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  1. Let’s will our way to a dusting. ;-)
  2. Based on last week’s event + @showmethesnow thoughts previous to that, feeling the next few events will be very short lead times (2 days or less). Except when it shows torch 2 weeks from now. Definitely believe that!
  3. One model shows a Xmas torch and its abandon ship? Since when do we see 1 run and go with it? Yeah. I know. When it shows fail. Lol.
  4. I’m with Team Cap. Iron Man is cool and all but... ETA: Reply to Civil War comment. lol
  5. It’s Mappy’s world and we’re all just living in it. Lol.
  6. Crushing right now. Awesomeness.
  7. Will say best rippage of the day on the Elkridge/Columbia line right now. When’s the next chance? I’m ready.
  8. Here’s what I got. And I live practically around the corner from you. Are you sure?
  9. Nice eastern HoCo band just started jammin.
  10. Almost any bourbon barrel aged imperial stout works for me. Great with a roaring fireplace and snow falling. Cheers!
  11. Nice band blossoming SE of DC. Not sure where it goes from there. Hopefully NW.
  12. Do we have any road accumulation reports around HoCo? Wife wants to head out. Nothing but wet here in Elkridge, light snow only. Missing out on the death band.
  13. Nice! Nothing like waking up to an inch on the ground....the inch of brown leaves I failed to rake In November. And damn. Wouldn’t you know it...there some on the deck too! Kids will be so pumped when they wake up. Oh and the wife...
  14. Come on Jeb! You’re in for sooooo much snow...man...you’ll be melting it down, canning it, and sending it to the forgotten people of Puerto Rico. Happy shovel and jebwalking season. LOLz. PS—Happy hour in full effect.
  15. Seeing that. Still snowing at 0z Sunday!?