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  1. It'll be a typical late morch 8" SWFE for Rt. 2 Regions and higher elevations of MA and north, with some glop for Tolland and Andover, and cold rain for metrowest.
  2. Well.......if its misery mist vs snow, I'll talke the snow. I feel like any storms this time of year that have the chance for snow are pretty juicy.
  3. It's a pants creamer for me. Typically when I get snow, even down there they get some sort of slop. I feel it's rare that I get 12" and the Massif gets zilch....correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. 4 days isn't that far out when you think about it.
  5. Yesssssss. March was so damn cold, we deserve another winter storm after what we went through with those bitter weekends.
  6. cool. Where's stinson mountain? I hiked plymouth last year, nice quiet little hike. Took me a while to find the rocks that have a view of the lake lol.
  7. how's this weekend looking? sneauxy?
  8. well...don't you have to take into account those events too? I mean, they're part of the average....whether they were outliers or not. But yes, in a typical year it's not that varied. We do know that north east MA gets backdoored hard.
  9. soooooo, we snow?
  10. My 2002 Mxz 500 LC chugs gas....Feels like I'm always filling it up. Think riding will be good this coming weekend in the whites? I couldn't make it out this past weekend.
  11. We don't snow :-(
  12. As great as these big storms are, is rather a 50" pack gained by all under 10" events. Who got the most in NY State? And VT folks keep those pics coming I love it....I want to ski this weekend!!!!
  13. So where was the most snow out of this? PF Land?
  14. Haha ok I get out now, lol. Whoops.