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  1. Rippin pretty good here. I’ll take 20 minutes of buckets and call it a night.
  2. Just calm down there JI.
  3. Nothing to see here. Just keep drinking Stumptown Ales.
  4. Hot Towers - perfect name for a a new hazy IPA. I’m going to make that happen.
  5. Prepare for bust, but hope for the worst. LOL. Puts down beer and slaps himself silly....
  6. Lots of 120 Min IPA cures all. Lol
  7. If this was winter......we would all start our cliff diving ASAP.
  8. I am practically around the corner from you, but just a mile or two made a difference for us. I’m straddling that green and yellow. I hope all of Eastern Hoco gets some reds today though.
  9. I’m just west of you on the Elkridge/Columbia line. Wondering if this hits me head on at some point. I might consider jumping in the car though to get some good pictures too. eta: looking at radar, that storm is in no hurry to go anywhere fast. I could see it easily missing east at this point.
  10. Anyone up in Middle River or Essex area? Strong rotation it would seem on that cell.
  11. @jonjon Good stuff! Thanks @nw baltimore wx
  12. Hi @jonjon We should chat! If you are ever interested in getting your beer into Montgomery County, MD one day... Thanks again @nw baltimore wx
  13. I’m so glad Eric hooked you up. He is a super nice guy. Makes some quality beers as well! Enjoy your beer adventures the next 24 hours.
  14. When the storm subsides, hit the outdoor area at Tall Tales. Ask for Eric. He’s my boy and head brewer. And I work for them! Lol.