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  1. I wonder if a Lowe's store manager has a similar salary as a Market Basket store manager
  2. I was at Popham Beach this morning watching night melt into day when I noticed a large light in the southern sky. It didn't look like a jet to me, so I kept looking at it. Suddenly this cone appeared and I just gazed at it in awe for about 30 seconds. Then I realized I ought to photograph it! Of course, I had my wide angle lens on my camera so I couldn't zoom in very close. I grabbed this image and right afterward the cone fizzled out. Apparently it was the SpaceX rocket that took off from Florida. Imagine that!
  3. White van? Do you have a puppy?
  4. He doesn't need 50F for that
  5. Must have no idea where tf Caribou is
  6. Looks like Dr Dews touched Dendy inappropriately
  7. As long as I get some sea smoke out of it I'm fine with that
  8. Probably, but it's fun watching the south coasties squirm
  9. At least it snows a bit in Taunton