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  1. Yep, I agree. Took a look at them as well. Gonna have to be a dynamic bomb to overcome temps...all or nothing deal. Interesting to see that some of the members that smack us with the first one seem to setting up nicely for the one after. Wait and see but a good trend from what has been a stingy eps lately.
  2. Yea...the first weenie run of the eps. Many opportunities and lots of big hits...I'm a bit surprised at the uptick for the day 6-7 deal. Pretty dramatic imo.
  3. I thought it was interesting that last nights euro op made a pretty big just toward having the southern low be the dominant low. The northern low still wrecks things for when the southern low passes our lat. Will be interesting to see if we can trend the direction of a dominant southern low... Like others have mentioned...ensembles are not really on board with that evolution...
  4. He's trolling. It would be nice if he had something to add to the discussion.. But I have yet to see a single post that adds any value whatsoever. He just junks up the thread. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  5. Give me break...To have to preface every post with every caveat known to man gets tiresome. Nobody said it is to be taken as gospel. It's a casual conversation on a weak signal that has been on the models for a few days. If you think its silly than so be it.
  6. I agree...its one run and I'm probably overanalyzing. It's 81 outside and I'm stuck home taking care of the family's latest flu victim....what else am I supposed to do. lol
  7. I'm just looking for positive changes....not saying things are locking into anything. Similar to the op...the gefs knock down the eastern ridge a bit more during this timeframe. As a result things are more suppressed. Considering its a mean at D10 and the 2" came from one system, It's a pos change. 06z had a limited signal with a mean of .1"
  8. Will be interesting to see if the gefs give more of a signal for D8/9. Some positive changes on the op run for that time period.
  9. February Discobs Thread

    64 at 9am Crazy...
  10. February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    Go back and look at PSU's post last night with h5 looks for dif storms in March. (Great post btw) Only two have some ridging in the west....and its pretty weak at that. Compare those looks to the eps from last night. I'm not sure a big PNA ridge is what we want....at least history says it's not the deciding factor with good March storms.
  11. February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    Didn't 10/11 fail us? I know NE got hammered but nothing notable sticks out in my mind around here. But, thats not really saying much.
  12. February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    At least spring is right around the corner if this pattern fails us. It's not like we have two more months of snowless winter ahead of us... My preference is for a stalled bomb to burry this entire subforum...and thats what im pulling for. lol
  13. February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    All the caveats apply...but man that is just beautiful/textbook
  14. February Discobs Thread

    76.6 Weeding through the fishing gear....The smallmouth dont stand a chance this year.