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  1. And your background in the medical profession is????.........
  2. Shouldn't your post be in some political sub forum??????
  3. .........and you also wrote that numerous times in both of the subforums.......
  4. Stores in Ma are not doing that. I have noticed grocery stores becoming more and more lax with their protocols. The local Wal Mart is still doing a head count for capacity. And I have noticed employees using a device similar to a power washer to sanitize shopping carts. I went to a Best Buy yesterday and I have to say their protocols are pretty good. They are strict with store capacity and everyone must wear a mask while inside. If someone doesn't have a mask they are given one to wear.
  5. My point is and remains most gyms are filthy regardless of the Covid-19 situation. I can't tell you how many times over the years that I have seen people working out at gyms while obviously sick. Some people lack the common sense do the right thing. Many do not even clean the equipment that they use. And pools,showers,locker rooms and saunas are rarely if ever cleaned properly.
  6. How Dirty is Your Gym Equipment? ( 5 Filthy Things To Never Touch at the Gym, Via an Employee ( How Dirty Is Gym Equipment? - AskMen
  7. If you honestly think that most gyms are being properly cleaned and sanitized you are kidding yourself. And many gym goers do not take the time to properly clean off equipment after use. Add in that many people will continue to go to a gym even while sick. Gyms are teeming with bacteria under the best of circumstances. Gyms lack the staff and money do properly sanitize and clean a gym unless it is a very small gym. Most gyms close between 8 -10 at night then open at 4-6 the following morning. The gym closes and the employees are out the door. Do you think that most gyms are doing a thorough cleaning overnight???
  8. You made numerous similar posts in the Mid Atlantic and New England covid sub forums. Perhaps you should apply to be a mod so you can censor what is being discussed??? Better yet, perhaps you should start your own online message board. Then you will be able to control everything that is "said"........of course you will likely end up being the only member of your message board........
  9. I'm pissed because I did not receive an "invite" to participate in the discussion........did you receive a personal "invite"??? .....going to go buy an "Invites Matter" T-shirt......