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  1. Been a while since I’ve checked in here. If we’re still on track for an El Niño winter, always remember, I’m the most prepared!
  2. I got an OBS for you. This ain’t spring! Balls cold!! But I don’t care. I’m 4 Czech beers deep at 1 pm. Fuck it. ETA: The winds are the killer. Obviously only 39–we can’t even snow here. That April sun angle though…
  3. Lol Jeb. “Cheers!”
  4. Hope all is well back in the DMV. Just wanted to say Na zdraví from Prague!
  5. My upcoming Sunday looks amazing! Praying to score more than my 0.4 for the winter. LOLz. Heading there tomorrow. Can’t wait!! So much beer and winter weather forthcoming. ETA: I’ll probably be fringed
  6. Nobody wants in on the 6z GFS hour 240!?
  7. The absolute best worst winter ever!
  8. I’m not sure what the current talk is currently, but I know I’m getting a pretty damn good sunburn with the sunroof open today. Fuck snow! I’m out. It’s margarita season at this point.
  9. Been there twice. I definitely know. Hope you’re feeling better!
  10. You know what they say…we take the JMA all day.
  11. Lol. Poured up a nice crisp Brookville Pils. Its no DFH 120 or weed, but it will suffice. Lol. So wave 2–I’ll ride it.
  12. 2” of snow for IMBY on Monday would be blizzard like. Sure. I’ll go ahead and believe the Euro. It’s NEVER wrong.
  13. I’m all in! That would get me to 0.9 for the season.
  14. I like the trend. Seems like we are heading the right direction at least
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