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  1. Hallelujah!! Because I need to have more beer in my life....said me never. Lol
  2. And by July 10 the Pens will be eliminated! Lol. Kidding aside. I’ll be happy for July Madness. Or July Jammin?
  3. Hahaha. I was just wondering if this would be my last happy hour on the deck until maybe Saturday. Decided to look at the NAMs, HRRR, etc. What a joke! We might see a sprinkle? Whatever. I’ll water my plants and enjoy the tropical drinks and sun.
  4. That Crooked Crab one sounds great! The Hefeweizen they have sounds good too. Been a while since I’ve had a legit one. Been IPAing it a lot recently, but like you I have been trying to cut back. Been keeping it to Thursday-Sunday only. However, when hockey comes back, it will be whatever day the Caps play.
  5. This! Sitting out on the deck in cloudy breezy 60 degree days = sucks. Sunny and 70s for the win. Now if we could just get some hockey back too.
  6. Wait. What happened to my 5-6” of I-95 rain this week?
  7. I really want hockey back, but Gudas makes a legit statement. I know Bettman wants a Stanley Cup winner, but at what cost? Half (or more) of the league gets Covid along the way? Contracts - I am not worried about that until the season is done. I have enough other things to be worried about. Haha.
  8. All of what you said spoke to me. Lol. I highly recommend mead from Charm City Meadworks. Can buy it in most good beer stores. For MoCo recommendations, there are plenty! Here are my top choices in no particular order: Saints Row Elder Pine Brookeville Beer Farm Waredaca Denizen’s Astro Lab
  9. I’m a 96 guy.
  10. See you on the sledding hill around 1 am?
  11. Hope you guys are all well. I miss our hockey talks. Honestly fine if they cut him. I saw some of the comments. He’s trash.
  12. All this snow talk! Should I post the it’s happening gif? Should we warm up the bus? Radio show? Where’s @Bob Chill Someone call Ian!!
  13. What’s everyone doing on this beautiful quarantine Saturday?
  14. Seriously, call your favorite Gburg beer store and tell them you want some Duclaw Regular Beer. Then, let me know which store. I’ll make it happen.
  15. Damn. I need to check in with my weather / beer drinking peeps in here more often. My fault! I’ve been doing my part to stay with the times though.
  16. It’s cracka lackin over here for sure...
  17. I REALLY hope they can at a minimum play out the playoffs. I miss it sooooo much. All this quarantine beer I’ve been drinking would taste so much better while watching Caps playoff hockey.
  18. That was fun for 10-15 minutes. Pretty intense when it came through. A few gusts seem to have been around SVR limits.
  19. When DT shuts it down, then all hell brakes loose. Like clockwork!
  20. My safe spot is next to my beer fridge in my underground to my TV that continually replays the Kuzy OT winner against the Pens. You know the one... PS - whats the ETA on morning craziness? Need to set some alarms for a Jebwalk. Oh wait wrong thread. Someone get me Delorean!
  21. Just saw that. Looks like a good severe wx beat down for most of the DMV. Might have to set my alarm for the early morning hours so I can go fly a kite.
  22. I believe people listen to him only to go back and troll him. Its fun to see him get shredded on Twitter.
  23. Salt in the corona wound! SMH. Maybe somehow we can score some snow TV out of this one. I’m already tired of Netflix and Disney+.
  24. We can’t even get a rainstorm right! Haha. Oh well. Here’s the good news. It’s almost happy hour! I mean it’s 2:17 pm. I think it might start at 2:18.