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  1. Whineminster

    NNE Winter Thread

    @sonerick hopefully riding will be good this weekend nice cold temps
  2. Whineminster

    March Disco

    C'mon bro we're supposed to live in the snowbelt....time to live up to our reputation for once. They'll be plenty of time to smoke beers and grill soon enough.
  3. Whineminster

    Heavy heavy lawn thread 2019

    I don't think he has irrigation, the key to a mint lawn.
  4. Whineminster

    2018/19 Winter Banter and General Discussion - We winter of YORE

    For me it's been a B-. Continuous cold with some warm shots, ice on the ponds for like 2 months straight...and good cover the last few weeks. Enough to buzz around the woods on a skimobile near my house. Ir could have been a B+ if one of those icing events became heavy and somewhat damaging.
  5. Whineminster

    March Disco

    Euro nice and cold for next weekend, #preserveourpack
  6. Whineminster

    March Disco

    Yeah but their NEIPAs are still the best....hence the following.
  7. Whineminster

    March Disco

    It gon snow....I can feel it. And so can tippy.
  8. Whineminster

    March Disco

    Yeah but c'mon.....if a 24-inch birch breaking blue bomb was coming down Route 89.....you'd take it.
  9. Whineminster

    March Disco

    It's like raining all the way to James Bay right now....crazy.
  10. Whineminster

    March Disco

    One more good week of riding next weekend.
  11. Whineminster

    March Disco

    This just happened to our 12 year old mix. Went from grain free to grain, and he was pooping constantly all messed up for a couple weeks, but we slowly transitioned over a few weeks and now he's fine.
  12. Whineminster

    March Disco

    This talk of an old storm from yore is all Banter, let's keep this thread to the impending blizzard the middle of next week.....k?
  13. Whineminster

    March Disco

    Take it to a vote, let the people decide. But I heard on most polls people want DST
  14. Whineminster

    March Disco

    We rake snow off our roofs