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  1. straight up down pour. station resets at midnight.
  2. pure dumping here
  3. kmdolney5 my weather station.
  4. 11:21 pm 5.5 still pouring.
  5. 4.09 and counting
  6. snow blower tuned up , salt in hand. lime juice and tequila brine. dang, um blender. not blower..
  7. 1.8 all wind 20 tie = i'm shipping my chips. damn no bust.
  8. stadium almost empty , anyway i just don't understand, who ever is their weather pearson ( lawyer) should be fired, what a joke. play the f ing game, he'll golf is some times played in worse rain.
  9. dancing bananas suck
  10. who the f calls weather delays for the nats? not a drop. could be a hour into the game already. and when it does rain still could play through it. f ing stupid.
  11. lol. if it goes viral my vacation will be peaceful.
  12. 60. 48. blah
  13. yup. looks like a march april winter.
  14. 75 with dp of 48 errrrr i hate winter.