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  1. And for all the other hours too
  2. Ray has never been one given to hyperbolic ennui
  3. I bought my first snowblower this year - a Toro PowerMax 824. I always shoveled my driveways, but I'm turning 53 in a few weeks and that snow just keeps getting heavier and heavier. The 20" storm in December was a worthy first test.
  4. The mets are promising 7, maybe 8.
  5. I do get a kick when peeps bemoan an op run that shows nothing but cutters or whiffs.
  6. Looks like Scooter took his happy pills today
  7. We were also promised cutter after cutter after cutter by some
  8. I went up to Grafton Notch early this morning. About 5" on the ground at 8:00