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  1. 50s in late March after a tough winter warrants short sleeves. 50s in November on the heels of a record-warm October gets a nice long-sleeved MPM-approved shawl
  2. Forgettable
  3. Flew into PWM to find light snow falling. Might be a couple tenths on car tops and grassy surfaces but roadways are only wet.
  4. Glad you're ok, man! Some bad mojo in the New England subforum lately with Alex getting flooded out and now you getting wrecked. Enjoy the new Impreza
  5. Anything in the woods suffered bigtime. Hiking trails are littered with blowdowns and erosion issues, same will be the case for snowmobile paths.
  6. About 135,000 customers still without power in Maine. My house in the country is one of them, up to about 75 hours now I guess.
  7. Yeah, glorious month that was!
  8. Ha! I noticed this as well
  9. Yes. But upon further inspection it is either "assessing" or "November 4, 2017 10:00 pm" for everybody, so who knows when it'll be restored. NBD for me as my GF on Munjoy Hill will take me in ... lol! Lots of others are starting to hurt though.
  10. CMP's estimate for restoration of power in my 'hood is Saturday night at 10 pm.
  11. 265,000 Maine residents still without power. Many schools are closed for the third consecutive day. We remember.
  12. 3 pieces for each kid FYL
  13. 360,000 Maine residents remain without power. Businesses that do have power and offer wifi are popular locations - went to McD's in Windham and 6 peeps with laptops and file binders were sittin' there lookin' like they just got out of bed
  14. 343,000 CMP customers remain without power this morning. Lines at gas stations and restaurants. Memorable here.
  15. Seeing wild stuff on social media ... entire trees flowing down rivers in the mountains. Somebody saw a snowmobile tumble past.