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  1. Never seen a curve flatten so much in my life, really. Tremendous flattening. The best numbers. We'll be on the beachz on Memorial Day folks. UV light and people being outside will squish these little bugs like a walrus on a snail.
  2. Think about it this way.... the more it shows here the faster we'll have herd immunity and can move on with becoming an economic powerhouse while the rest of the world is still paranoid about more waves and shut downs
  3. I mean, they are Vikings.....some little virus ain't gonna bring them down. They're overall more healthy than the USA too.
  4. Now that is scary..... Only hope is for a vaccine at that point
  5. So much for 200,000 deaths in the country. I think we're starting to see this thing not be as contagious as we once thought. Two people at my work have had it but they didn't spread it to any other coworkers.
  6. I think the stay-at-home advisories are also so that we can build up a supply of masks, respirators, hospital beds, etc. so that when we inevitably relax restrictions and see another surge, we'll be ready.
  7. Sooo why would this become a seasonal thing, when SARS did not? They're both Corona viruses.
  8. Yeah I've been hearing about this CA surge for weeks that never materializes....the press is really milking this on both sides and it's bothering me. They've got people scared Sh*it-less There is no way with all we're doing that the spread won't slow...it has to. Now I think we'll have a longer "curve" back down than China because we're not welding people's doors shut, but it will start to go down soon. It can't keep going up with just a few people crowding at the beach or in the grocery store, it just can't.
  9. No it's not, there's still shut-downs in the places they're traveling too....
  10. Yup, people won't stay inside all summer over something that for most people will just be a little cold
  11. Same here. Folks more or less acting like humans. Fact of the matter is the more densely populated the area, the easier it spreads.