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  1. This would be a fantastic summer pattern.
  2. When TF is it gonna snow again? Besides that rain storm this weekend it's been dry as a boner all month.
  3. I fish for fun, I only really eat ocean fish. but ya they also taste like mud.
  4. Lol been doing it since a kid, some people were questioning it today too but it's perfectly safe. I grilled up some hot dogs on it today, cooking fire.
  5. That's an electric powered auger lol. Some 1970s thing I got for free, works mint. I just hook it up to a little might max battery. Drilled 15 holes through 18" of ice last year. The tip ups are there, there's 3 in the picture alone lol. Just hard to see. Got 6 fish, 1 decent largemouth and this large wiggly snake.
  6. At least we can get some ice fishing in, almost 5" of ice.
  7. No more taking about Day 10. Only inside 5 days when we can see the whites of it's eyes.
  8. Sad. Hate to see it, but it's our reality.
  9. Mods contributing to cancel culture. Hate to see it.
  10. Weakest CAA of all time yesterday.
  11. Snow here now, town salted and a dusting on secondary roads
  12. @HoarfrostHubb we could get 0.8", or 8".....we'll see.