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  1. Yeah I like it. It's blue sky close by, but underneath you it's an absolute deluge. Very localized.
  2. Thank God. We've read enough posts about it I'm surprised none of us are invited
  3. i'm more excited for the severe slammer storms I'm going to get tomorrow aftn
  4. Oh yeah? Watch this. NH going to see bad second wave due to so few people having been infected. Saw it on the news.
  5. Yeah I've got a few in 10 feet of water this weekend, strange
  6. Except I've tried registering a thousand times for AmPol and it never works
  7. Can't we just bring it back? Clearly people want it.
  8. I don't even think the world was more safe back then, it's just that people are concerned about everything now.
  9. Did I miss something? I know there was some drama....but deleting it is extreme and unnecessary and now I have one less thread to distract myself from the things I should be doing instead lol.