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  1. VT kids tougher than MA kids
  2. You don't buy Q-Tips often, do you?
  4. Scooter doesn't like anything these days
  5. From Ron Raymond, this is Wachusett Reservoir last night
  6. Politically-driven responses.
  7. I believe the descriptor is "mugs and jugs"
  8. SFM tickled the freezing point, but has rebounded nicely to 53F currently
  9. Mexican place here will sell you margaritas for takeout. I asked my lawyer gf how that can be justified and she said that as long as it's a closed container (it was basically a soft drink cup with a lid) then it's legal. As if that lid didn't get ripped right off before they were out of the parking lot .. lol
  10. Wooo .. 29F at the rad pit SFM
  11. Yeah, I hiked West Baldpate in Grafton Notch today and got snowed on. Took a few vids. Folks that caught it at the summit described it as a blizzard with zero visibility. We were still in the woods but it was pretty cool seeing legit flakes falling on May 31. Wicked cold on the mountain with winds gusting to 30 or so and air temp prob upper 30s
  12. 76/62 in PWM … y'all can keep that nasty upper 80s chit
  13. Hiked Puzzle Mountain in Grafton Notch today. Cloudy and cool until Bethel and then *boom* clear skies. Warm day on the trail and very buggy. Had a bit of snow/ice to deal with ourselves but nothing of consequence. I took this looking southwest at Sunday River on the left and the Northern Presidentials on the right. On the way home it was sunny and 70F in the car, but as we left Bethel the clouds swooped in and temp nosedived to 52F at Munjoy Hill. A great day to be where we were