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  1. What we don't is to blow our warm load now in early spring, so that from may to July 4 it's overcast days of wheel o'rhea
  2. It's not as contagious as people say it is....based on my experiences with it anyway. Yes you can spread it, but it ain't jumping across the street and landing in my mouth.
  3. It never really began lol. Maybe because of the steps we took, but still.....
  4. Lol yeah paved vs not paved aren't the only factors. Sounds like everyone on the forum needs some rock salt. Most local DPWs put out a pile of salt or sand for residents. My driveway is a thousand feet long reclaimed asphalt....I don't get many issues but I'm on a South facing hill so that helps big time.
  5. Or bitter cold. I just wish we could do that from after Thanksgiving until April 1.
  6. we're on the verge of bitterly cold windchills, sub zero temps, HWWs, and squalls up the wazoo.....and all anyone can think about is if DC got more than 5" of snow this year. If this front came thru in December people would be all over it. Sad that it's come to this.
  7. It seems like the past few springs we've had less wheel o'rhea weeks on end....perhaps tip's fast flow and hadley cell expansion FTW?
  8. It's going to be 5 degrees tonight. That will raise it a quarter grade at least. From rain and 40s to windsexy to go brrrrrr. The events some of us live for.
  9. Yeah I'm below freezing....my driveway like a skating rink
  10. In NNE that's what matters. You need good pack to enjoy the skiing and snowmobiling. Of course storms help for powder days and for moral.
  11. we need Papa @STILL N OF PIKE to tell us what to do! Of course not give us financial advice, just his opinion.
  12. I bought 1 at $48 a couple days ago.....let's hope so! $1,000 here we go!
  13. Lol. Glad I moved to Fidelity. If they limit it again this time, they're all done.
  14. Yeah I wish I sold at the high of $1.60 awhile back....but I think I'm in it for the long term anyway
  15. Flagstaff is an awesome city....i'd swap for some aunt jemima and i'd be all set.
  16. still all snow here in FIT, roads still aren't snow covered though.
  17. gonna end up a nice little critter for most
  18. You seem to have had no interest in any snow at any point, on any day, this season
  19. she's comin'........temps colder than anticipated
  20. wish I sold my DNN last week......although it's more of a long term hold. Your PGTK call was golden. Everything is just so hyped now from the market to crypto......somethings gotta give soon.