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  1. I was at Acadia the past few days. They put the water temp on a sign as you approach the steps to Sand Beach. 51° was the water temp on Monday and yes there were a handful of peeps fully in the water and swimming. I went in up to my ankles after a hike and holy fooking hell was it unbearably cold after a half minute
  2. Face it, Ginxy - it was an awful week
  3. I was just below MWN yesterday morning at 5K. Mid-30s, wind gusting to near 50, fog and wind chill at 21F. I could've used a pair of gloves but took them out of my bag when I went to Greylock. Whoops ... lol!
  4. I haven't watched TV in 6 years ... don't miss it at all. I get what I need over the internet and am richer for it.
  5. Sounds like it's pretty wild statewide thru CT
  6. 67F and mostly cloudy at Tolland WeatherSTEM as of 11:53
  7. In winter these correct west
  8. Weird fetish
  9. Looking pretty buff in that pic, Dave
  10. Full cover here, but that'll be a memory in a couple days
  11. Yeah, I drove from Waterboro to Portland, saw about 10 flashes. Hvy hvy rain here on Munjoy Hill, still rumbling.
  12. According to the PNS my 'hood is up around a foot. I chose to head up the coast for a fun day and wound up in Camden. Snow not accumulating at the water's edge, but it was atop Mount Battie. A couple inches of windswept icy stuff. No views today, so I bailed on Maiden's Cliff.
  13. "Flakes in the air" in Portland too
  14. This may have been exuberant. "Flakes in the air"
  15. Snow just started in North Windham, ME