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  1. Anyone else seeing blue flashes every ten minutes or so? Power is flickering here in North Bethesda, but in the flicker off moments, the blue flashing is pretty eerie.
  2. You’ve seen enough moderate snowstorms (6-8”) that I don’t know if it’s worth it to travel just for another one. I get you may want to be back early, but home cooked meals also are a luxury you’ll probably miss one day in the future. Maybe that would be an interesting poll question- what threshold of snow would it be worth it to travel for? The way I see it, I’ve already experienced five 20”+ snowstorms so far in southeast Montgomery County. So to travel, it would have to be for something extraordinary. Like if I would only get 5” while somewhere relatively close is getting 45”.
  3. Oh, his Annapolis tornado antics is just one example. And his response to other meteorologists’ criticism of him for that reinforced a pattern.
  4. He’s certainly ruffled a lot of feathers lately for a bunch of other reasons.
  5. Fun fact for the newer posters: Ray Martin worked at LWX and would post here. After the 2016 Blizzard, he participated in the heated discussions on here about DCA’s snow total for the storm.
  6. It’s probably because you had to stay up overnight to see the peak of it. It started when most people would be going to bed. By the time I walked outside at 9 am, my street was already plowed. We (weatherboard folks) spent the rest of the day waiting for the ULL backside snow. The RGEM spit out an insane solution on one run of like 15”+ with the ULL passage.
  7. This was the storm that caused the panic on Wednesday after the blizzard because the ETA run showed over a foot of snow/sleet for the region. And this was after the clipper surprised everyone with 3-6” from DC eastward on Tuesday. By later Thursday, the models had cut back QPF so the forecast was for a moderate snow to sleet storm, not another new crippling situation.
  8. Since when has Roger Smith become a comedy act? His travelogue and spiritual counseling comment as the whole “Are you driving over the Blue Ridge to get to Winchester?” discussion was going on made me laugh out loud.
  9. The best part was the predictions were often more accurate than what others in here were predicting because the totals were model blends, whereas others hoped against hope that the model with the snowiest solution would verify.
  10. Nice research! Just a couple of notes on these quoted dates: The blizzard of 2/78 was a also a significant snowstorm from the northeast DC suburbs and northeastward, including Baltimore and especially northeastern MD. Immediate DC and west of the city did miss out. 1/26/61 was the only significant snow you missed on your entire list. 5.9” storm for DC. The end of January 2007 was notable not for a specific storm but for marking the pattern change that brought a wintry and very cold February.
  11. The contrast here between Monday and last night, when I woke up to watch it fall between 1:30 and 4, was pretty striking. Heavy, wet snow on Monday overcame daylight and 60’s the afternoon before to efficiently stick on roads. Fluff during the dead of night did not.
  12. Probability of >4” pretty high in this product:
  13. Fozz and BobChill Bizarro-world with the NAM and GFS reversing roles in the QPF.
  14. So 12 preliminary EF2 tornadoes within a derecho. This must be unprecedented, right?
  15. The smaller towns in between will take longer for their stories to be told. This is Bremen:
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