will tell though, but I think we would have heard of more cases if it were a big problem.
  6. nah, I could tell was surprised it was reading 90f even in the sun with the cool days lately
  7. yeah but your thermometer says 90f
  8. Teddy goes east, next low goes west. wtf
  9. No surprise. New seed coming in nice, but honestly not sure how much watering I can or should do.
  10. 39.2f. time to throw down more seed
  11. This is a usgs drilled well (290') not too far from our place. Doesn't look like ground levels are suffering too badly since Jan although the level is dropping. ~15% drop
  12. Plenty of room. At 1st I thought you'd be able to see them. That would suck especially in a rural area like that.
  13. I'm throwing down more seed this weekend