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  1. Wish they would do by town. It wouldn't be violating any HIPPA right?
  2. Unreal:
  3. I posted this earlier today. Listen to this guys plan.
  4. Must be pounding at the MTN.
  5. Is that his name, really?[emoji2]
  6. No idea as it's not reported.
  7. Of the 107 cases in ME, most are middle aged
  8. Nice dendrites falling. Forgot what snow looked like
  9. Here's what a leader looks like
  10. There are companies working on a rapid SNAP antibody test. I posted one company last week that will have it avail soon. Antibody titers wane/decrease after infection, much like after getting vaccinated. Every bug can be a bit different which is why for vaccines like Tetanus, they recommend a 10yr booster immunization. With Covid, it's not entirely clear how quickly detectable antibodies persist. I saw some graph last week that showed decreasing titers after ~30days, which is pretty typical. The ability to detect low level antibody has much to do with the test type (SNAP, ELISA, Western Blot, others) and detection limit of assay. The bottom line is the sooner one gets tested if they suspect infection, the better likelihood of the test working to confirm it.
  11. Cuomo speaking now. He is also saying we/they need to get their economy going again, but gave no timeline. But did say we need to differentiate between those that have had it and recovered and could work again vs those that have not and/or risk infection.
  12. So they went from zero cases a couple times over the last several days to 20,000 today? Really?
  13. some people at work do not know what physical distancing means. I see people less than 3' apart having discussions in hallways and such, meanwhile taking their 15' breaks in the lunchroom.
  14. I just can't believe anything the Chinese has reported so this report means nothing to me at this point.
  15. While I'm not interested in getting more snow at this point, it's nice to read non-morbid posts about wx instead of death and destruction
  16. Haven't seen some of my anti- vaxer friends chanting lately
  17. Wife just got back from Walmart. Last place I'd be, but we needed tp and some more food. It's like every time we go out or go to work, them come home, the two week clock starts over where you feel if you go that long without getting sick, then you're in the clear for that time period. Except, there's overlap between periods since we're not strictly staying home for two week stretches. This is why it's inevitable were all gonna get this imo.
  18. I have similar thoughts. Part of me just wants to get it now and get it over with, but the possibility of death is mentally painful. Otoh, thinking about when I might get it for the foreseeable future on a daily basis is not mentally healthy. Does anyone really think we're all not gonna get it?
  19. Maine supermarkets have dropped the extra charge on plastic bags till end of April
  20. You apparently didn't read the whole article. It's long, lol The article makes a good point about flight attendants,.(for which my wife is one) and pilots. In the last three months or so, thousands of flights have taken place, yet there are very few covid cases in that industry. My wife says she knows one flight attendant and one pilot infected. I think it's interesting given the close proximity of attendents and passengers, all enclosed in a small tube.