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  1. A storm we can only hope never happens again...
  2. I posted a coupla nights ago about Juan hitting the Maritimes in 2003, lotta people we met in Nova Scotia and P.E.I. when we were playing gigs up there had stories about that hurricane and the damage it caused. For those unfamiliar, check it out: Hopefully everybody is getting ready and the power companies have out-of-area crews ready to come in and help. Be safe up there!
  3. Made a few trips to the Maritimes and everyone we met in Nova Scotia had a story about Juan in 2003. For our Canadian friends, here's part of the info from the latest update (found here: )...
  4. Yeah, I hope these wind progs prove wrong...
  5. Looks like it's gonna get windy on shore...
  6. Yep, def pretty soupy here in Charm City, 95.5 IMBY at present. Sterling posted some temp records for the region in their morning AFD... .CLIMATE... As of 4:40 this morning, the temperature at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) had so far only dropped to 77 degrees. The record daily warm low temperature for July 17th is 75 degrees, set back in 1988. The record daily warm low temperature for IAD for July 18th is 74 degrees, set in 2005 and 1969. As a reference, here are the warm temperature records for Friday through this weekend: Record Daily High Temperatures Jul 19 Jul 20 Jul 21 DCA 102 (1930) 106 (1930) 104 (1926) BWI 103 (1930) 102 (1930) 104 (1930) IAD 98 (1977) 101 (1980) 101 (1991) Record Daily Warm Low Temperatures Jul 19 Jul 20 Jul 21 DCA 81 (1930) 82 (2015) 82 (1987) BWI 80 (1942) 80 (1930) 83 (1930) IAD 77 (2013) 75 (2015) 77 (1987) Highest July Temperatures Highest Max Warmest Low DCA 106 (7/20/1930) 84 (7/24/2011, 7/23/2011, 7/16/1983) BWI 107 (7/10/1936) 83 (7/21/1930) IAD 105 (7/22/2011) 78 (7/24/2010, 7/8/2010) All-time Highest Temperatures Highest Max Warmest Low DCA 106 (7/20/1930, 8/6/1918) 84 (7/24/2011, 7/23/2011, 7/16/1983) BWI 107 (7/10/1936) 83 (8/5/1930, 7/21/1930, 6/6/1925) IAD 105 (7/22/2011) 79 (8/8/2007)
  7. That line from the west finally arrived, pouring in B'more, lil bit of lightning, but no wind or thunder as of yet ETA: coupla mins later lightning flash followed by low rolling thunder but nothing close to severe, will take the rain though
  8. I was driving north on I-95 headed into B'more City around 4pm, just as I got on the flyover ramp to I-395 the heavens opened up with extreme violence, looked liked the video that guy shot except for, ya know, being a coupla hundred feet up in the air on the ramp with water underneath and not being able to see where the wall was while getting pushed around by the wind, def not the best place to be at that moment. Unfortunately, no video since, ya know, not trying to be a finalist for the 2019 edition of the Darwin Awards. Good times!
  9. Pouring snow in Charm City, down to 34.9, roads/sidewalks caving
  10. 36.7 deg IMBY w/ snow coming down in B'more City, accumulating on non-paved surfaces, nice to not have pingers or rain mixed in for a change
  11. Yeah just measured right around 2 inches in a few spots IMBY in Remington (B'more City), street is covered in from of my place, flakes had been small but steady for about 30 mins but picking up again with some phat phlakes mixing in. No pingers yet! Good times!
  12. Here ya go...
  13. 32.5 IMBY in B'more City, temp has gone down a coupla degrees in the last hour or so. Snow is coming down at a pretty steady clip, cars are topped + other non street/sidewalk surfaces are caving.
  14. Just saw the first flurries here in Remington neighborhood 3 miles north of downtown B'more. I'm at about 150 feet elevation about a 1/4 mile to the east of I-83, humidity and dew point have been creeping up the last hour or so. So, now we see if anything will actually stick to the roads. It's coming Charm City peeps!