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  1. Worcester, pa Just after I posted it started and in an impressive way. Coming down good right now.
  2. Worcester, PA. 31.5 Minor icing on trees and above ground objects. Roads are not freezing at this time.
  3. Worcester, PA. Windy with a brief period of small hail and rain. No lightning - moved through at 5:15 PM.
  4. 2.52" in Worcester Pa and still raining.
  5. Worcester, Pa . 1.48" rain for the day as of 9:30 pm. More incoming looking at the radar.
  6. I read it as - Looks like NWS PHL has gone with a high wind warning for Sunday PM and Monday most of the day for western Chester, Montgomery and Bucks on n and w. Eastern zones of the same counties remain in a high wind watch. Based on the afternoon discussion it appears they will evaluate those areas for a possible change later today.
  7. Wonder when NWS-PHL converts the watch to a warning or an advisory? Be surprised to get nothing here in Montgomery County, PA.
  8. Worcester, PA. 4.5" of snow. Some sleet and frz rain . 30.8 degrees. Temp creeping up slowly. Precip is light at this time. Roads were a mess almost as soon as it started. I think that is what caught most by surprise. One of the bigger traffic messes we have had in several years. Many reports of 3 plus hours to go 3 or 4 miles.
  9. Worcester, PA about 1" - driving is bad - numerous accidents. 28 degrees. Dew point 28 degrees. On radar - Rain snow line appears to be down in NJ.
  10. As far as I know - Weather World is the Penn State University TV show based on their PSU meteorologists. Accuweather headquarters is in State College, but is totally independent of Weather World and has no overlap of the forecasters. My son has worked for both (now at Accuweather as an on air guy) and in his earlier years worked at Weather World. Other than being located in the same town and some of the Accuweather team being graduates of PSU there is no other relationship. They each create their own forecast.
  11. Worcester, pa. 1.85" rain with last night storms
  12. Worcester 3.04" at my location. 4.5" at a friend's location about 4 miles away toward North Wales. Locally the worst was in the Upper Merion area. Many car water rescues and a few home rescues with water up to the first floor windows. This was all this AM. Other than the runoff fed streams everything has receded.