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  1. When is it going to snow?
  2. It looks like the timing on the storm has changed a lot over the last two days now comes in Saturday late instead of Friday night . is this good or bad I don't know
  3. Stronger high 1046 on 18z gfs good start
  4. snow on snow in Rockville
  5. Wife just texted me sleeting in Annapolis FYI
  6. was about to say the same thing from what I am seeing this looks like 3 inches area wide and heavy rates for about 2-3 hours
  7. Whats the start time in DC? Rates for this 4-6 hour event look nice
  8. https://www.wunderground.com/maps/radar/current looks good will it make it over the hills?
  9. looks slightly warmer in our area 540 line ticked north ever so slightly
  10. When does the Ukmet come out trying to get back into the tracking?
  11. Yea that can run warm most of the time https://www.marylandwx.com/radar/klwxstate_br.php
  12. Snow in Annapolis starting to stick on grass it has been snowing for about 2 hours temps falling bouncing between 32-33