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  1. I saw that, sad. My old man always wanted to go since moving out here from the 01760. I didn't realize they didn't have onsite drinks......not the best business model but it is a monastery sooooooo
  2. Lululemon has to be swapped out for LuLaRoe at the Fitchburg city line. Too fancy. Event at Game On? Gonna scorch up there on a south facing hill that's been clear cut.
  3. But we're supposedly in a new climate regime blowing up records all over the place, so breaking a one day record by a little bit isn't that crazy.
  4. It is almost June, so it's impressive but not that impressive. End of April would be a real overachiever
  5. Love this heat, but wonder if we're blowing too early.
  6. What are all you guys using this time of year for bass? It's still cold, so jerk bait type stuff?
  7. With all the Ukraine disinformation that'll be on Twitter now he'll be know as Elon Muskow
  8. April is whatever, but come May it better be no gray with jorts every day.
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