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  1. C'mon mods, he shouldn't have to keep the Wentzadelphi name...help the guy out ..this is your chance to not fumble the ball. I am sure you can help him turnover to a new user name...it is the holiday season.
  2. A lot better chance of Wentz winning the MVP award for the next 10 seasons.
  3. Triple time for the famed Methuen DPW crew???
  4. ...and your posts are so interesting.....
  5. George just ignore the naysayers. No one here realizes what you have to do to arrive home on a July day
  6. Do you mean to tell me that I wasted money buying new boots and a hat for my dog???
  7. oh I know BUT the jack area usually changes run to run and/or disappears altogether.
  8. I think the Jets use the icon for player evaluations ....
  9. I am assuming the photo was taken outside of George's home...
  10. Stop spending money on snow tires...invest in one of these instead.
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