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  1. Holding steady at 31.3. Pretty windy at times...had a few nice gusts accompanied by a burst of sleet/frz rain. Maybe the wind has helped keep temps just below freezing.
  2. Not a bad icing event ongoing here. Everything is pretty well covered....white pines starting to droop. 80/20 mod frz rain/sleet. 30/28
  3. moderate frz rain and sleet. Temp has been steady at 29.1
  4. 50/50 sleet/snow mix. 29/22
  5. I was just about to ask him the same thing. Would be nice to get a burst of snow with that batch before sleet takes over.
  6. Had to post something...couldn’t leave post #666 linger too long. 26/9
  7. Almost 10 days out...I am fine with the gfs. It seems to be making baby steps each run in the right direction. We have gotten rid of the GL low that was on earlier runs and now made a move toward more HP in SE Can.
  8. Yeah....Either the gfs is up to its usual games or the idea of blocking in that region is just being picked up on again as we get closer. H180 is even more robust...
  9. Dews are ridiculous sat night before precip arrives. Low single digits....
  10. Another tick in the right direction with confluence to the N....Storm looks a bit flatter through 96 as well
  11. 06z EPS with another incremental nudge in the right direction...A tick slower so will have to keep an eye on that trend as well. 06/00z
  12. yeah...much better CAD signal....stronger high that holds on longer. The clown maps are misleading I think because it slowed things down just a bit and the run ends at 144...as you noted.
  13. Too lazy to get out of bed and step out on the covered patio to experience it but I was close...lol. I agree though...I was actually laying there hoping it would chill out a little while it was at it's peak. It's rare that i'm "on edge" with with the weather.... Roaring winds and rain....