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  1. What’s so neat about this thread?
  2. That’s the DC storm taken about 15 mins ago from Columbia, MD. Cool stuff!
  3. Saw something on that one akin to a wall cloud. Unfortunately was driving the other way and was only able to see it for like 10 seconds. However. It’s heading my way. So we’ll see what happens shortly.
  4. Holy hell! Whatever just blew threw Elkridge was fun! No thunder or lightning which is weird, but damn it ripped hard for a bit. Loved it!
  5. Hopefully all the beer tanks currently around me will save me from the pending tornado warning that just went up me in Columbia. Here we go...
  6. Definitely seems to have a hook in that SW corner. Doh!
  7. All the negativity boundaries left over from this past winter.
  8. Scraff

    May Banter 2019

    Hell yeah! I love that beer. Wish I had more of it to sell. We only had so many tequila barrels available for that one. At least I still have 7 cans in the fridge.
  9. Well this was not the snow squall I was looking for. Damn it! Back to my hibernation cave. Seriously though, I was literally in the middle of the MoCo/Hoco (as hell broke loose) deal driving down 108 from Olney to Columbia. Shit was nuts, trees down across roads everywhere, but nothing looked tornadoey. Was almost as intense as the derecho at one point for sure though.
  10. Meh. It was ok at Downtown Crown. No funnel gunnels here. Boooooo. Lol.
  11. Drinking beer at Downtown Crown right now. I might have picked the right and wrong spot of the day. Definitely a hook on that bad boy... eta. Not seeing the hook anymore
  12. My family is freaking. I’m like shhhhhhh. Ruining my movie night.
  13. Scraff

    April Discobs 2019

    Obligatory deck / patio picture. Welp. Next winter for MD will be here soon enough, but go Denver! Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiigh......
  14. Scraff

    April Discobs 2019

    Ok. Roads caved, but roads caved here is nothing but a joke. We should all have a Friendsgiving party now....
  15. Scraff

    April Discobs 2019

    I mean it’s fine. Pretty much our standard car topper “BLIZZARD”. Lol.