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  1. poolz1

    COVID-19 Talk

    Agreed....we are a family of 4 and survive just fine off of a local mom and pop food mart....combined with a grocery store grab n go once a week for decent veggies. Far less crowded and less people in general moving through in a given day.
  2. Funny, I was up last night and saw your post....I actually thought about it on the way into the office this morning. I'm curious also....the thunder was crazy at our house. Could hail deflect sound if the situation is just right?
  3. Certainly if a deer wanted, it could hop that fence with ease. I dont think we will have an issue though....Our dog seems to keep them at bay and they have plenty of forrest to find what they need to eat and to bed down. It is really meant to keep deer from wandering up for a snack and to keep rabbits, turkey and other critters out. I have customers in areas of Mont county that the same issue you are describing. Crazy how they can ravage plantings and gardens...I have seen folks try everything and nothing really seems to be a consistent deterrent.
  4. Pea sized hail and tons of the thunder and lightning. Woke the whole house up..
  5. We used to call them red-headed woodpeckers as kids. I dont know the actual name but they are beautiful birds. Grew up in the woods and they were almost a daily sight. I remember my dad jumping up, with an ear to air..."those dam woodpeckers are on the back of the house again." LOL.. He obviously could hear the difference between a pine fascia board and an oak tree. Speaking of wildlife...I did not see one snake last year. Actually strange not to see several over a season....yesterday I had to (unfortunately) kill an adult copperhead. Curled up on a rock near the creek. I typically dont kill them unless I find that they have made their way from the creek or are in a spot where we may come in contact. This one was where the kids and dog play in and around the creek and was huge! Biggest copperhead I have seen around here. Finished up the new garden area yesterday. Perfect day to be outside working...and away from the news.
  6. poolz1

    COVID-19 Talk

    I could be wrong but I think it is a mistake. I just spoke with MD Unemployment yesterday regarding several of my employees. I just needed to confirm they were laid off due to COVID and when I started to give them a rough return to work date she cut me off...."If its due to COVID there doesn't need to be a return to work date on file and the claimants do not need to search for work." I cant imagine they want anyone out searching for work....what work?
  7. Awesome....reassuring to hear that it does help with pests. I did read that it will inhibit larvae growth and development if applied when eggs are laid. These caterpillars (not root boring) and slugs are my main issue. Cabbage, broccoli and other hearty leafy greens are their food of choice.
  8. poolz1

    COVID-19 Talk

    We set a cooler on the back patio...groceries that require refrigeration go into the cooler for 72 hour before bringing inside. All other groceries are left in the car for 72 hours until we bring them inside. If we need something before the 72 hours, we sanitize. Maybe its overkill? The stress of our first grocery run is what pushed us to do this. Handling everything, items sitting on the kitchen floor and on the counter, then touching the fridge handles and pantry cabinet we realized we had to sanitize all kinds of items and surfaces when we were done...Waiting 72 hour just offers a little peace of mind.
  9. Dude! That is a fantastic site...Much appreciated. We use a ton of stainless at work...There are 2 decent hardware/fasteners stores in Frederick but they are pricy and dont always have what you need. That would certainly have been a better product to put in the beds. I will be placing Hydroblox drainage boards around the perimeter of each bed and then out of the garden area to help move water away in case of flooding type rains. Hoping this will be somewhat of a physical barrier as well. On a side note...Our Black Lab was just a pup last spring and summer. The hunting genes must have kicked in this season and he has already dug up and sent 5 moles to the promise land! lol He showed interest last year in hunting them down but he's on a mission this Spring!
  10. Planted a few blueberry bushes today and prepped areas to plant beans and snap peas. Carrots and onions are sprouting. By the time I figure out all the tricks and methods through trial and error I'll be dead. Gardening is kind of like the weather....there is no end to gaining knowledge. Anyone ever use neem oil for pest control on veggies/fruit? Hoping this will keep the slugs away this season.
  11. Shoot...I scrolled thru and dint see one. My bad....if a mod could move my post and delete this thread that would be great.
  12. We need another distraction thread other than banter.... Never started a thread but I always enjoy this one every season. There are plenty of knowledgeable folks on here that take their lawns and gardening seriously...Always great discussions and I always learn something new. Here is to a great growing season! Adding 3 raised beds this year to our existing gardens. (1) 10x10 Strawberry patch (transplanted from another garden) and potatoes/onions. (2) 4x10 that will receive various veggies. I do plan on trying out a hoop house this fall/winter on one of the 4x10 beds. Would love to continue some greens into the cold season. 10x10 is complete...starting the 4x10s today. Placed a few layers of chicken wire on the bottom to try to keep moles out of the bed...at least for a few years until it rusts and disintegrates. My oldest in a few of the pics as she is using this as a project for school.
  13. Return flow will erode pretty quick as the day wears on tomorrow. But, pretty low dews across the area at 12z sun....a little slower in pushing this drier air back north could give a little surprise to some higher elevations in counties along the MD line...
  14. We will not get back to some semblance of normalcy, stop the bleeding of America or anything else until we can blanket test anyone and everyone or....a vaccine can be administered in large numbers. Lack of being able to blanket test will be like putting out a wildfire and then putting on a blindfold and trying to put out the hotspots as they flare up...impossible to contain. Honestly, I dont know if that is even a possibility with a population of 300mil+. IMO, that is the only thing that will keep this from being a worse case scenario in human suffering and economically. It is easy to go down a rabbit hole with this whole thing...I get it and do the same thing myself at times. But, we are a strong resilient people that can adapt quicker than most will give us credit for. I liken this to experiencing the death of a loved one. In the early days of grief you are baffled and confused with how to even live life without this person...convinced life will never be "good" again and then the brain starts to process this more rationally. Before you know it you accept this new life and are content with creating happiness in this new life. We are now just in the stage of realizing the death of life as we know it...when acceptance comes, that is when we pull together in masses and blast forward toward the life we had before.
  15. 12z gfs with a WV panhandle special....Boy, it would nice to have something to track.