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  1. 28/27 currently. bad bad ice storm setting up the town is fully prepared luckily.
  2. 11.5" total in the mountains of NWNJ. Great storm.
  3. radar does not look too good at all you can see how the dry air is even eating the precip down by edison this will be a bust for most of nj
  4. ton of dry air working its way in now. down to a light steady snow. radar honestly disappointed me good storm regardless.
  5. did a bunch of prepping today for the storm. really excited for the first storm of the year. looks like middletown through poughkeepsie is the prime area for big totals, might just be a little too south for feet but will still see some good totals down here for sure.
  6. Golfball sized flakes in Union Twp. Heavy snow for sure.
  7. Sleet/Rain mix now, suckish way to end such a great storm. I'm in Northern Union County too, strange indeed.
  8. ripping sleet now, wonder if we change back. all in all, solid storm either way.
  9. hearing sleet now in union county, did not expect that. definitely over 5" here.
  10. cousin in sepa near chester is telling me he's changed over to rain from sleet under that band
  11. looks like rain because of how wet it is unless you stare really close to ur window to see the flakes lol