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  1. Couldn't be happier with that run....Im not trying see any "sudden movements" or some out of the blue TPV. If the gfs dropped as far south as the euro in one run it probably wouldnt stop there.
  2. Sounds good....Sauteed kale and spinach with a touch of balsamic....perfect with your ribeye and ripe ipa!
  3. Thanks, much appreciated. It really was experimental but I like to build stuff.... Honestly, I think if we have a night in the low teens/single digits that may be all she wrote. It has maintained a soil temp conducive for sprouting seeds which surprised me. I planted some more arugula, cilantro, spinach and corn salad greens just before xmas....direct seed. They have all sprouted and are growing. Certainly slower than normal but almost ready to start harvesting young arugula and spinach leaves.
  4. First winter with trying out the hoop house method. Results have been much better than expected....although, the mildish winter has helped. Been able to harvest all fall/winter. Spinach, kale, arugula, cilantro, parsley and some asian greens. Thai basil didnt make it after one of our colder nights back in Dec. Im still snow hunting but the spring juices are starting flow... Took this pic a few days ago.
  5. Not bad under this redeveloping batch....very fine flakes but coming down at a decent clip. Best rates all eve. .25" roughly. 30/30
  6. Light sleet/snow mix just starting. 32/30
  7. 33/29 Interesting that someone in this forum may be the snow jackpot from this storm (outside of the midwest). Not looking too impressive up north.
  8. lol... heck yeah man, ill take it. Def juiced up that WAA thump...probably the reason thermals looked better. Felt great today with the first real CAA day of the winter...windy and just barely got above freezing. Seems like a pretty stout airmass in front of this. 22/10 right now.
  9. Nam would be a pretty sig event....much colder run. Pretty much .75" - 1" qpf areawide with a lot of places remaining well below freezing for the duration. Would be nice to see the colder trend continue today.
  10. Yeah...that was a powder keg ready to go off. Hard to tell if that TPV tail whip was going to suppress it or just all bundle together for pure epicness.
  11. Pretty good GEFS run...definitely a move toward the euro. Primary gets to SWV this run....12z had it to Erie.
  12. I thought the same thing...slp mean looks to respond to the lower heights in front as well. Nice to see an improvement for once....
  13. CMC with a similar solution....not the phased bomb but front end type deal. 0z was suppressed to Atlanta.
  14. Slight adjustments and its a monster at our lat....great storm nonetheless.
  15. A slightly less suppressive regime in general this run...Didnt do it for that wave but hopefully the ones behind it respond a little better.
  16. It is a beautiful house, man. Love it...especially in the snow. That pic could pass as a mountain retreat rental.....just dont tell them about the skeeters and 2 years with no snow!
  17. It is a great signal...honestly though, I pretty much throw my hands up at every run. Feel like great signals have been thrown at us so many times....wait and see all over again.
  18. Def more of a D10/11 miller B / CAD signal on the 18z GEFS. 24hr snow panel cause its more funner to look at.....
  19. Para blues us twice during the 18z run and ends with what is probably a snow/ice to rain deal.
  20. Truth, man...I try to give most the benefit of the doubt when it comes to forecasting LR but cheap shots from what is touted as a professional outfit is a telltale sign you should unfollow.
  21. What professional forecasting outfit responds to a guy with 66 followers like this? No Pro met can get a fair shake in here or on social but this is just some JV shit if you ask me.
  22. Probably not. Another way you can tell we are snow-starved is every post contains a reverse psychology P.S. sentence! How about that block on the 18z GEFS....lawdy!
  23. It would be perfect, man. Just what we need...something that is not too complicated and gets us all to a warning level event. Cold smoke verbatim... Actually, a pretty good real world type of system for the pattern being depicted on the ens.