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  1. Euro comes in with the last minute save to keep some of us from the ledge.
  2. Anyone talking about the zr threat from the GFS and somewhat from the Euro? It looks like 1/3" of freezing rain with that first thump.
  3. Yet another year where my friends in Louisiana have more snow than me, lol.
  4. Honestly I could use a little dry weather to do some things outside. I'm tired of all this mud.
  5. I'm just glad we have something to track.
  6. GFS track is perfect, right? Don't these things always shift north? LOL.
  7. On principle I refuse to be reaped before February, and I really enjoyed a December snow this year... But it's getting kind of funny to hear about all of the positive forces we have working for us right now and to see the long range on all the models and see nothing out to 240 hours. I really want my first true large snowstorm. One day!
  8. Flurries in Germantown! I’ll take it! Only the second time I’ve ever had frozen precip on Xmas!!!
  9. So much rain in Germantown... things have got to be flooding.
  10. So there were definitely some slick spots but no, it was not closed at all hahaha. The rocks were mostly navigable. The sun had dried them up enough to where most didn't have any real ice or snow on them. It was dicey in a few spots but honestly, the bridge to the falls was more sketchy (completely ice slicked) than the dried out rocks.
  11. Had a beautiful hike in the remnants of the snow on the Billy Goat trail yesterday
  12. GFS shows 0.85” zr in the DC and central Maryland and northern Virginia area.
  13. Holy crap look at the zr totals on GFS.