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  1. That was more awe-inspiring than the solar eclipse for me. I was up for this entire event driving to locations around western Maine. Absolutely mind-blowing if you were in a very dark location
  2. As compelling as that is, I am putting the snowblower away for the season over the weekend
  3. Not so random - I know a guy who went there! Craig Shaknis. tbh, I don't even know where it is .. lol!
  4. Power was restored yesterday morning at some point. A little over 100 hours out - a new personal record!
  5. I went to the shore of Mooselookmeguntic Lake and got cooked .. haha! It was a great time obviously with a smaller crowd than the usual places. One shot of the diamond ring and the other a wide angle which I haven't edited yet. Might add the various phases of the eclipse to it. Epic traffic on the way home - took me about 4.5 hours for a normally 2.5 hour drive
  6. Still without power but crews are working in the area. Enjoying the amenities of the Portland Hilton Garden Inn on the waterfront over the weekend
  7. I plan on hiking Bald Mountain in Oquossoc ME, near Rangeley. Leave Portland around 3am and get there just after sunrise, snowshoe up with a crap ton of gear - a couple camera bodies, a 500mm lens, a 14mm lens, two tripods and assorted accessories - and enjoy a sunny warm day at the summit. I suspect I will not be alone, but it won’t be crowded. A late departure time for the return trip home will hopefully mean a lot less time in traffic .. home by 10:00? That would be ideal
  8. My spies tell me the Katahdin Overlook is plowed and open, fwiw
  9. How did the NAM sleet idea work out? Some were pimping it wicked hard
  10. In the neighborhood of 18-19". Power out, no cell service, all sorts of trees entangled in power lines in my neighborhood, the power line to my house is laying in the road .. this will be a long-duration outage and as it's the weekend we will get a hotel room til Monday.
  11. Nope. Stuck at home, trees and wires down everywhere. May not be able to get to the gas station for fuel refills. Concerns
  12. I took a walk on the roads around my home and took a video. There’s a couple limbs falling in it, but not nearly as close as a few where i was no more than maybe 20 feet away.
  13. I don’t think I can make it as several roads are blocked by fallen trees
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