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  1. Besides the 50/50 ridge...Id take this any month Nov-March. That's one heck of a LR signal. It's nice to actually have a fall....and it looks to continue.
  2. Would have preferred to wait a few more weeks to put the plastic on. Point and click has a low of 38 the next several nights...which means 34/35 in this valley with prime evap cooling. Seedlings are just sprouting and dont want to risk it. Cool/cold hardy plants but they are just poking up.... And here is a random pic of a squirrel swimming across the river yesterday. 200+ yard swim from the other side. In all my years fishing I have yet to see a squirrel swimming in the river....until yesterday. I'll consider this a sign of a very harsh winter on the way! He made it to the bank and scampered up a tree like he wasnt even winded...lucky he didnt get snagged by a muskie while on his journey.
  3. Yeah, the stars last night were outstanding. Usually you have to endure temps in the teens to witness a sky that clear....we sat out and gazed for a while. Patchy frost here as well this morning with a low of 35. Stellar weekend on the way!
  4. Great response....much appreciated! So, basically anything with a developed core can sustain itself in the face of light to modest shear but that light to modest shear could destroy a tc in it’s embryonic stage?. I understand that there are caveats and exceptions.
  5. A rookie question....what is the threshold for shear? Meaning, at what point (speed) does it become detrimental for TC development? 10kt ...20kt? 30kt? Looking likely that we have a run of fish storms but the system forecasted to move westward into the Caribbean late in the period seems like a legit threat to the US. 06z gfs track is looking a little Irma...ish but staying south of the greater Antilles.
  6. Line certainly improving as it moves east. .37” here. Torrential rain....minimal wind and a few rumbles. Seemed more tropical than thunder buster....
  7. Certainly a wait and see situation but a heavy rain/ flooding threat certainly looms in the LR....even if there is no organized TC that gets involved. That is one deep moisture feed and over a long duration. D8-15 on the 12z GFS
  8. 0z para with a fantasy land tropical beatdown. Models seem pretty consistent on a highly amplified pattern in the LR and with some type of tropical system in the southwest atl...the ingredients are at least there.
  9. One good downpour about 30 minutes ago. .37" in about 10 minutes. Had a nice tropical feel sitting on the back patio watching it.
  10. Looks like models are honing in on another areawide soaker on Monday....should be able to pad numbers on an already wet August. Those monthly totals from people S and E are impressive. 3.4" for the month here....a hair above avg. Similar bad luck situation as @losetoa6. Lots of splitting storms at the wrong time and grazes....
  11. Probably belongs in the digital tropical thread! Reminds me of Isabel....The only takeaway imo is LR ens are catching on to the NATL ridge late in the period. Anything that develops in the SW ATL is going to have to thread the needle to escape a US landfall.
  12. Idk....If Laura was charging north out of the gulf through the Fl panhandle give me a west track. North through East Tx and the caught up in the westerlies....give me a track just to the south or overhead. Cant wait for my .5" of tropical rains!
  13. Not the best pics but this is my one and only waterspout witnessed! Caught some ocean spray through the binoculars... Pretty weak storm in general...I was surprised it produced anything at all. Only lasted only about 10 minutes. Thursday morning at Sunset Beach.
  14. An awesome sight this morning! Sunset Beach North Carolina. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  15. Leesburg again, eh? Looks torrential down there but maybe some movement to the storm... More so than the cluster that was around EC. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk