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  1. I heard one state would start cutting power to homes that have parties. Sorry, but that's over the line for me.
  2. lol, see how much he likes destruction the longer he's without power. or does he have genny?
  3. Lol, the good ole party balls. I remember the Coors light ones. Nasty
  4. 59/50. Great sleeping weather
  5. An article yesterday said that the percentage of people willing to get a vaccine as soon as it comes out has dropped to about 40%, down from 55% in April. Mostly cause people want to wait it out awhile before getting injected with a rushed to market vax. So the thought that the vax is the end all be all won't be the case even if very effective if not enough people don't get vaccinated.
  6. to those that like and were biting at the bit for destruction, enjoy your cleanup
  7. Power never flickered. We'll rebuild
  8. That blows. Pun intended
  9. Hvy rn and gusts to 30. Big difference compared to an HR ago
  10. same. going to naples to check on the boat ropes....just in case. And maybe stop and get a pop
  11. Jealous of all the rain out west
  12. Other than some decent gusts, this is a nothing burger. Precip knocked down again, maybe 0.5". Good training for winter 20-21.
  13. Still haven't purchased genny for the transfer switch we had installed couple months ago. Unless we get 40+ gusts, I doubt we lose power, but if we do my wife is gonna kick my ass for not buying the genny already.
  14. naples marina full. don't think jimmy has any room to move boats in. Glad mine is pretty close to the shore.
  15. Grew up in belgrade lakes. Had friends from Mount Vernon. Cool little townTook this shot last night down by the fire pit. Thought it was kinda neat.