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  1. i haven’t looked but are some still worried about global warming? or they more worried about viruses?
  2. when is this winter going to end?
  3. my bride and i were talking last night how we never seen and hear so many kids outside playing, and people walking the neighborhood since the 90’s. it’s kinda of nice. like the old days when our kids where little. as for business, mine is sucking wind.
  4. Europe. i can’t remember where exactly.
  5. umm i don’t understand? is the usa just letting everybody back into the states? i have 2 employees who where worried about their family members traveling outside the usa last week, and a day after i guess was said ? no one could get back into the states? or a freeze on anybody traveling to the usa could not enter? on sunday i saw on multiple news channels reporting on the long lines at airports for screening of all incoming people into the usa. but both my employees family members walked into dulles and bwi wher ther was no cv testing. their only gripe was have so many people touching their passports? um what? what’s real here? really. ?
  6. auto repair here. we are and have to be very close to our customers as we need to get in their disgusting cars that are filth and look like hoarders live in them, un clean . and my employees can’t fix cars from home. also same boat i’m on a tight rope of over taxed being in moco. trying to keep my employees employed. most wont and don’t understand.
  7. bit o sleet in Olney.
  8. 22.3 / 15.8 olney area not looking good - looks like precipitation could be a no go until after noon.
  9. even tho i’m in the auto repair business- my customers have no idea what they are driving their cars on, once the juice is laid. i have many many big estimates because of the liquid death . and when i see all the cars at the car wash waiting to be washed in acid after a snow storm - i’m ruining my career by telling them not to drive in it and not to use a car wash. errrr. worst is when the liquid dries and the wind blow the shit blows around and gets all over everything. nasty! and people think their sinuses are bad from pollen, lol. i just can’t figure out why sand isn’t used like it was in the day? do people really need to go out after a snow storm when according to the news all the grocery stores are sold out the day before. ? i guess now days people don’t like their families. i know days when i was plowing days and days straight i wished i was home with my wife and kids and dog enjoying the beautiful snow, instead of sitting in the god darn truck paying the bills and admiring those who got to enjoy it.
  10. lol easy now, you know why your here $. and again i agree with you. ain’t it fun. and i’d like to hold a cook out to see how many people can pull a truck up to a plow, pay em double to hitch it, and pay em triple to see their reactions when that damn car pulls in behind them in the first area they clear. lol.
  11. yup- sorry i must get back on topic. according to the amount of the good stuff put on the roads - looks like a inch of snow and .34 of rain coming saturday.
  12. never tried it - and please tell me you don’t drive them in the nasty . i know your aviator and i’ve always wanted one -
  13. not a advertisement but. fluid film. it works.
  14. lol i agree with you- but when i was plowing i’d rather not have everybody thinking the could voyage out and get in the way. plus if your really plowing you know what i’m talking about - you going to tell me your expenses haven’t gone up since the liquid stuff. ie rust brake line etc? if not you must be rolling on the county’s dime?
  15. the did years ago in minnesota until they found out it was killing all their pine trees. - btw i hate pine trees. but i can’t stand what i’m seeing this liquid shit they spread on the roads. i’ve been in the gastation auto repair all my life. look up and study rfg gasoline - and why every where it was served needs to be drilled to check for it’s negative effects on us. yeah don’t ask me because i already know the negative effects it had on me. 1990s save the world rfg. yup. just like the beet ****ing joke. i mean juice.
  16. montgomery county waste. dumping the sodium / magnesium chloride on olney mill road. lol for what? no school on saturday- sunday moco waste.
  17. do be...da do.. ‘beware of the reaper.
  18. shhhh i came down here just to say, don’t try to be perfect just be honest. that makes weather forcasting easy, and climate change lol - the ****ing climate changes every day. i was talking to a dinosaur the other day and he told me in his days , one day was -100 and the next day was + 100 wow i said. i asked what he did to survive? he told me he used a lot of lotion . hehe.
  19. obviously there is a fv3 sales team failing in the house.
  20. lol. possibility of warm temputers. and or chilly , not cold rain.
  21. like most left this place - too many snowflakes inside and not enough outside .
  22. bring on spring and summer with less rain - been f ing raining since last july - lets get some heat and dryness going on.
  23. i did that stuff for 10 years. what’s the problem ?
  24. lol. them trolls. but look out for the global 110 degree sun angle tomorrow.