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  1. I use cinnamon quite a bit in my rubs and a lot of seasonings. Its all personal preference, obviously. I think it really adds another dimension to the flavor of beef especially. That chicken looks awesome! Ive been on a spatchcock chicken kick here recently on charcoal the grill....
  2. Yep...the Monocacy too. And just when the rivers were getting into good fishing shape. The creek in our backyard is just about to break out of its banks...Think it may come up short though.
  3. 1.61" for the day. 1.45" of that being from this evening.
  4. Pretty the same obs out this way. Large tree down on our back road. Sirens in the distance a few minutes ago and no power. I wasn't home for the wind line but my wife said it was pretty intense. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  5. Agreed, the cedar plank is my go to for grilling salmon. Great taste and the soaked plank keeps the thinner parts of the fillet from drying out. Looks delicious!
  6. Currently snowing in Garret Co. with stickage on a few traffic cams out there. Classic MD
  7. Looking forward to strawberry season. We transplanted our strawberry bed last spring and it produced a modest crop. Really looking healthy this year...both canning and fresh picking/eating looks to be a certainty.
  8. The best grocery store in a 50 mile radius....maybe ever. Always have the ingredients you are looking for and their produce section is a home chef's dream.....
  9. One of my favorites for summer grilling is lime juice, honey, olive oil, garlic and cilantro. Marinate for a few for a few hours and baste while grilling. Its simple but I like the fresh taste and the honey caramelizes a bit for a little sweet kick in some bites. I love cilantro...but I know some people are not fans. Just try not to think of stink bugs while using it! My youngest does not like cilantro just for that reason...
  10. Maybe so. I honestly dont know how fragile they are....I would just assume that disrupting their habitat would not end well for them. But, that is just an assumption. Maybe they are durable little suckers. I remember the last wave 17 years ago as well. Living in Middletown (fred Co) at the time and I was underwhelmed and disappointed. But, I had many customers in the Bethesda/Potomac/Silver Spring area then and they were certainly swarming down there.
  11. I was surprised to read that they are pretty mobile underground for those 17 years. So, maybe they are more able than we think in finding their way to the surface? I dont know why but I just pictured them being dormant the entire time. Obviously, I dont know much about them.
  12. One thing to consider with these things is the amount of construction/development around your area in the past 17 years. Any new roads, foundations or any other significant excavation can certainly disrupt/destroy their emergence. Think what a new development with hundreds of new homes and a shopping center to serve those homes would have done to that local population.
  13. That's perfection right there, Millville. One of my favorites when I am slicing up at home is to take a nice slice of marbled ribeye, drizzle a little toasted sesame oil on top and sprinkle with a little sea salt. Oh baby...simple but that flavor is money. imo, of course...
  14. I was just staring at some short ribs in our freezer the other day. I've made them several times over the years but havent been wowed by a recipe yet (could be user error!) This one looks great...I'll give it shot. Thanks for passing it along. Great idea for a thread...love to cook. Anything and everything. Been trying to perfect my pho broth over the winter. Its delicious and the fam tears it up but I just cant quite get that authentic restaurant quality...missing something. Here was some homemade roasted garlic hummus and flatbread with all the fixings. Went great with a light, crisp IPA...or 3...
  15. 20.5 Frosty morning and the grass could use its first cutting today.