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  1. I hear ya and sounds reasonable. To be honest, the more I look at this thing the more I see myself getting the catapult into the neighbors yard! Lol. We have friends that have a tree removal business. I may leave this one to the professionals.
  2. A pretty wild scene here yesterday. Just under 2" but just a mile or two south had to be close to 4". On the deck watching the creek rage and started hearing loud snaps. Saw the top of a massive sycamore start to shake and called the family out. Finally, a loud crack and we watched the tree crash. Im pretty proficient with a chainsaw but the rootball on this tree makes me nervous. At some point it is going to want to stand back up and I sure as hell don't want to be standing beside the tree when that happens. The pic doesn't do justice. Rootball is about 20' wide and 12' tall.
  3. Absolutely torrential. Well over an inch so far I would guess. Minimal wind but tons of thunder and lightning.
  4. Absolutely torrential. Well over an inch so far I would guess. Minimal wind but tons of thunder and lightning.
  5. Bro In law caught this beast of a bolt in Fenwick yesterday. Too bad the neighbor's roof blocks part of the view but a pretty wild shot nonetheless.
  6. Went out last night around 11 and counted roughly 15 in about 20 minutes. All but 2-3 were quickly fading, short streaks. There was one nice long streak that was pretty impressive. I thought this event had high potential after that. Went back out at 12:15 and saw one in about 20 minutes. Off to bed after that letdown.
  7. 1.14" so far. Creek is high and muddy. Need another 1"+ overnight to create any flooding issues here locally.
  8. 1.3" with a little light rain falling now. Really impressive for 4/18. I honestly don't know if I have seen accumulating snow this late in the season. During the day no less.
  9. About 1" here at the house. Roads covered/slushy west of Jefferson MD.
  10. Lots of thunder, lightning and heavy rain. No wind hardly at all. Perfect rainbow storm with the sun breaking out as the clouds cleared to the west. Saw the rainbow and told my 12 yo daughter to take a look. She went to snap a pic and caught a lightning bolt. Random luck! Pretty cool pic.
  11. 15.1 for the low. Really thought we were primed for about 5 degrees colder with fairly calm winds, 4" of fresh snowpack and clear skies. Has to be the time change since we lost a crucial hour of cooling! Bring on Spring!
  12. Down to 21 and the wind is still gusting 40+ at times. Went on a beer run and lots of drifting across roadways. Gotta be on your toes...from dry pavement to snow-covered in a blink.
  13. Going to go with 4.5" as a total. Just under 5" on the car hood...4.25" on the picnic table. Will have to see if we can add any additional in the next few hours.
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