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  1. Looks like some nice cells will slide just to the north. Frustrating, but not unexpected.
  2. Got some lightening/thunder, hvy downpour in PWM. Nothing at home, but a light sprinkle.
  3. Missed out on overnight showers. Looks like another week before next chance
  4. I got a bunch of shrub brush that I need to brush hog. I think I'll wait till after 1st frost for fear of bumping into a nest
  5. One decent Tstorm all season. Par for the course
  6. So much for any sun today either. Got a couple hrs late yesterday but not what was expected And two minutes later it's raining
  7. Put that link in your sig. Be good to check in during the winter. You getting a wx station?
  8. What happened to the sunny frcst. Nothing but clouds. At least it's cooler
  9. Other than the slug of rn in June, this Summer has played out the same way most recent ones have. High and dry. Frcst of showers that never happen. Everything burnt to a crisp.
  10. We're in similar boat. Recently inherited some money and need advice as to whether to pay off mortgage, invest in ETFs (there are some good Vanguard ones earning 10-30% annually) and other related financial questions. I've contacted Fidelity to see who we can talk to.
  11. I would have thought Covid would have slowed building down, but it has done the opposite. Or is it not related to covid at all?
  12. Can someone ID this broadleaf weed?
  14. No kidding. Where's the front? Wife says leave the windows open yet it's 80f in the bedroom. I'm turning the ac on
  15. Can we get some rain some day soon. well is gonna go dry
  16. 89/71.6. Heat index 95.4. Bring on Fall
  17. We've always had problems, but the lower section we put in couple years ago is gone. All weeds, grass non existent. Going to have to start over with more loam. Got estimate on irrigation system including well. . About $15K. That's not happening. I am going to buy an aerator though for entire property with the hope it helps