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  1. 60. 48. blah
  2. yup. looks like a march april winter.
  3. 75 with dp of 48 errrrr i hate winter.
  4. .94
  5. snow next tuesday/wednesday? looking cold.
  6. ok can some one explain to me how to read that
  7. why no 125. that would be warmish
  8. 72 - 93% .11 rain.
  9. 91.7 high imby today great temp today. i'll put 20$ on next weekends rain chance lowering to 35% or lower.
  10. is it going to snow. feels like december out there.
  11. so no to drugs.
  12. bring on the heat.
  13. yup.
  14. had to turn ac on to kill moisture/humidity in the house. longer we go into the year with this damp chilly the longer we will go with hot and warmth well into december. this weekend is looking crappy, (sunday is my only day off) and next week is not looking good temp. im thinking shorts a short sleeves for jan 2018 63/62 .02 rain