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  1. This event blows. I even had low expectations and figured there was a good chance we might struggle for more than an inch down this wondering even we can even manage 1/2”.
  2. Christmas fire will have to wait here, too warm in the house. But Bullet dodged here wrt the wind, so I’m happy. Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. 60.1 here...up 30 from this time yesterday. Good times. Hear the roaring overhead. Also hoping for an under-performer...3-4 miles from the shoreline...not sure if it’s close enough for the inversion to save us.
  4. Ended up around 7" here. A little bummed we didn't make a run on double digits. I knew we were gonna slot, but really thought the front end would perform a little better. But at least happy to have a warning event not ending in slop and that will stick around a few days. 30F was the high around 5-6am...back down to 22F now. Also first time (and likely the last time) in my life I'm jealous to not be living in Binghamton.
  5. Moderate here now with heavy banding on the doorstep. 24F
  6. Flakes started about 5 min ago. 25.9F/16.0F
  7. that's what I was getting a bit paranoid about yesterday. but I think we're looking good for a solid 8-10" before any dryslot/mixing issues. I can live with that
  8. I'm expecting some pings here in Clinton. It's not all the pack a little more staying power
  9. snowing on LI...looks like could have some flakage here in the next hour or so...a couple hours ahead of schedule.
  10. 27F/9.5F...dewpoint slowly creeping up the last couple of hours. Let's get this thing started!
  11. No...I was starting to grow a bit wary even yesterday that things were starting to tick north on some of the models. Euro included. Very subtle ticks but still enough lead time to be concerning.
  12. To be clear...I never expect to jackpot here. I'm always cautious when models show it even when it's the Euro showing it day after day leading up to the event. Never doubted a trend to more amped or more suppressed. But really thought we had at least enough wiggle room to avoid a mixing scenario. Here's to hoping some of these solutions are overdoing it.
  13. A couple more crap winters down this way and I might be ready to start trolling the board like you
  14. Really was hopeful we were going to avoid mixing concerns down here. So much for that. Is it too early in the day to start drinking?