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  1. It's our turn to burn. The rest Of the world has for decades while we were stuck in our Atlantic Canada biome.
  2. I'm getting my first shot Sunday..........I don't really want to but society forced me to for fear of ostracization.
  3. Nope, but bring a Leland's Trout Magnet with you and then maybe some trout earth worms I'm sure you'll rip a few out of the water. There's a brook near our place near Stinson Lake that you out a. Couple worm bits on a hook on a stick no doubt you'll rip out a few 4" brooklies, seen a couple 12" natives there's too I'm sure you could do the same up tharrrrr
  4. Yes Charles has some lunkers. Also some Pike at Cow Island Pond to Waltham. Bass fishing was definitely better in Natick area when I lived there versus out here. They also stock the Charles upstream of the South Natick dam with rainbows. Once in a while would pop off one of those.
  5. I've never seen a herring run in person. Only heard mystical stories from the coastal river folk.
  6. Went to Scargo Lake, Long Pond in Yarmouth, Deep Pond in Falmouth, and Dunn in Gardner s weekend..... Not even one stockie! No one else catching anything either. Let's share in both our successes and sorrows.
  7. Yeah I tried as well, not much luck. I'm sure if you went to one of those weirdo dark web sites it's there.
  8. I know. But I worked in nursing home maintenance during college.....they sell good stuff.
  9. Lol, the forgotten generation they call it. It just means they do the least amount of complaining and go about their business.
  10. But don't you want to prevent impending doom?
  11. I know 5 people who have gotten COVID and they're all fine. My anecdotal evidence says I have nothing to worry about. I'm also type O blood and there's some evidence that you don't get as sick if you're O? 100k doses of J&J being delivered to MA. Good cuz that's the one I want. Old school vaccine.
  12. So if the vaccines don't prevent you from getting COVID.....then if everyone gets the vaccine, COVID could still be spreading around - it's just that people won't be getting sick from it. Couldn't over a period of time then, it mutates and the vaccines are ineffective? So we have to get a COVID shot every few years? Could become like the flu vaccine - a new one every year.
  13. That's basically making value out of thin air if you ask me.....
  14. Went out on the ice.....probably for the last time, at Upper Baker in Orford NH. Couple fish but nothing crazy. Still about a foot of ice in most spots, but soft stuff on top.