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  1. DCA over the last several year has had trouble going below 32
  2. freezing drizzle in Annapolis
  3. that's what I posted all week and I got poopooed for it
  4. radar starting to light up south of dc
  5. Yes what are people thinking because I think if precip continues tonight it will be ZR any thoughts?
  6. Are we south and east of 95 looking at on and off precipitation going until Friday late afternoon most likely freezing rain? any help on this would be appreciated
  7. Light freezing drizzle with a sleet pellet now and then dusting of sleet on ground in annapolis how mush ice we getting ? Can someone post maps please .
  8. Can you post maps please .
  9. do you have the sleet and ice panels?
  10. can someone post the sleet and ice maps from the euro? thanks up front
  11. would be crippling ice if that happened