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  1. We just need to push that storm out over Hatteras and crawl it NE. Can you please make that happen? And since I’m asking for gifts, throw in a nice cold H to the North as well.
  2. The “cold enough” is close by, but can it time up right for white vs wet?
  3. Someone obviously hacked JI’s account.
  4. Very true. Always smiling. Now let’s get him the hatty!
  5. What a period! The only torch in December I see is Carlson. Straight fire!!
  6. None for @C.A.P.E. though. Fun tracking times ahead! I hope anyway. That first storm OBS thread will be LIT.
  7. Feel like the Dec 11-12 time frame might need to be watched too. I like the end of the GFS run as well. Looking forward to your first play by play of the season.
  8. I’m hoping someone’s dreams all come true in the AM and they get 60 minutes of smokin fatties.
  9. Someone should dial up the Northeast Reaper.
  10. BWI: 33” DCA: 20” IAD: 31” RIC: 17” Tiebreaker (SBY) 18”
  11. Whoa! Euro using the algorithm of the Ukmet. Seriously. We might not even need to slant stick our way to getting on the board. Hope this trend keeps up for the rest of today’s runs. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  12. I heard in the winter of 2019-2020, the Ukmet is using the algorithm.
  13. Damn it! I wish who ever designed this world had put the Rockies close to DC. Eh. We’d still probably get screwed regularly. And PSU would still worry about getting fringed. And JI (where ever he is these days) would complain that 300” of snow sucks. Total disaster. Cancel winter.
  14. Great total team effort for 60 mins. Pretty much freight trained them. The refs let this get away early, so things just escalated way beyond what it should have been. Including spit.
  15. #Truth. It’s all a webb of lies anyway.