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  1. 70+ degree days are coming!
  2. B- but it had A+ potential and so it has brought it’s paper home and realllllly disappointed mom. I am under climo which is a bummer, but. It as bad as some years. This is the first winter where I went the entire month of February with some amount of snow and ice on the ground which was really neat to see and experience. And there was always something to track.
  3. I played a lot of MMOs growing up and to me it always means "looking for group" lol.
  4. 52 degree high today, 57 degree high tomorrow... spring watch is on!
  5. Hearing pingers in Germantown.
  6. Honest to god heavy snow in Germantown. Wow this event is going to overperform.
  7. Well this is a pleasant surprise. Snowing pretty good in Germantown and the roads are caved.
  8. Despite the frustrations of this winter, I will hand it one thing. I have had snow cover since Jan 30 and this is by far the longest time I’ve experienced with some white on the ground.
  9. My parking lot is an absolute glacier right now and it's just been hilarious all day today. I love these kinds of events where the ice just sticks around forever and creates all kinds of a mess.
  10. There are dozens of people pickaxing through the glacier he created last night blocking cars in.
  11. LOL. People are mutinying against the snow plow in my parking lot right now hahahaba
  12. I'm getting some light freezing drizzle in Germantown. Not much on radar though. I hope all of you have shoveled already - this stuff has settled and is now basically packed ice that cannot be shoveled. The plows created these ice mountains in front of cars - I feel so bad for them tomorrow lol...
  13. also, something really neat, I've had snow on the ground since Jan 30... That's really cool.
  14. This sleet bomb is going to last forever here... Like there was 0 lost to melting or sun burning it off today. It's kind of awesome.
  15. Covid cases will go down, vaccines will be up, and sundresses will be back in style. AH I can't wait. Cherry blossoms!!!!
  16. LOL YES! They plowed! Oh my god I feel bad for these folks but when this sleet bomb hardens tonight, it's going to be impossible to get through it. I quickly shoveled the sleet bank away from my car's path.
  17. For those of us with straight sleet it’s weird too. It’s like shoveling millions of extremely tiny glass beads.
  18. Yup hahahaha I was actually hoping they would to see the hilarity that ensues. The sleet banks they make end up crusting into straight ice and trapping all the cars. Looks like they learned their lesson.
  19. They haven't even bothered to plow my parking lot. It's gonna be nasty when this all turns to concrete.
  20. I think for me I'm just going to watch the NAM for all storms <48 hours out and just roll with it. If the NAM gives me good snow at <48 hours and the other models confirm it, I'm good.
  21. Same, I'm having a blast with this storm either way. I have mountains of frozen ball bearings that still having been cleared from the parking lot and have not melted a single bit.
  22. A couple years ago, someone asked "If you know you're going to meet climo snow totals, would you rather it come in one or two big storms, or 6-8 small ones?" I think I firmly know where I stand on this now.
  23. @Wetbulbs88 You should hang out in here lol. It's the perfect spot for complaining and embracing the suck without drawing the ire of the forum regulars.
  24. Same in germantown. Nothing on the radar though.