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  1. Another from the same site.
  2. That certainly isn't the case in Haverhill. Haverhill just started online learning today.
  4. I'd rather bang my head against a cement wall than listen to country music
  5. Would you feel comfortable watching a game in the cramped confines of Fenway Park???
  6. Common sense alone would suggest a percentage of greater than .001 infected individuals.
  7. Agree. That is going to be near impossible to do in the NBA considering the nature of max contracts. The owners somehow got hoodwinked into agreeing to max contracts which has led to the vast over payment of numerous players in the league.
  8. Based on the Dodgers bankruptcy filing in 2011 it is very likely that MLB will vigorously contest any and all bankruptcy filings by MLB teams. And it is very likely that MLB would submit their own reorganization plan in court. Also MLB would invoke "in the best interest of baseball" clause.
  9. Even prior to the Covid-19 situation there were people coughing and sneezing without making the slightest bit of effort to cover their cough and sneeze during grocery shopping. Generally it tends to be older people. Ask any store employee or vendor who works in a grocery store. and they will tell you it was a common problem in grocery stores long before anyone had ever heard of Covid-19. Some people just do not care about the welfare of others.
  10. I do not have scientific proof BUT it is VERY likely that the percentage of people who have been infected is greater than .001%
  11. Do you honestly believe that only .001% of the world has been infected????
  12. "for now" is the key part of the tweet on 2/ other words things can change, and things did change for the worse in the 47 days that elapsed between those 2 tweets.
  13. "Normal" is going to take a long time to return.