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  1. Or feel...and 90% of the post are about feelings. Ive been on this board for over a decade and you start to get a feel for the regulars' personalities and weather knowledge. There is no doubt that losetoa's weather chops would run complete circles around Balt's. I could care less about banter in this thread...or that thread. I love the humor and even Ji's input....its predictable and funny. Im not uptight about most of it. The difference is this board is becoming like every other corner of the interweb. Just spout whatever pops into your head.
  2. Down to 35 with light snow falling... No stickage yet
  3. Very wet snow falling. Maybe some rain mixed in....hard to tell. 37/32 Dont see it getting lower than 34/35 here locally.
  4. Looks like current wet bulb temps are in the 34-36 degree range across the area. Column should support snow in NW areas after precip falls for a little while. Currently 44 but a dew pt of 25.
  5. Just another idiotic comment that junks up this entire forum. Not context. No valuable input. Do better or stay in your sub....
  6. .30 snow and sleet melted down 2.4" New snow today 31.2" for the season and day 22 with snow cover...current snowpack is about 6". Nothing crazy but a respectable wintry period....
  7. 2" on the nose. Sleet is on my doorstep....
  8. Seems to have retreated for the time being...back to all snow here and pretty heavy.
  9. Sleet mixing in here....can see it creeping up Pleasant Valley on CC radar. Jives pretty well with mesos indicating a mix out this way before areas further east.
  10. Just measured 1.3" Mod snow currently but it has been going back and forth. 29/26
  11. Snow is mod/hvy with a ripping wind....road and driveway covered. Pretty impressive looking outside. 30/23
  12. Pretty stout, dry airmass this has to slam into...Hoping to add 2-3" to the snow pack. Currently 35/13
  13. Im not one to get too hung up on whether I have a warning/advisory imby but to have nothing right now seems odd. Steady freezing drizzle with the occasional flake. 28/26