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  1. As things stand right now, every winter forecast that called for a cold and snowy winter stands as a complete fail. There is still some time left to raise the grade from an F to a D/C but the time to do so is getting shorter with each passing day.
  2. I try to watch as many of the TV mets as possible especially if there is an approaching winter storm. Some mets I like better than others. I have a side gig with a baseball scouting service so I will pay a lot of attention to the weather forecasts during the spring and summer. Also I scout for a hs football team so I will watch the TV mets to stay up to date on the forecast for the upcoming games on Friday and Saturday. There is nothing worse than a long rain delay prior to or during a game. And one of the job requirements is I have to stay until the game is completed , postponed or called during a game. I once left a NH Fisher Cats game at slightly after 1 AM. There was a 21/2 hour rain delay to start the game. Normally the game would have been rained out but it was Akron's only trip to NH.
  3. Noyes has had a pretty good handle on the winter so far.
  4. I agree. Until the overall storm track(s) changes it is going to be difficult to have sustained cold and snow.
  5. For the most part it has had an El Nino look to it for quite some time. JB has made the point that the waters have never returned to normal following the Super El Nino of 15-16.
  6. no hype, no false hopes, just daily drivel.....
  7. Anything decent in the NH seacoast area is going to cost at least $500,000. And for the most part the property taxes in NH are outrageous.
  8. Plenty of lake effect snow bands today. Probably the most this winter.
  9. JB calls for a cold and snowy winter prior to every winter. A 3rd grader can do the same and be right as often as JB is. And I am sure JB appreciates you having him on your "like" list.....
  10. Sir we would like to help you but all complaints need to be filed with Mr Joe Bastardi.
  11. The odds of 2015 repeating are very low. That was certainly an hisitoric stretch. I would have to take a look at the 2 volume set of Early American Winters to find comparable stretches of snow accumulation. Certainly 1717 qualifies.
  12. I agree. There might not have been much in the way of snow but it still felt like winter. Winters have changed in SNE and for much of the east coast.
  13. Parts of Pelham and Methuen border each other but Pelham area retains snow better than what Methuen does. I was in Pelham on Saturday and the yards were all snow covered. In Methuen many of the yards were snow free or just had patchy snow. The west side of Methuen is a bit better for retention compared to the east side.