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  1. When I see an EPO ridge forecasted like the latest EPS, it is no surprise to see a MSLP prog like the one below. I know '13-14 has been thrown around a lot but this does remind a bit of what we would see in the long range or what the models "dont see" in the long range. A D13 mean has a 1030 ridge over the upper midwest, which is pretty impressive imo...low level cold is going to push its way into what looks like a warm h5 map. I could envision the models sniffing this out as we get toward midweek next week....
  2. Dont know about a major SSW event but current obs show a weak and displaced vortex with warming at least to 10mb....GEFS continue the weakening and displacement through the end of the period. I dont claim to fully understand this stuff but I dont think the strat is giving us any issues and is not forecasted to do so either.
  3. Yep...Us western zone folk are getting itchy after watching the last one scoot east. 1-3" of cold fluff would soothe the soul!
  4. Seems like the trend today is to have a more vigorous clipper than previously modeled...00z NAM continued that theme. Just need to pull this this south and we could have a decent event on our hands. Before today, this system was moisture starved and weak at best.
  5. Lat: 39.4 Lon: 77.6 12/9 .8"
  6. I was in Frederick most of the day and when we left the last band was coming through...nice fluffy dendrites falling light/mod. Makes me thirsty for more....
  7. Got home to find just under an inch on the ground...never got above freezing today. Certainly a little jealous of those east of me...fringed here to say the least. Happy that this event panned out for the region tho...good sign to get on the board region wide in early Dec...cant wait to track another one!
  8. Steady light snow...solid coating making everything white. 31.5f Beautiful out..
  9. First stray flakes out here... Anything more than a coating would a win for me. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  10. Great post, Millville! Exactly what makes this site enjoyable..compared to "others."
  11. Long day at work today but been following closely...I really am surprised that even in mby I may see first flakes! Good trends...and a good sign that our first threat in early Dec may continue to trend in the right direction up to game time.
  12. I agree...I just want to see something produce in our area. It would be a good sign for this to be an overachiever..which imo means 1-2" to the 95 corridor.
  13. 3km NAM actually looks a bit better than the 12km. Certainly gets precip west of 95 this run.
  14. I def see where both you and Bob are coming from and dont necessarily disagree...I guess I see it a little differently. It is an ensemble mean in the long range. The chances are that the centers of the positives and negatives will not end up in the exact location shown on the mean. It is a colder than normal look and I see it as opportunity for something get under us and produce... After all, looks like the one below held almost zero opportunity.
  15. This is like the scientific version of the panic room!