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  1. At least at my house, today was total bust! Laura was a sprinkle. I got nothing but blue skies and beers. No. Those didn’t come from the sky—but a few are definitely heavenly.
  2. I won’t do a Ledo’s pepperoni without some onion too. Lol. That Pinot looks like money as well. Enjoy the light show.
  3. F it! It’s over. Let’s aim for a drought.
  4. I knew there had to be. Totally missed it though. Grrrrrrr.
  5. The SE Hoco storm was meh. It was aiiiight for a few mins I suppose. Few bolts and a downpour. Sun popping out already. Next!
  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has brought IPAs into the theater.
  7. Rain is always welcome, but if it wants to miss completely on a weekend, that works for me. It’s not like we are in any sort of drought.
  8. Be safe! Look forward to future reports. It’s about to get real...
  9. Up to 150 mph (940 mb). Maybe gets to cat 5? At this point, doesn’t even matter. It’s another full blown 2020 catastrophe.
  10. Literally won’t be anything more than a normal stormy day here Saturday. Just get out of here for my Sunday Funday deck time and I’m good! Though watching the devastation coverage in LA will quell a lot of that.
  11. Unfortunately no fans allowed in the stadium due to Covid.
  12. Nice! Cell aimed at me just went severe. It will fizzle before it gets here. Guaranteed. Haha. Eta: Yup. Nothing but a nice shower. Good energy in AA County though.
  13. It’s a sign that a woman needs to rule the world. Marco. Meh! Laura - Yikes!