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  1. 76-77 was fantastic. I would sign up for a repeat of that winter
  2. Someone would have to bound and gag me to get me to move to Florida...
  3. Betting on warmth is like betting on Secretariat in 1972....
  4. I mentioned that using analog years from 25-60 years ago is useless because of climate change but it got dismissed by the usual suspects. People who love cold/snowy weather will downplay most anything that doesn't give a signal of cold/snowy weather. I love a cold/snowy winter but I long ago accepted the reality of climate change.
  5. As I mentioned in the November thread.....people are setting themselves up to be disappointed. The pattern the entire fall was awful heading into the winter season. Earlier in October there was some mention in the SNE subforum of 76-77 being a good analog year. I mentioned that I would not use 76-77 as an analog because of climate change. At no point did the fall of 2021 compare to the fall of 1976. I think the reason why so many winter forecasts fail is because the individuals only do a winter forecast but not a forecast for the other 3 seasons. It is sort of like beginning to watch a movie 3/4 of the way thru the movie and trying to determine what is taking place.
  6. Xander has a broad grin on his face....he will opt out after 2022
  7. There should not be any surprise. As things stand now there doesn't seem to be much in the way of any type of real winter event for the next 7 days at least.
  8. C'mon mods, he shouldn't have to keep the Wentzadelphi name...help the guy out ..this is your chance to not fumble the ball. I am sure you can help him turnover to a new user name...it is the holiday season.
  9. A lot better chance of Wentz winning the MVP award for the next 10 seasons.
  10. Triple time for the famed Methuen DPW crew???
  11. ...and your posts are so interesting.....
  12. George just ignore the naysayers. No one here realizes what you have to do to arrive home on a July day
  13. Do you mean to tell me that I wasted money buying new boots and a hat for my dog???
  14. oh I know BUT the jack area usually changes run to run and/or disappears altogether.
  15. Day 5 jacks aren't even worth discussing
  16. I think the Jets use the icon for player evaluations ....
  17. I am assuming the photo was taken outside of George's home...
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