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  1. Lol. Icon - Right Between The Eyes. Go listen to that one. Definitely not female. It’s does straight up rock if hair metal was your thing.
  2. Nobody talking about the #2 model in the world?
  3. The slightly heavier lady is warming up her pipes for her final number.
  4. Anyone remember this band from the 80’s? Loved these guys...and someone else loved them as much as me apparently. They named a crappy ass weather model after them.
  5. Actually had that Bullets shirt. Just sayin. Now back to weather. How bout that good ol ICON!?
  6. Everyone says just get the moisture and worry about temps later? What day should I start to worry? Need to set a Siri reminder.
  7. Well since we’ve been on our heels the whole 3rd period, he’s had to be! ETA: Nice win!
  8. At least the GFS keeps it interesting. We just need the coastal to generate its own cold air (weenie handbook page 1)
  9. Got it. Thanks. Just hoping things go well with the King now. I really feel like we are still a day or two away from sealing our fate for better or worse. Seems like quite a few moving pieces currently.
  10. If I recall, doesn’t the UKMET provide us a slight preview to what the EURO might do?
  11. We toss! Lol, but how is this not a good look? Am I missing something? Of course I am.