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  1. We sweat. We smile.
  2. It's not going to be that much rain, relax
  3. Don't you poo poo the king of kold.
  4. I thought it was supposed to be nice out?
  5. This is terrible. All those haters who said no thanks to FLA USA...I'd take 93 and high humidity over this, and you would too.
  6. Ya, been socked in here all day with lots of misery mist. Nice spring day....again. I want to move to Florida or AZ....cheap houses...cheap taxes...cheap gas....cheap women.
  7. RiverStyx is opening a 130 seat tap room and brewery in downtown FIT, next to City hall. Stuff is supposed to be pretty good. Framingham is a decent spot now, cuz you can hit jack's abby and also Exhibit A
  8. Gotta love those honking horns, sirens, and stinky exhaust fumes wafting in from the street below.
  9. yeah....but Saturday looks warmer? I'll be down in NYC this weekend, so maybe nicer down there.
  10. looks poopy until then though, this weekend is a dud.
  11. we still snow?
  12. He was prescribing drugs illegally in order to try and seduce someone. That's pretty bad dude. All I'm saying is I would feel worse if it was some little old lady getting ripped out of her seat.
  13. People get what's coming to them....that's all I'm saying. Unitied is wrong too, greedy corporation
  14. Hey....it's in their policy that you may be booted from the flight. It's not right, and they shouldn't be allowed to do it, but it's in there. Plus this doctor is a felon, so whatever.
  15. Yeah it's toasty here. The airport especially is as it sits in a valley with all tarmac surrounded by big buildings.