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  1. You're right, it's over. Everyone can stop posting about the storm. Perhaps you can start a new thread for the next topic of discussion????? Most of us will be on the edge of our seats waiting for the topic.
  2. A wall of rain heading NE. Will be interesting to see if additional convection develops.
  3. Actually 2 ships left from England, the Mayflower and the Speedwell. The Speedwell had to be repaired for leaks on the way from The Netherlands. On the way to America the Speedwell had to pull into port once again to repair the ship for leaks. Concern mounted that the Speedwell wasn't going to be fit for the journey so a decision was made to leave the Speedwell behind and to have the Mayflower be the only ship to make the trip. And that meant some people decided to return to the Netherlands rather than set sail on an over crowded Mayflower. Considering how long the passengers had lived on the ship for prior to the departure from England and then the subsequent trip, and then exploring the area off of the Cape and NY the last thing anyone wanted to do was get back on the Mayflower. And a return to England would have also meant a return trip to The Netherlands for many of the passengers.
  4. Well if the lawn chairs are out on the wings of the plane ………I'm surprised the pilot hasn't noticed the lawn chairs...…..
  5. A couple of friends tried it and they weren't impressed with the product. Regular sod is better.
  6. Seems as though the foliage in the Merrimack Valley area is 7-10 days ahead of schedule. One tree in my yard is about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. That tree usually doesn't begin to even turn color until early Nov.
  7. There must be something in the water in Billerica...…….
  8. Please forgive the rest of us for not being as brilliant and entertaining as you are...…..
  9. On some models the snow threat for MN seems to be diminishing from yesterday's runs.
  10. I think it is something to watch as we head deeper into the fall.
  11. Wasn't it suppose to be 90's all week??? lol
  12. Bills QB's threw 4 interceptions and they were sacked 5 times. And the QB's also fumbled twice but both were recovered by the Bills. Pat's twice had 1st and goal and only came away with 3 points. The Pat's easily could have been ahead 20-0. Today's game was similar to the Clemson-NC game yesterday, Clemson's offense played poorly, much like the Pat's offense did today, the poor play by the offense led to the game being close.
  13. 4 interceptions by the QB's and the QB's also fumbled twice, both recovered by Bills. Pat's also sacked the Bills QB 5 times. Pat's twice had 1st and goal and only came away with 3 points. Pats should have been up 21-0. The game was similar to the Clemson -NC game yesterday, Clemson played poorly on offense, much like the Pat's did today, the poor play by the offense led to the game being close.