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  1. Is Welch Dickey nice? Our place is 20 mins away from there...thought about doing a December hike there. Does it get icy early in the season?
  2. Same. All the paper in the house was like saturated
  3. I was up there last weekend, very dull and yellowy brownish
  4. relax everyone....it'll rain eventually....it always does. In the meantime this weekend looks dewey and monday looks poopie.
  5. Saturday looks like a poopy day, especially in North country....Everytime I try to head up I swear it rains
  6. I'd take that! I'm a HHH lover
  7. When will this storm finally be out of here? It's like that big bite that keeps nagging you and won't stop itching. All it's given me is high humidity, clouds, and some off and on drizzle
  8. If there's one thing these hurricanes have given me, it's a lesson in geography of the Lesser Antilles.......
  9. Yeah....except it did detour. I think just a better focus by the media on the cone versus the center of the cone is needed, so you people aren't as flippant when they aren't subject to a direct hit
  10. That's what I'm trying to say with all this.....and I only watched the national broadcasts, so that's all I have to go off. They mislead with statements like "the most powerful Atlantic hurricane is hitting Florida"...I heard this yesterday was it was making landfall. Yes, it was the most powerful storm outside the Caribbean and gulf....but it certainly wasn't the most powerful hurricane to hit the US. I understand the EM personnel has to plan for the worst and advertise the worst....but honestly even around here in winter storms they advertise it's like the end of the world when we get a blizzard...when in fact the next day your back on black top driving to work....
  11. The problem is they hyped this thing to the max, and in my mind, prematurely told people to basically leave the state of Florida and run for the hills, instead of just telling to people to head inland and to higher ground to a sturdy structure. We knew pretty well beforehand it wasn't going to land as Cat 5. Now next time we get a potential Cat 5....no one is going to listen.
  12. I really think if you're inland by say 7 or more miles, not near a river or large lake, and don't live in a trailer, you'll be OK provided you have a generator with say 15 gallons of gas to keep the fridge cold, and PLENTY of fresh water, and a weeks worth of non-perishable food. It's not a nuclear explosion, it's a storm.
  13. I want Jose to pay me a visit
  14. People with a damage fetish will like it.
  15. Is there a chance this landfalls as a CAT 5 on Florida? Only hope is it comes ashore at Everglades National Park instead of Miami, although it would still be devastating.