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  1. Agreed...just a few days ago they were averaging about 6000 new cases a day...the fact that it's fallen and they've now had 2 days in a row with only about 4000 new cases (lowest 2 day count since March 17-18 it looks like) is a good sign IMO. Number of deaths will likely hold steady or even go up for another week or so before it starts to follow suit.
  2. Watch Pandemic on Netflix...his team was working to develop a universal, once and done, flu vaccine that would be effective against all strains. I was kind of wondering what his company was working on for COVID-19 as he seems like a really smart guy and applying some out of the box thinking to approach vaccine development. Hopefully it prove effective.
  3. Italy reported its lowest number of new cases yesterday since about March 16-17...which is encouraging. I'll admit I'm a bit suspicious of the US numbers from the past few days...number of new cases still increasing but only by about 400/day. If you look at the cumulative graph here ( it certainly appears to be flattening...but I feel like its doing so a week or so earlier than I would've expected, especially with how lax a lot of people have been with the whole social distancing recommendations. That combined with the issues that have been reported with people being able to get tested and the delay in results has me reluctant to think the curve is truly starting to flatten here in the US. But I really hope it is. I did read an article last week from an expert that was projecting that based on numbers from other countries we actually would see things flatten out faster than a lot of the projections (even those that took into account social distancing) were suggesting.
  4. Jumped up a quick 5 degrees or so in the past 30-45 minutes...30.7F.
  5. Closing in on 2” here...temp 25.2F and slowly creeping up.
  6. At this point I’d be happy with last Sunday’s weather for the remainder of the winter. On to next year.
  7. I mean only 7" here...and I wouldn't consider any of the events I've had "good". Even the 3" event I had back in December left very little on the pavement. On the bright least there won't be much/any snow on the ground to insulate the ticks for next weeks arctic blast
  8. Still below freezing here...30.7 per the new weather station, although I've heard some drips outside for the past hour so really haven't seen any significant accretion. I had about 0.7" combined sleet/fz rain...roads have a few slick spots but generally okay...only a 2-hr delay for the kids.
  9. Right at the shoreline it’ll likely be a 31-32 deg fz rain deal, which certainly doesn’t spell disaster. In the 12 years I e been here I’ve never seen much more than a glaze to maybe 0.1”. I could see it being a bigger deal back W, the I-91/15 corridor and up to about 84 as you say. The Q River valley does a remarkably good job funneling down cold air towards HVN/BDR if the wind direction is right.
  10. Going all in on a GFS 10-day solution...what could go wrong?
  11. HRRR is ticking up a bit with each run too. Calls for 1-3” look good at this point. Maybe someone sniffs 4” if banding sets up just right.
  12. Just 2” here...apparently still enough to close school though. Roads already mostly cleared.
  13. Nice mood snows here at the office in East Hartford... Pretty much a snoozefest back at home as expected. Had about 0.6" yesterday afternoon and was over to plain rain by 5-6pm. Washed away overnight. Hoping tonight comes together and delivers a few inches...but I'm never confident in these types of scenarios when depending on re-development and a transition back to snow...rarely works out in our favor down in my neck of the woods.