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3 minutes ago, Snowcrazed71 said:

Dude, where are you seeing that It's going to be in the '60s? I think we have a shot of hitting 60, one of the three days in the middle of the week, maybe two. However, not one of the three weather outlets in Connecticut show 60s for any of the days inland for next week.


Who watches news outlets? 

Tuesday and Wednesday both will be 60.+. Dry ground, downsloping , full warm sun, no foliage. You always take the over this time of year in those conditions away from the boast .

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Pretty big signal for a storm around 28th. Depends on TPV position and the storm ahead of it. Signal is there big time for the interior though…

Control in here for entertainment purposes only


You live in Philadelphia right? You have a less than zero % chance to see a snowstorm on the 28th
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12 hours ago, Torch Tiger said:

 No, I was in Templeton early and there wasn't much at all, even at above 1k. Then later I went into SNH and totals grew easily, even at lower elevations.

Maybe 4-8" left at 9am in Royalston but then NE into Winchendon then Rindge, totals went way up

not sure what part of Templeton you were in but we still have a good amount left here

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