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  1. Damn right!! My kids are practically grown ass adults now. That said, they grew up asking whenever it snowed….when are we Jebwalking? It’s literally part of their normal winter language. They don’t know anything different. My wife on the other hand has some fun and colorful words whenever I tell her about the next snow event…and it’s not quite as pleasant as “Jebwalk”.
  2. Nice! Glad you are enjoying some of those brews. Have a great night!
  3. Legit solid dusting. Apple night mode pics are bad ass by the way as it 7:09. Haha.
  4. Have a great Friday night and enjoy the light wintery scenes. Stop sweating the things that we can’t control. Whatever! It will one day snow again heavily in HoCo. I’ll put money on it.
  5. Time to turn off the Weather Channel and drink a beer. We’ll get ours…in a few more years.
  6. If you had been at a Sapwood, you honestly wouldn’t care if it was 0.2 or 0.000000000000002. Next time! Has to be done. However—we abscond our dusting.
  7. Breaking—Has anyone seen the new forecast for NE? Be happy with your DMV flurries or whatever.
  8. My weekend picks are Hysteria, Other Half, Sapwood (currently in my mouth lol) and a dash of Ten Eyck.
  9. And the Apple Brandy Barrel. Both are ridiculous. Just small tastes for now.
  10. A sick lineup! Oh. And outside beautiful fluffy dendrites aplenty… @ScuddzThe cupped is
  11. Skip your meeting and grab a beer with us. Tell your job that snow and beers are way more important.
  12. Flurries to almost light snow at Sapwood Brewing. Eta: Radar filling in over 95. Looks decent!
  13. Waiting on my PRE snow to get my snow on snow action.
  14. It fell apart the minute Jim Cantore from TWC went live in Boston.
  15. I’m guessing the 12z NAM was discussed much earlier, but I’m just catching up and I’m too lazy to hit the previous button a few times. LOLz. I’d have what it’s having in a heartbeat though.
  16. Can we do better than 10:1? Might have been discussed earlier so apologies if so.
  17. A couple more ticks west and maybe we get @CAPE a free lawn watering service.
  18. 127 pages and I’m looking at maybe MAYBE 3”. Family and friends tell me I’m an effing lunatic for spending countless hours reading and chatting with weather nerds about how much snow we might (or might not) have. Couldn’t agree more with them and damn it’s addicting! I love you all. Even Ctrl-Alt-Delete Tim. eta: 128 pages! I’m slow.
  19. Ten Eyck! Delicious. Please ask for it at your favorite HoCo beer spot. PS—you are more than welcome to meet us on the sledding hill too. Forgot you are a HoCo friend. Lol.
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