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  1. Haha! My reference was more about the sunlight angst. Go toward the equator, friends!
  2. Thanks, man! Yeah, I've seen shots of waves crashing into Otter Cliff before so I had to get it myself to cross off the bucket list. Wind was around 40mph, rain blowing sideways. Not optimal conditions for electronics .. haha! I read that Otter Cliff is 110' high, so you can use that number for a reference
  3. Not uninstalled, but also haven't turned it on for like six or seven weeks. Nobody is in the house during the day, but we will probably have to turn it on for a bit when we get home. Window fan will suffice for the overnight probably
  4. I could've uninstalled in July - haven't needed a/c this month .. and won't need it next month either
  5. Glad those forecasts of 60°+ dews straight through September proved inaccurate
  6. 40s tonight, leaves with that leathery look and some turning already. Summer heat getting can-kicked out of August .. what a month!
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