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  1. A photographer friend, Nathaniel Child, snapped this of a rock climber at Acadia's Otter Cliff. Rogue wave.
  2. Ha! Well, I wasn't after it right at this moment because this was shortly after sunrise and the train doesn't pass by this spot until nearly 1:00. However, I did stick around until it came through. The weather got noticeably shittier!
  3. Was up in your neck of the woods for sunrise today @alex. Not quite peak in the Notch but def is above it.
  4. I can't wait for the excitement of clouds and 47F
  5. The usual suspects will then be touting 65F days as an unrelenting torch.
  6. Upper 80s in my 'hood … mid-summah's temp for sure
  7. Go ahead, throw a ski pole. You know you want to.
  8. lol .. there is like literally nobody here concerned about September warmth.
  9. Who wants BN now? This upcoming stretch will be fantastic, something that everybody is looking forward to.
  10. You don't need to get too remote in Maine - I go to Popham Beach to photograph the Milky Way and it is clearly visible arcing from the horizon straight over your head