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  1. This is so so hilarious. I'm loving this. Also, we have now beat the 2005 season by 35 days!
  2. The spot it's going to hit is so prone to surge. It's going to be bad with the slow forward motion.
  3. Will this smoke be part of keeping things cooler? Will it last into the winter, if the fires keep going for a month or so? They've already been going that long.
  4. Yeah that’s what threw me for a loop when I first joined this thread. I wasn’t even aware a weather event was going on and it’s been dry and maybe a sprinkle today.
  5. I admit I was wrong. I was just surprised to get the CMAS, I've been in lots of warning situations here without it and I'm not even in the warning box.
  6. I'm keeping an eye out. It's a bit SE of me, I'm wondering if I'm going to get in on the action. I am a bit tired of how wet everything is.
  7. Is this weather really buzz everyone's phones worthy? The axis that the storms seem to be moving along seems interesting though, I suppose the training may cause some real flooding
  8. Power died and I had no radar access for 15 min in Germantown.
  9. Oh god it’s hooking so clean right as it heads into bmore.
  10. I’m staring at what looks like a shelf cloud in Germantown.
  11. Waiting for it in Germantown. Can see the CtG.