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  1. Salt in the corona wound! SMH. Maybe somehow we can score some snow TV out of this one. I’m already tired of Netflix and Disney+.
  2. We can’t even get a rainstorm right! Haha. Oh well. Here’s the good news. It’s almost happy hour! I mean it’s 2:17 pm. I think it might start at 2:18.
  3. I love my Key! One of my brands. That’s a great one for sure. Thanks for supporting local. Also, look out for another awesome coffee stout from Hysteria called Morning After. Just out this week actually. Cheers!
  4. This would be a hell of way to celebrate my bday. I’m sure it won’t happen, but fun to dream.
  5. Oh I’ve seen them already too. They are both very good. I’m just mad I’ll see more snow in a movie than in real life. emoji
  6. So I’ll definitely see some snow today! Apparently the family and I have a double feature planned. Frozen and Frozen II.
  7. I am going to be talking to them today about my idea for a new double ipa. “Mass Hysteria”. I mean how perfect!?_
  8. I live in downtown Venice. Text me when you get here.
  9. Did you ring!? Corona can go to hell!! If you need some “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”, I’ll take care of you.
  10. Why be a jackass if you made your peace already? Just move on.
  11. Snow TV would be a win in my book. Even if for just a few hours. I’ll bet against it, but would gladly lose that bet if we could pull it off.
  12. Caps huge win. Hi @yoda Eta: Oh and the Mountaineers beat Baylor. Great day!
  13. If it’s the Euro we’re good. It’s happening.
  14. Totally not paying attention in here. What’s wrong with me!? I missed happy hour talk. Woot Stout. Tasty! Have had many times. And now I want crabs! At least my fries tonight had Old Bay on them. Close enough I suppose.
  15. Caps are straight garbage these days. First half of the season was nothing but fools gold. Ah well. We have a Cup and still have Ovi. So I guess I won’t throw my “established in 1983” fandom away tonight. Maybe tomorrow though.