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January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

Bob Chill

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29 minutes ago, clskinsfan said:

Pretty crazy storm. I remember turning on my back deck light yesterday evening to watch the snow fall. Doing it again this evening. And "only" 7+ inches during that 24 hour period.

same here.  I wonder how much more we can steal before it moves away.

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2 minutes ago, Bob Chill said:

Outer band in wv panhandle is moving east now. Turn has begun and slp off the coast is pulling away. Normally i'd say expect radar to fall apart over the next 2 hours but all bets are off on this one. This storm already broke all the rules. Why stop now?

Check your math, big guy.  Western extent is still expanding west.


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1 minute ago, Bob Chill said:

Lol. Bad geography on my part. Outer band near front royal is pulling east now. What am amazing and extremely localized storm

I like to use this loop to see the subsidence on the back end of storms coming through.  Sure, it's composite but that's helpful in seeing the non (or very light) precip features.  It's helpful for the back edge hallucinations that are created by the spine of the mountains to our west as well since LWX radar does not typically see over the ridge tops but KRLX and KBPX can see what's over there.


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