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  1. Is anyone forking over $119 for the Quest Covid antibody test?
  2. didn't they retract a PR last week about being underpowered?
  3. How can the flu deaths have such a wide range: 24,000 – 62,000
  4. There are a lot of weekend warriors that come up then go back home on Sundays, so there will be "some" business from them, but overall we kinda are fooked. The small businesses are the life blood up here. No cruise ships this summer, bars can't open till July. As far as downtown PWM, it's going to be brutal and tough to recover. While I favor a staged approach, some of the gov's guidelines make no sense. I believe restaurants and small businesses should be able to open May1 with the same strict requirements that are already being proposed for June/July. Many of these business owners can't wait another week much less 1 or 2 months.
  5. I don't why I thought we were behind. Been losing track of things
  6. With all the covid stuff, sort of lost track of some things like leaf out. For almost May, we've got none yet. Amy down in SNE?
  7. ME gov says lockdown to May 31. Let the protests begin
  8. Nothing in life is 100% safe
  9. No thanks to the cdc adding a few more symptoms to the list.
  10. I know. And it's upper management mostly. I don't understand why they won't. Inconvenience, they have no regard for anyone else, other? Even if the state mandated it, they still won't comply. I feel like I am doing my duty and they should too.
  11. My wife's flying to LA next week to see her Mom. She hasn't been on a plane in 5 wks and she needs to see her mom, so off she goes
  12. Yeah, I heard that this morning. Imagine the folks in Aroostook.
  13. I was starting to think they'll have to have a lottery system on the weekends to get into restaurants and bars, otherwise waiting in line to get into a place due to limited seating, no thanks. Might as well stay home. It's one thing to wait in line for groceries or HD, Lowes, but other establishments not so much.
  14. Nah, there was one guy who lied about having Covid and we shut down for a week. He was fired. So far, nobody has gotten clinically sick, which makes it all the more difficult walking around this place not knowing who could have it and for how long. I was never a huge germaphobe before this, but I'm not sure when I'll feel comfortable not wearing a mask every time I come to work. It would be middle of July and there will still be that possibility that if you let your guard down, you could get it. I'm not living in fear, and I'm slowly coming around, but it's mentally challenging.
  15. How does opening and only allowing 1/4 to 1/2 occupancy pay the light bill/rent? I imagine the wait staff of which there will be few will make good tips, but not sure about the owners and the overall business.
  16. yeah the Planet Fitness I go to has a sardine can of a locker room. It as terrible before covid. Not sure how they will manage. Probably will have people have to come in with gym clothes on and other then using the bathroom, no showers. It's going to be a mess for a bunch of things
  17. It's what I have and honestly feel better protected from others and giving it to others. With the virus starting to dwindle a bit, even here, maybe I can go to a cloth one? Lots of people at work not wearing one and despite my suggestion awhile back that everyone should wear one, it's not happening.
  18. Getting tired of wearing N95 at work all day. Other than eating, I wear it all day, but thinking of going to a "lighter" mask.
  19. OMG, high of 36.5F. C'mon, can we get more days like this past Sat, but closer to 70? Seems like an eternity waiting.
  20. I think this was already posted: