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  1. You know, I'll be honest...I lack the chops to do the research that a lot folks do on here....Not that I dont want to learn ...but kids, job , life bla bla bla So, I did the poor man's version of climatology research and looked at last year's winter thread in mid oct as we headed into a nina...it's almost a carbon copy of the current discussion. Ive been watching the pv lately and have been encouraged by it's failure to get it's act together but....this time last year there was already talk of a split happening. A lot of hope being thrown around and where did we end up??? My only hope is that this nina doesnt have the force to overwhelm the entire winter like last year.
  2. Still a long ways to go but both eps and gefs seem primed to keep the end of oct pattern going into the first week of nov. On both ens, day 12-15 look ripe. Always a concern that the nina base state rules the roost but an encouraging sign nonetheless. Would love to see this pattern the first week of dec but a few leaf stripping nor'easters to start the month of nov would be a welcome sight and help set the mood for eyeing real potentials down the road...
  3. Amazing how a typical wind driven rain is that much more interesting when you know it's from a tropical system. Not sure of a total as of yet but at 530am I had .42"...probably somewhere a little over an inch total.
  4. "hoards of acorns" Forget La Nina...I'll prep the snowblower! WPC a bit bullish imo ETA: I see this includes the system afterwards also..
  5. Latest frames from vis sat shows convection firing on the SE side of Nate...can it wrap around to the E and N side???
  6. Link saved! Much appreciated..Yes, very nice track that is in line with other globals. At least we are in the game for something more interesting than just a rainy day...Pregame tropical training is the key and where that sets up will almost be a nowcasting situation..
  7. @losetoa6 I know you have posted the UKMET a thousand times with links but I refuse to save the link for some reason...Curious how the overnight run looked?
  8. I was def suckered into Irma and to an extent, Maria. Unlike tracking potential impacts from those systems this seems like just a case of whatever is in the northern gulf come sunday is coming north....a stronger system just ups the ante.
  9. Things are def juiced up well ahead of the system... PWATs 2"+ starting monday 12z and maxing near 3" in places. Dews in the low 70s... Efficient rainers
  10. Nice number for post # 37k! 38 imby this morning...classic stink bug season weather
  11. Sorry for the banterish comments... Just looked at the GEFS and to be honest, I cant help but be a little concerned. This little trip to Bethany is a replacement of a trip that supposed to be to Key West...no go. We were about to pull the trigger on PR after canceling Key West...no go. Decided on just a local getaway...if for some reason this gets canceled...we give up. Yes, I understood the risks of a trip in late september to the keys...thought I would roll the dice.
  12. That's what I'm pulling for myself! I'll be in Bethany from wednesday through the weekend. Just give me some nice size breakers...a little coastal flooding would be the topper...
  13. Not the best picture but live nonetheless....St. Croix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q2CzQclKQc
  14. Thanks...looks like your memory is correct..