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  1. would be nice to drop a few inches during the Pats blow out win over the cowgirls.
  2. It's a mostly free site which we whine about weather on....not really critical to let people know its down or have an IT manager for.....it's not the DoD.....
  3. especially when we might get a snow storm this weekend.
  4. This is awful. Mostly because it means Jortsuary
  5. Too early for that nonsense. After Turkey Day it's game on.
  6. A little late in the day for coffee, no?
  7. Yeah I'd say 2/5 oak trees are still hanging on up this way
  8. Love it. Keep it up until Turkalurk Dae
  9. At least our rain events will be progressive then
  10. The Great October Gale Bomb, will be written about 100 years from now
  11. Yeah besides that big tree down on 140 it was just a bunch of small stuff. Even less so in the 'burg