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  1. you jerk! J/k - you guys in the hinterlands deserve a win after these past few years.
  2. Yeah coming down nicely here in FIT. It looks like the back end of the precip is ending soon....are things supposed to fill in?
  3. We'll do better than you think, tucky tucky
  4. So I'll get my 4"?
  5. Or because they tend to slantstick....
  6. 4" for us, net gain
  7. MPM is getting like 75% snow out of this, 6 inches likely
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but not much of a cold air drain on this one. Basically just overrunning until we mix out. I"ll be surprised if anyone sees much ice at all.
  9. I just hope to get plowable out of this
  10. And it's the king at sniffing out CAD so that's not good
  11. Right in the area you predicted. Coming down decent here..about the same as hubbdave. Trip to Marlboro for a party will be fun...looks like [email protected] jacks
  12. I want that
  13. Typically there's always a run or two that shows gangbusters, which is why you blend the best and worst and go with middle....not sure what everyone is upset about.
  14. LOL. Reading comprehension FTL.
  15. lol. Well BOX says it starts late tonight and is over by noon. First significant snowfall for the region will occur late tonight and into early Sunday morning.