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  1. We're gonna win at winter again, so much winning at winter your be sick of it!!
  2. I snow?
  3. Psychedelics, especially manufactured ones like MDMA and LSD are dangerous and neurotoxic....research HPPD. Anyway.....Winter is over in general, let's be real about it.... sucks.
  4. I was up at Stinson Lake NH this weekend and was waste deep in the woods. About 3' OTG
  5. A little early for spring skiing....that supposed to be April....not middle of February.......Global Warming
  6. Man....some sick totals up north. I'm heading up to Stinson Lake tonight for some skimobiling, not as impressive there as Maine or Pinkham, but hopefully there's some freshies around.
  7. So when do we snow again?
  8. lol. Everyone get their minds out of the gutter. Maybe DIT after some Treehouse cans?
  9. All I want is 6-inches. Is that too much to ask?
  10. Lol OK true, but I mean the coastal storm today and the potential on Thursday.
  11. Man....I don't really remember a pattern like this too often where Maine cleans up, but nada in at least Eastern MA.
  12. Yeah honestly I don't trust anything more than 5 days out, a week ago many of us were still thinking we'd never snow again.
  13. Lol, thats awesome, sasquatch snow monster.
  14. Poop. And nothing this weekend either?