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  1. I thought he made more.
  2. Didn't Cuomo say last week he already had ~40,000 volunteers ready to come help?
  3. wonder how Howie Mandel is doing?
  4. I read you can sterilize in the oven at 160F for 30min. Remove the plastic strap first.
  5. Starting to roll out in big cities, but I have this feeling they will be picky about who to test, similar to the virus test. you can't just start testing everyone, although in theory that would be ideal
  6. I wish they would look more into the blood type as there was a very small study that claimed O type was less likely then A, A/B to get sick.
  7. 56 new cases in ME today. Biggest daily jump
  8. Interesting microdrop analysis from sneezing
  9. My wife was saying that AAL tix from Bos to MIA are $16 one way and that some of the flights are getting pretty fully due to the cheap tix price. Seems like the airlines are fueling the fire
  10. Can't grow covid in chix eggs unfortunately
  11. You do realize they already have at least two vaccines in trial already
  12. Are they still doing daily pressers? I don't even watch anymore, only our local cdc daily update
  13. Here's a mouthwash study. One conclusion" Indeed, following the H1N1 swine flu outbreak in 2009, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare recommended daily gargling as a protective hygiene measure to prevent upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) [40], a practice supported by findings from studies that examined the role of gargling in both healthy individuals and those with frequent or persistent URTIs" Maybe start gargling at night and in the morning?
  14. I sure as hell haven't been getting much work done from home. Endless cycle of circling between this site, reddit, yahoo finance and FB. On occasion checking work email.
  15. IDK. He kinda said the same thing last week when I asked. He's at the Guilford location, but said the main branch has been slow as well, at least this week
  16. Latest update from my nephew at New Haven (Guilford location) hospital is they are the slowest they have been since this started. He hasn't seen new patients in hours today
  17. Oddly it was withdrawn as a clin trial by China. No reason stated
  18. good to hear you're back home. get well soon.
  19. well they were ay $900ish not more than a month or so ago. They've taken a hit