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  1. I’m still leaning how to use these super powers. When I try for the derecho, all I’m getting now is my TV turning on to the Weather Channel. Damn it! I’ll keep working it for you though.
  2. I was mentally changing my XM stations before I even left the parking lot! It was soooo cool to have that new ability. Lol.
  3. Good luck today to all you getting jabbed out there. I’ve been fully Pfizer'd up since mid March. Some chills that night after shot 2, but that was it. I’ll never forget jamming that day out in my car at Six Flags—Rage Against the Machine “Freedom” literally 2 minutes before getting that victory juice.
  4. A gusty shower. Woooo storms! Smh. Lol.
  5. I’m all aboard the chuck wagon! Bring the damn heat...
  6. Jackson, MS looks like the place NOT to be today. Going to be REALLY bad day. You know it’s coming. I just hope everyone down there can stay safe.
  7. Great. Thanks. Now I can’t stop singing that s**t!
  8. Caps better hold on once again for dear life!
  9. Missed the beer talk tonight. Damn it! Gotta remember to check in from time to time even if no snow in the forecast. And that is almost always. LOLz. Anyway, aside from a few of the new Hysteria What You Want IPA made with Lucky Charms (it’s awesome), this one was the one that knocked it out the park.
  10. Great W, though that 3rd period gave me heart palpitations again. Hahaha.
  11. I missed beer talk earlier. That KBS variant is delicious, but one bottle was more than enough for me personally. On another beer note, went to visit Other Half Brewing in DC today. Wow. And more wow! All the beer of course is off the charts, but getting the personal tour from the owner...priceless. Great outdoor spaces during our pandemic time. Highly recommend.
  12. In March he becomes Bob Anti-Chill
  13. Tasty! Even Short Pump getting the goods.
  14. Happy hour from earlier?? My job sucks...unless you like beer fresh off a Laverne and Shirley canning line at 1:00pm on a random Thursday in March (I mean Morch). PS—so mad they hand me beer at the start of the most useless run of the Euro this year.