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  1. Got to submit my first ever LSR. Hail report in Haymarket.
  2. This year has been so far the best thunderstorm year since I’ve moved here. I missed semi-daily thunder, it’s the one thing about Louisiana I miss most.
  3. Another nice thunderstorm here in Germantown!
  4. It’s been a very slow mover. Kind of just meandering. I’ve loved it, one of the better rain and lightning storms this last week.
  5. This storm in Germantown is so lovely. Tons of lightning and wind and rain and it popped up out of nowhere. I heard the first crack of thunder before there was anything on the radar.
  6. Oh my god. The only time I ever drank Jeger was once in high school and never again.
  7. Maybe that's the better way of putting it. I might be basking in it because I miss it ha.
  8. Best of luck, I'll say a prayer. I went and got tested myself because I attended one of the protests. Socially distanced as best I could and wore my N95 but Hogan has said all who went should get tested, and you can get tested on demand at just about any CVS now. In other news, I am truly now a Marylander. I have acclimated to this place so much that I am enjoying very hot weather. I used to hate this time of year because it was always this way in Louisiana but god. I've been sitting outside and basking in the sun.
  9. I had 4 distinct thunderstorms train over me in Germantown last night. It was so awesome. The first split/fringed me, but then 3 more in a row.
  10. Hope everyone's doing well! I got a COVID antibody test. No antibodies. Guess I didn't catch it back in March when I thought I might have. Those storms last night were wonderful.
  11. What a wonderful memorial day weekend. Had two amazing hikes, one on the Seneca Creek trail and one on Muddy Branch. I finally have my son able to do 3 mile hikes and he's only 4 - he'll be able to outlast me before he knows it. Then on Memorial Day, we went to Black Rock Regional Park. It was soooo busy but the great thing is, the park and lake are huge and so even with so many people, we didn't even get nearly close to anyone else and got a nice spot down by the lake to picnic at.
  12. I just want warm, sustained weather so I can really enjoy hiking season. This year I want to greatly expand the number of trails in the area I've done.
  13. On the flip side, yesterday was the first day I’ve driven through actual rush hour traffic on the beltway. It was really light but not empty like it has been.
  14. Found a nice, little-hiked loop trail in the Potomac-Darnestown-Poolesville area. Going to do that then order carry out from Founding Farmers!
  15. Y'all I'm wearing shorts and a T shirt and SO excited about today. I needed a nice warm one.