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  1. gee i don’t know? i can’t read or write well.
  2. why? i didn’t threaten you.
  3. gee i paid for my account. i called the]]]] paid donated to the account.
  4. how do i get over myself when a person threatens to shoot me in my face when i’m posting in a online weather forum? and then another online person tells me i don’t matter?
  5. ok thanks, so is your world changing or mine? not sure. am i supposed to be shot in the face or off myself cause you don’t like me?
  6. really that could be used as a negative comment? ‘’as well as for the way i speak. sorry i don’t fit in your world.
  7. i’m sorry i don’t remember. and please don’t shoot me in my face. i’m sorry i posted on your weather forum. i’ll go away for now. sorry please don’t kill me. i took a picture of this . just in case you shoot me in the face. sorry everybody i’ll stay away from this forum. my bad i can’t spell.
  8. must be , if you don’t remember then i don’t either. i mean what di i know. i got charlie on my brown’s helmet. lol.
  9. yup. my bad. must be the wrong guy. i just remember your aviator. without the white mask. , and at the time allways zuzwag left his normal handle. < forum name isn’t allowed to be posted my bad.
  10. no politics here gee sir you seemed to like being backed up years ago in a parking lot from some of us. i guess could be wrong. you know it’s the inernet.
  11. how come the beat juice trucks ain’t out?
  12. Bob Chill is GOAT. there are a few others , but what do i know , sorry for the spam.
  13. precipitation snow? or rain snow drizzle? that confuses a lot of people and what about dry moisture. yeah i know ignore me.
  14. after looking at all the maps. what are u all wanting to see by 5pm monday? to me i’d say 4” slop sunday to monday if that?
  15. would be a great may set up. get mowing.
  16. hmm? snow, rain snow and some warm air push? and snow. sloppy crap ?
  17. yeah . state of maryland is going open up emissions testing- but allows MOCO to close private industry.!? bars , auto re[air, restaurants, etc.. people will take their money to other county’s ? yeah moco hates private industry. ‘if your in private industry you know,.
  18. i haven’t looked but are some still worried about global warming? or they more worried about viruses?
  19. when is this winter going to end?
  20. my bride and i were talking last night how we never seen and hear so many kids outside playing, and people walking the neighborhood since the 90’s. it’s kinda of nice. like the old days when our kids where little. as for business, mine is sucking wind.
  21. Europe. i can’t remember where exactly.
  22. umm i don’t understand? is the usa just letting everybody back into the states? i have 2 employees who where worried about their family members traveling outside the usa last week, and a day after i guess was said ? no one could get back into the states? or a freeze on anybody traveling to the usa could not enter? on sunday i saw on multiple news channels reporting on the long lines at airports for screening of all incoming people into the usa. but both my employees family members walked into dulles and bwi wher ther was no cv testing. their only gripe was have so many people touching their passports? um what? what’s real here? really. ?