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  1. I’ll gladly trade you 2 burgers today for snow on Thursday. ETA: might have just dated myself for those that know the reference.
  2. I’m so sorry. I’m not good with people mad at me. Please forgive. Lol. Anyway—let’s hope the Euro brings back all the good vibes for everyone….and we start a thread
  3. And don’t forget NEMDPECS: Northeast Maryland Pummeled ECS
  4. Maybe that’s the one to key on? A few small adjustments and boom.
  5. Probably should consider a storm thread after the Euro…
  6. We’ve lost the ICON. I’m out. ETA: Hopefully said nobody ever!
  7. Hasn’t other guidance been slowly trending towards the Euro? I swear I recall that the Euro has always been better at handling southern stream systems, so that’s why it’s probably leading the charge here. Just my 4 cents (inflation). Haha.
  8. Nobody beats Jim Kosek from Accuweather (from the Feb 2010 storms) Look it up on YouTube. Absolutely classic.
  9. Yeah. The nerve of some people. LOLz. I’m just happy to see it move towards the Euro.
  10. Nobody wants to be the bullseye today. Just ask the Southeast forum.
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