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  1. Tropical rains in the morning, sunny nice weather in the day. Love it here lol.
  2. Yup. Just like that it’s gone.
  3. Oh that’s right I live in a place with actual good hydro data. Sorry I’m used to these decisions being made based on rainfall rates alone. I wouldn’t be shocked if we see fast rises soon though. I’ve had FFWs here with less rain than this.
  4. How is there no FFW for DC/MoCo
  5. What a wall of tornado warnings.
  6. The reds on precip are creeping into MoCo. I’m expecting FFWs soon.
  7. I’m not too shocked over the constant TORs. This storm produced lots of them down in SC/NC last night.
  8. I'm not expecting too much wind but the rain potential looks great. My son is so excited to get a hurricane haha.
  9. LOVING the tropical rain. Reminds me of home.
  10. Yup, I made it several years ago I don't run it as much as I used to, others have picked up the slack for me. Tropical reaper would be incredible. At this point even an average season from here on out pushes it recordbreaking. If this pattern does keep up, god help us when the CV season gets cranking.
  11. I've been busy modding my tropical weather subreddit and it has been... a chore to say the least. I'm excited at the rain potential from this storm up here, and my son is excited to experience "his first hurricane". I'm trying to break it to him that it's just going to be a lot of rain and a tropical storm but he's 4, lol.
  12. Coastal huggers have so much uncertainty, they are so hard to track.