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  1. I'd like to know what % of hospital admissions, including ICU are discharged and considered recovered.
  2. 49.9F, but gusty out there. 15-20mph
  3. First Maine death today. Side note, my two nephews and niece are nurses. One nephew works at New Haven hospital and said, surprisingly it's not that bad there. Media hyping it a bit. The young people in the hospital are those not adhering to the physical distancing, enhancing the % of that age group (20s) in the hospital.
  4. "That's their problem". I had to stop watching.
  5. I think it's a foregone conclusion everyone is going to get this. Not a matter of if, but when.
  6. We have friends in Telluride that are conducting an 8,000 person study on existing immunity to Covid using a rapid antibody test starting soon. Apparently Telluride and surrounding communities have been on lock down 3 wks and were the first in CO to do so. However, two people are positive and they are paying to cover the costs of antibody testing on 8000 people, starting with 1st responders then elderly, then younger people. The study will look at antibody levels now and at two weeks later to try and better understand spread, existing immunity and how best to ease some of the restrictions where possible. Pretty interesting I thought.
  7. Been working from home one day and already getting shunned with some pissy texts/emails from co-workers about why I get to work from home. Conveniently our CEO and legal found some loopholes in the stay at home mandates claiming we're essential. I suppose a case could be made that our products help keep dairy cows healthier and thus the human milk supply, but that's a stretch. Honestly I feel a bit guilty about being home, but I do plan on going into the lab at night for a few hrs, but not every night. I think we should close for 2 wks and see where we are. Most of the manufacturing people physically work closely and there have been two people sent home not feeling well, but got medically cleared to work and are back. IDK, I think it's a recipe for disaster. It's all about the revenues. Bunch of bs.
  8. When it rains it pours. Sorry to hear about your job and father in-law. Best wishes
  9. What a joke. hot tub stores are considered essential and are staying open
  10. Just keep it closed till Fall. Are kids going to be devoid of that much more lost education in 6wks. Kinda pointless to pick some arbitrary point on the calendar.
  11. Not to cite you, but this is posted at least several times a day. FWIW, I'm not sure it's even worth doing the daily tracker anymore
  12. this is the only way in the short term to figure out who can/should go back to work rather than having everyone stay at home. The caveat being potential re-infection with another strain.
  13. huh? I thought they were on the downside or was that just lombardy?
  14. this guy has a solid plan. unreal.
  15. Cuomo hitting it out of the park with updates on response. Says that hospital visits which were doubling every 2 days are now 4.7days, but not declaring any sort of "victory"; just a sign that SIP is working
  16. and yet they want to hire 100K workers
  17. Finally got the order to work from home. I was going to talk to my boss about options and he beat me to the chase. I can't bring a lot of lab work home, so I'll need to come in at night/weekend on occasion to get stuff done. At least there will be nobody in the bldg (hopefully) at that those times.
  18. My wife takes BP med, so if it's controlled I assume it's not as much of a factor?
  19. I'm not doing this, but I need to get paid.
  20. I cna't beleive the number of people here at work not practicing social distancing. Face to face discussions over various things is nuts. Lunch room gatherings where people are too close. This shit is starting to increase my anxiety. I've posted a sign at my cube to "Do Not Enter! Any Discussions, Meetings or other wise need to be made via email, phone". Stay the fuk away from me.
  21. And just the other day I read that it could hurt too as it tends to increase the immune sys activation.
  22. I think we're fuked up here. Only 78 ICU beds left. 118 cases of which 18 are hospitalized. Backlog of ~1000 tests since the test reagent is in short supply. Governor closing all non-essential businesses tomorrow. Oh and our great governor is figuring out a way NOT to extend State taxes on April 15.
  23. Encouraging. Let's get the larger study going asap....except study location is only China