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  1. Is it going to be a toss up this weekend weather wise? Heading to White Mountains for 3 days....could be mostly sunny...could be socked in with misery mist and showers for 3 days
  2. Yeah I'm confused as well....
  3. I love how the rest of the world is burning up to a crisp, and we've been stuck in a cold dreary pattern for like 5 years. That's why it's climate change...some places actually get colder...and crappier...
  4. Ginxy, the Sultan of Cold, strikes again
  5. Nice Beach day
  6. sounds cold.
  7. some pics from this past weekend in Grafton County NH, really bad up there. The road to our cabin was completey washed out in multiple spots, luckily DOT had threw some gravel in the worst trenches to make the road passable. The pic of the cabin is of a place down the street from us.....the road basically got all deposited in their front yard.
  8. Keep us posted with damage pics
  9. I haven't seen any either....normally there's tons around me. Maybe the wet ground they got a late start?
  10. Nice storm rolling through FIT right now. Tight.
  11. How come we never get heat domes? It seems like they always hit the midwest and southwest, maybe the southeast too. I want some dome.
  12. Just because it's June doesn't mean you can't wear pants....I go by the weather, not by the date.
  13. I've got a few up this way, but nothing crazy.
  14. we bang.
  15. This weekend looks like poop