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  1. Citizens Bank is 3.125 for a 30 year. And it can be reduced to 3.00 if the mortgage payment is is paid from a Citizens checking account.
  3. My apologies, I was busy with life so I did not have the time to read all of the news out of Sweden.......
  4. Have you ever considered running for office???
  5. Perhaps you missed this article????
  6. C'mon man, based on this video there is no reason to not have faith in people acting in a responsible manner when it comes to social distancing............
  7. Just make sure to protect the flooring in the room that the equipment is going into.
  8. I was a member at a gym that had a rule prohibiting phones from being used in the workout areas. Phones should be banned in all areas of a gym.
  9. Good home gym equipment is expensive. There is a lot of "junk" being sold as home gym equipment.
  10. The gym also provides a social aspect. I know many people who go to the gym to workout and to be with other people.
  11. Do you mean you with all of your posts last winter????
  12. Either you are just trying to get attention or you need a long break from anything related to Covid-19.
  13. Hey you're right, everyone should be in line at the closest bridge.......
  14. Likely the glow from KBO pitchers....the pitching is awful