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  1. poolz1

    May Discobs 2019

    I put down about 6" which compacted to about 3". Great weed control and almost too much moisture retention in the spring. My hope is that wood chips won't allow slugs to live under the "carpet" during the day and come out at night. Mulch should work fine. I used a cheaper option called wood carpet from a local nursery. But, I have 4 gardens to cover and it was more economical. The only thing to be careful with is not mixing the wood chips in with the soil... The initial decay will rob the soil of nitrogen. I actually replaced one of our large gardens that receives full sun with a 20x4 hugelkultur raised bed. Hoping I won't have to water at all. Anxious to see how that goes this season! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  2. poolz1

    May Discobs 2019

    I tried straw as a weed barrier and for moisture retention a few years ago. It really worked great but it brought slugs with it unfortunately. The garden most effected was the one that gets only part time sun....maybe that had something to do with it? Trying wood chips this year along with some natural repellents. Those suckers destroyed my cabbage and Brussels sprouts. Great tip with the bone meal...thanks!
  3. poolz1

    May Discobs 2019

    .77” so far today. 4 consecutive days with measurable rain totaling 1.90”. 56 degrees and looking radar it looks like a heavy rainer on the way. Soggy. An odd few days...
  4. poolz1

    May Discobs 2019

    2.63" for a storm total. 3.77" for May so far.
  5. poolz1

    May Discobs 2019

    2.41" so far. Some minor flooding around the area. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  6. poolz1

    May Discobs 2019

    Looking at reports around the area I was surprised to find 1.51” in the rain gauge at 7am. About .20” since. The creek is as high as I have seen it this year so far. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Had tornado warning yesterday eve with a pretty nice radar representation....couplet scooted about a mile just to my NW but still had a gust of 41 out of the East. Very ominous look and feel outside. Took a drive this morning but didnt find any damage and havent seen any reports of damage. .89" in the gauge this morning.
  8. Being bearish is one thing...outright discounting the possibility is foolish. Im not a severe guy but follow when things are a little interesting....this is one of those times. Somebody will see a severe level storm tonight.
  9. poolz1

    April Banter 2019

    It's under "Global & Continental" for surface products but you are correct....H5 and vorts panels do not have that option. Hopefully they are getting feedback from subscribers. Seems like an oversight. Change sucks but I feel like once bugs are worked out and full content added it will be much better than the old system....just my opinion.
  10. poolz1

    April Banter 2019

    I'm slowly warming up to the new layout. Just give more states options in the ens and ind members....I mean one of the hand full of options for US states is Western Idaho!? Random choice...lol I do like that it stays on the selected hour and parameter as you flip through diff models and runs. Makes comparisons much easier than before. Not as easy as TT but the previous models page made comparisons impossible.
  11. poolz1

    April Banter 2019

    Ha! Just got on here to see if anyone has figured out where the ind members for gefs and eps are located. As ridiculous as the navigation was for the old models page at least I knew where everything was....
  12. poolz1

    April Discobs 2019

    Look like some mangled flakes falling in WMD on traffic cams. No subfreezing temps showing up in the next 7 days....Gardens are almost ready for planting. Bring on tomato and smallmouth season!
  13. poolz1

    Mid Atlantic Snow Totals Winter 2018-19

    Total for the season: 33.2" 21756
  14. I hope CAPE gets a foot while west of the BAY is 68 and sunny.
  15. poolz1

    March Discobs 2019

    Total as of this morning 2.87". The highest I have seen the creek in quite a while. Recently built footbridge worked beautifully in its first major flood. Dislodged from the far side of the creek and rotated downstream. Rose with the flood waters and there doesnt appear to be any damage. Getting it back in place will be a challenge....but enough free beer and I should have enough hands to set it back in place.