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  1. Maybe join The Rev on his morning jog?
  2. The magic of shooting at 460mm .. lol! I did check the straight-line distance to Bow, NH from MWN and came up with 80 miles. So that's pretty good!
  3. Yeah, Ferry Beach in Scarborough is a sneaky place to see it too. I took this image right at sea level on Bailey Island, 75 miles from MWN
  4. Hopefully no more whining from Raymond, ME
  5. Like the NAM QPF, you slash the output by 50%
  6. I thought the DIT model had the heavies axis to the east?
  7. Some of us are acclimated, so it's NBD
  8. I've been to my fave spot in Crawford Notch for each of the past four years. Here's the images and dates. In particular, check out 2018 which was taken 4 calendar days earlier than today
  9. It was just a quick day - I arrived at 6:00 and left at 8:00. Got things to do at home! This early color change does not coincide with the days I took off from work. I'll prob be up again on Friday trying to capture the train on its run through the notch
  10. I was up by Alex and Diane this morning at sunrise. Crawford Notch is right at peak color