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  1. Beers at Elder Pine must have pissed off Zeus. He’s obviously mad I didn’t invite him. Next time dude. Next time! Rain gods had to be mad too. They joined in and absolutely pummeled me for a few miles down route 100. Wipers on high was a complete and utter joke. Straight up car wash.
  2. Free water! I mean it’s better than wedges unless you’re hoping insurance gives you a new house.
  3. Unless that line builds more to the north, you and are likely a swing and miss….again.
  4. Whew!! Yes!! Drizzle and a rumble of thunder.
  5. Reporting the Elkridge / Columbia line as “safe”. 5 drops of rain. Maybe 6.
  6. Feeling like it’s time to water the plants.
  7. Great one last night. So happy for Bura! Once again, another Cap we gave up on way too early.
  8. Summer or winter, it’s still the NAM. LOL. I just want some good thunder boomers. I don’t need every damn storm to be severe, though they do tend to be what I’m looking for (and it seems like we have them all the time now). I just don’t need damaging storms (my house or anyone else’s).
  9. We should probably just cancel summer. You know winter cancel is coming soon too.
  10. Is it wrong to be tailgating in the Columbia Mall parking garage prior to seeing Top Gun in IMAX? Judge if you must, but hell of lot cheaper than walking into Cheesecake Factory for 2 $10 beer pours of straight sewage.
  11. Sold! I need a bottle of that with an episode of Stranger Things 4.
  12. Ok ok. You got me sold! Next bottle I see that says 2022–I’m all in! I do have a bottle of Utopias barrel aged World Wide Stout in waiting, but I’m trying to save that for the next blizzard.
  13. Suns out. Light rain shower. Hope this fake severe day is done and my deck dries up quickly. I need my outdoors open (and not wet) for beer sampling!
  14. Came in with a quick blast of wind and rain in Elkridge. I didn’t even get a rumble of thunder. Meh. When is round 2? Do we get sun beforehand?
  15. Looks like I’m in for a good time here in 20 mins or so.
  16. Round 2 building west. Always up for another fake severe storm.
  17. Probably would have done the same to the Caps. Good thing we’re done. FL in big trouble.
  18. How much you drink today?? I know for me, Wine in the Woods (Columbia) crossed with all my friends at Hysteria, Oliver’s and Sapwood at the fest today made for one hell of day! Damn it was hot in the sun though. Imagine that. Hot…sun. LOL.
  19. Got one of those waiting in the cellar…for a cold crisp fall night. :-)
  20. Thank god Howard County schools closed early today. Now my wife and I chilling on the deck. 1/2 day Rosé time. It’s beautiful out here!
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