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  1. Newb question but are each of those weighted the same? Is it truly the mean? For example, lets say you have 10 members total and 8 of the 10 are on top of each other but you have 2 members 100 miles east, that can have a decent impact on the model, correct?
  2. Wow sorry to hear that. The crew that put ours together was actually an older crew. It was their last house they were doing before they retired. I was here the whole time as it was being built and kept a close eye. Once the shell was completed. My wife and I did the rest of the work which took us about a year and a half.
  3. Hey, me too! Built mine in 2009. It must have been one of the last one's they built.
  4. Ha, yup I know that sound. I cringe just thinking about it.
  5. My driveway is dirt b/c it's so long. Typically, if it's not frozen on the first plow, it gets dug up and makes a lot more spring work for me trying to fix it so I try to leave the first storm's snow and spend 30 minutes driving back and forth packing it down to harden it up. Add the past few storms plus the rain from yesterday, the sun angle and the shade from the trees, it's bulletproof until at least late March at this point I'm guessing.
  6. You aren't kidding. I've got a 900' long driveway that's 2-3" thick ice. The kids want to skate it when they get home.
  7. Kinda glad the ocean water temp in Maine is rising. Maybe can actually enjoy a swim in it in 30 years.
  8. Maybe dumb (newb) question but if every analog doesn't pull this that far West, how/why is it doing it this time? Meaning, is this storm setting a new precedent (analog?) for what the forecasted outcome is currently and could it be that the models (NAM in particular) are not modeling this correctly?
  9. Not directed at you Tip but I'm going on 10 years of reading this forum and I'm not sure I've seen it worse than it is now. There was a time not long ago, that moderators would crack down on these type of posts. Not sure what happened?
  10. If you draw a line through the middle of RI as far as its longitudinal boundaries, it won't split the state in half in terms of land mass either, because the state isn't a square. Where is Rhode Island? And why did it become so important all of a sudden. /sarcasim.
  11. Pretty sure this is the type of stuff that gets you moderated around here. I think you should tamp it down a bit, maybe even try to put a negative spin on it.
  12. I know you are kidding, but things are (thankfully) changing. I thought much like you until I tried them - I have Milwaukee M18 chainsaw, weedwacker and all of the misc hand-tools for a wood shop and I'd assume you'd, much like I was, be astonished at what they can do. Not having to winterize everything, worry about gas/oil, will it start in when it's -2 outside (this is officially a weather related post now) and general maintenance is freeing. In combination with longer lasting, more powerful and cheaper batteries .... times, they are a changin'.
  13. Would be nice to have a warm (actual) spring for a change. Until then, let it snow.
  14. Good, I'm heading up Saturday. Was there last Thursday and with great conditions.
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