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  1. Watch out.... You talk like that over in OT you'd be banned instantaneously.
  2. So rainy, some said we'd be steined....
  3. Oh you know what happened..... Still, maybe ban him from OT but the weather side his OBS and pics were nice.
  4. If all that got dealt a Major blow is FMB and Sanibel I'd consider this a win, you don't hear a ton about catastrophic damage in FM itself or Cape Coral
  5. Yeah we don't have nice falls anymore, it's summer until first week of September and then boom, doom and gloom and cold until Christmas.
  6. Seriously. FMB is a narrow ass sand bar. A typical run of the mill noreaster would cause issues there. I feel bad, but some areas just shouldn't be rebuilt.
  7. There's a reason they say go to an indoor room! I get it though, I'd be out there too!
  8. 10000%. I could not imagine leaving my pet behind in a situation like this. I'd figure out a way, or stay with it. I may be a shitmuncher but we agree on this.
  9. What's up with user and the drudge report giant font? Like figure out a way for 12 point Arial dude, it doesn't need to take up my whole screen.
  10. Rivals @CoastalWx October noreaster last year. IMO noreasters don't get enough respect because we're not 5' above sea level for miles.
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