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  1. This rain is really washing away a lot of the snow here in Germantown.
  2. I’m getting some real snow and heavy snow right now in Germantown. This was really nice. No sign of rain yet.
  3. Just drove to target. Don’t do it. Roads are absolute ice rinks. Fishtailed like crazy.
  4. Some nice light snow in Germantown. I haven't paid attention to this event at all so I have no idea what to expect except "a bit of snow then some rain."
  5. This one was one of the most fun to track. 5” of overperforming snow most of it coming down in a 2 hour span.
  6. 5” in my part of Germantown. That band stayed perfectly over me.
  7. Didn’t check but I gotta be at 4” right now. Heck of a storm for a quick pass. Goodnight!
  8. Was this expected to be high ratio? This stuff is some of the fluffiest cotton candy I’ve seen.
  9. These flakes in this and are both huge and fluffy/dry. It’s really cool.
  10. I’m already at 3” total with this band. I must have gotten an inch and a half in like 30 minutes yall.
  11. Y’all it is coming DOWN in Germantown.
  12. We are about to get a good old fashioned MoCo - HoCo death band huh?
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