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  1. Scraff

    Winter 2021-22

    I mean he has a good point. Let’s just all be hopeful until that theory crumbles. Lol.
  2. I was driving right before it got here. Definitely was staring down a wall cloud driving north on 108. Was at Shipleys Grant and dropped my daughter off at work (Cold Stone Creamery). 2 mins later—they took cover in the ice box). Lol. Anyway—108 / Waterloo area (if we had a touchdown) was the spot. Hope your house wasn’t slabbed too hard.
  3. This is looking great for a slabbing here in Elkridge. I’m in the basement…
  4. Mt Airy storm looks like it might be a bit spinny too
  5. Very. Can’t believe it’s not warned… Edit: Look out Westminster
  6. Anyone down near Bethany or Dewey? Tornado warning. Definitely see some weak rotation on it.
  7. We need something like that in winter for blizzards too…so we won’t ever see those either.
  8. Eastern HoCo straight up screw job. Meh. Thank god i watered the plants. Lol.
  9. Feels like a winter screw job for us.
  10. With beer in hand—it’s all fun! Bring dem storms hon.
  11. Been a while since I’ve been in here. Had a 24 hour pass for Richmond, VA this past week. 5 breweries, 2 days. I got my fill for sure. Can’t miss spots include Triple Crossing, Veil, and the Answer. Ardent was great too, but not nearly as trendy. Fredericksburg has Red Dragon Brewing—absolutely a must stop for my fellow beer nerds.
  12. Just saw the tornado warning for DC!? Wedges on the mall? That’s an Ian dream!
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