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14 hours ago, weathafella said:

About a month ago my wife and I were walking and we heard the pack howling in the woods across the street.  Kind of blood curdling and definitely made you realize that if you have to duck in and pee reconsider.

come on man, that's what the neighbors bushes are for. 

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2 hours ago, ineedsnow said:

Saturday night and next Wednesday could be interesting

Too early to determine p-types for this system, but depending on the timing/track of the system, some flakes are not off
the table for the higher elevations.



Let's do another 30"er then close it out. 

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Patches opening up under the pines and near stone walls and boulders.  But the pack is still mostly 6-18" in the fields and 18-24 in the woods.  Everyday it softens and at night it refreezes but not as a glaze, instead as a sort of granular, freeze-dried surface that is awesome to walk on.  I love walking on top of 1-2' of snow. 

I want it to melt out, but in the meantime....



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