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  1. Maybe a nod towards the GFS with how it handles SE Canada? Hopefully the GFS starts to bleed toward the Euro.
  2. Same obs here as well. Maybe it is just wishful thinking but with the look of radar and current dryish air I am feeling a bit more confident in something other than a slushy coating. I guess we will know in the next couple of hours.
  3. Not bad and probably realistic the way things stand now. Would be nice to a slow tick south with that initial "nose" of WAA precipitation.
  4. Or...southerly flow from the surface to the stratosphere may have something to do with it?
  5. Why do you think they are spending time in the LR thread? Its like a smoker saying they are going to quit smoking while smoking a cig.
  6. I grew up in a similar spot...Walkersville. Our driveway was about 100yds long and uphill. Remember my sister's car sliding down the driveway, after a failed attempt to make it up. Slid off the driveway and stayed on top of the snow and into the woods.
  7. 12z EPS continues the trend of pushing the boundary further south and east for the 22nd storm and others after. The look up top continues to look better as well. Pretty impressive snapshot.
  8. I was surprised that he used the ext gefs to make a point about the strength of the SPV. I mean, a D10 forecast is pretty flimsy when it comes to predicting this stuff let alone 30 days. I don't know the dude he is replying to but he is making a point about a D10-15 op run. Which in itself is flimsy...
  9. It is premature, imo, to give so much weight to reverting back to a nina climo. It is more like "it has to happen at some point, right?" The recent mjo rotation sent it into the cod and then into the warm phases. But, those warm phases did not produce nina warmth, they produced nino warmth. One would have thought we would have seen a classic nina pattern once the mojo was no longer the driver...but not so. I don't claim to know much but going with enso as a lr forecasting tool seems a bit riskier than normal this season.
  10. 7/-9 Fire in the fireplace and prime in the oven.....
  11. Check out the Mr. Pizza Cam in Buffalo... wow! https://buffalowebcam.com/live-webcams/buffalo-ny-elmwood-ave-mr-pizza
  12. Just a heads up...traffic cams past Frostburg show some rough driving conditions. Just tire tracks visible
  13. Looks like the front is about to push through Cumberland...as best I can tell. Single digits pushing into western WV/PA
  14. That traffic cam out of Keysers Ridge looks pretty intense. Hope travelers are prepared...this batch of rain moving through now increases the chance of flash freezing on the roadways.
  15. May be the first time I wake up early to track a cold front. Gonna be fun to watch even if no snow occurs. 2.08" so far and the creek has spilled into the yard. Sounds like a freight train outside. At least the dog won't be tracking mud in for the next few days.
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