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  1. There's 28"+ from Hacks-Town through Stanhope through Newton. Watch the banding from yesterday.
  2. The area about 5-6 hours ago. Have added around 10" since.
  3. 27". Snow has gotten heavier the past 30 minutes or so. NAM says it snows till 10PM tomorrow?
  4. 25" down. Should be an all-timer for NWNJ, might surpass 1996, hope that band doesn't move.
  5. HRRR with more to come, still snowing at this frame.
  6. I have never seen it snow this hard for so long, whiteout conditions, 2-4"/hr stuff, cannot see the end of the road. I am videotaping this cannot forget this one. almost 2 feet now
  7. What's your temperature? Still got a long way to go with this one. It started pivoting in the perfect location.
  8. I can see the pivot occurring on the radar, if you're hammering away right now that should last until at least 7-9PM tonight.
  9. That band is no joke. 2-4"/hr. Measured 21", there's soon to be 2 feet reports just to the south of me.
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