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  1. Stick a forky fork in it
  2. And he gives his reasoning. I haven't seen him yet say he's going by what his gut says, which is the utter useless garbage so many bring to the table here.
  3. Ray is good and an asset to this board. He's shown remarkable restraint in not giving what he's receiving from the clueless peeps trolling him. Have a nice day
  4. The media is awful. Just awful.
  5. This was my first extended venture into the main tropics forum and what a trip that place is! Proclamations that land interaction with Cuba would have minimal impact on Irma, every IR frame Zaprudered for a NW turn, hallucicasting, wishcasting and general poor analysis. It's like an auto accident that I can't stop looking at
  6. Baxter will spoil you - nothing in the Whites compares. As for the 48, I'm not into the list. A fair number of them offer no views, and I'm kinda a view snob. Many sub-4k peaks are much better in that department. I'd suggest taking the mrs to Chocorua up the Champney Falls Trail. Not a 4k, but fairly easy grades and stupendous views. If she isn't hooked then, let her go. LOL!
  7. Wish I had! It's cold here at Baxter today. Wind was almost producing whitecaps on Basin Ponds
  8. I have another date with Katahdin on Friday. CAR has rain and snow showers in the forecast for 5K. Prob not a Knife Edge day ... lol
  9. The days are always numbered in New England for outdoor pools, but now they're really small numbers
  10. An unexpected nice day at Katahdin Saturday. Forecasted cloudy skies cleared out when we reached Baxter Peak, but Knife Edge was largely traversed in fog. I remember somebody else here was making the trip on the same day and wondered how they fared.
  11. My girl and I will be hiking Knife Edge next Saturday too. Let's get some nice weather up at Baxter
  12. I was at Acadia the past few days. They put the water temp on a sign as you approach the steps to Sand Beach. 51° was the water temp on Monday and yes there were a handful of peeps fully in the water and swimming. I went in up to my ankles after a hike and holy fooking hell was it unbearably cold after a half minute
  13. Face it, Ginxy - it was an awful week
  14. I was just below MWN yesterday morning at 5K. Mid-30s, wind gusting to near 50, fog and wind chill at 21F. I could've used a pair of gloves but took them out of my bag when I went to Greylock. Whoops ... lol!
  15. I haven't watched TV in 6 years ... don't miss it at all. I get what I need over the internet and am richer for it.