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  1. Maine restaurants just took another hit. They were supposed to be open for dine-in on June 1, now Gov has delayed in the three largest counties with no new date, unless your restaurant can support outside dining. Are you frigging serious? From the PR: The state will continue to assess hospitalization rates, and will announce when restaurants in York, Cumberland and Androscoggin Counties may open for dine-in services at a later date. Because we increased testing 3X in the last 2 weeks, there are more cases being detected. Well no shit. But hospitalizations are going down again after a brief increase. This will be the death blow to many businesses.
  2. ...or the virus has "taken" the weaker folks, immunologically speaking and there is greater innate/adaptive cross-protective immunity for many others.
  3. Work has begun to transform this failed lawn area with more natural landscaping with shrubs and such. Before and during. Will post when she's done.
  4. IDK, I think since 2008 when the airlines got bailed out.
  5. My wife has been a flight attendant for 33yrs. Her pension has been frozen for years while the fat cats at the top rake it in.
  6. Are you concerned more about getting the virus or following the "rules"?
  7. haven't cut the lawn yet. Letting it grow to get through the heat of this week. She's pretty tall (10") in the areas where there is growth. I'm putting minimal effort into this this summer.
  8. When does pinkham notch, being federally operated open again?
  9. Three solid weekend days then a dud today.
  10. Thought the mountain would have had more snow. Sugarloaf still looks tasty up top
  11. Fog and mist. Where's the sun
  12. Haven't opened paper, but sounds similar to what I posted last week about T cells playing role and may be cross reactive from prior exposer from colds caused by CV.
  13. Wouldn't worry about uptick. Enjoy the rest of the weekend
  14. Keep moving the posts. No guarantee a vax will be effective enough. Then what?
  15. Bars full? No physical distancing or masks? Sounds like eutopia
  16. Yeah, but there seems to be some new comers that can't seem to help themselves. Whatever. I'll just tune out
  17. Keep the political shit out of here. There is a separate forum for that.
  18. Let's not talk about the lawn. Local stations seem comparable
  19. Wow, fast forward into summer. 85.6f.
  20. A lot of the inflammation has to do with the chemokine RANTES and IL-6. There was a paper yesterday, but I can't seem to recall where I saw it. Here it is:
  21. Good luck with that. The Feds and State said we can delay income tax to July 15, maybe later, but town taxes were expected to be paid on time. It seems only fair to do what your saying, but I doubt it will happen at least in our town.
  22. what's the difference between a hair salon and super cuts? I got a cut last week at super cuts, yet our gov just delayed openings of salons as well
  23. Nice CNN spin. I'm sure they didn't mean to imply kids went back to school and literally got sick and tested pos all in the same day. If so, let's see the article