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  1. yeah I had a small echo backpack blower.....then upgraded to the PB-770H. Can't believe I did it all those years with a little pea shooter. Now I'm thinking of upgrading to the PB-8010. A leaf blower is one of those things you don't go small on. My old man used to do his whole yard with a little toro plug in thing....would take 3 days. Now he's done in like 5 hours lol.
  2. must be, I was reading one this morning and was like.....huh?
  3. I have the cheapo walmart Hart for a blower and chainsaw, just for doing the little stuff that the big guns aren't needed for. I have milwaukee for power tools.....but honestly the new ryobi brushless stuff looks fantastic for the price.
  4. I just tried a battery chain saw I bought to complement my 24", thing rips for being only a 14" lol. The only thing is if you're doing firewood you better have a lot of batteries.
  5. Yup. Let's get a good early-in-early-out winter, take advantage of the low sun angle and Holiday Tidings.
  6. So you're saying both supply chain and inflation will improve soon?
  7. yeah I sold 3 ETH during the robinhood fiasco because I thought they were going to go under....I bought those 3 ETH when they cost like $200-ish.....now i'm pissed lol.
  8. Yeah same here...... Only enough houses to make it worthwhile are in the down town area
  9. Put it in a can and burn it off, or keep it under a roof but outside and out of the rain..... It evaporates pretty quick.
  10. Cousin from Bourne is driving up here to pick up my generator lol. Some friends in sandwich said cell service is very spotty, and 3 trees alone came down in his yard. Wild.
  11. i thought cuz the majority of the board came from another board about East coast wx?
  12. Waterville Valley has that little ski town village, but it's also seems past it's heyday. Plus the skiing sucks.
  13. Man.... Pretty good tree for such a small pot. Maybe they wrap them in blankets
  14. All the supposed "cold shots" have been muted as we get closer to them.....
  15. You ever been that crash site near moosehead? Creepy that all the pieces are still there, and sad.
  16. I think unions are good for negotiating fair wages, benefits, standard review and safety practices.....but it seems they more often than not protect the bad employees versus the good.
  17. China is the root problem of all this. Virus came from China (probably even a lab)....hiding the virus and letting it spread. Everything in the world being made there. Artificially keeping their currency under valued.....now Evergrande and a new housing crisis.
  18. it bodes well for winter to keep it warm as long into turkey day as possible, so when the sling shot back happens it's cold and snowy
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