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  1. That's funny - folks rip on those who are abandoning hotspots for "safer" areas, but we have peeps here planning to do just that. Just stay where you are.
  2. They call it the War of Northern Aggression
  3. Takes longer to recover than it does to die
  4. Over 10,000 in the U.S. have recovered.
  5. Around the corner. We are deemed an essential business. Only three peeps are working here at a time, the rest are WFH
  6. 10%? Where'd that figure come from?
  7. Sure. But it still is never mentioned here.
  8. And 8,700+ recovered. Nobody ever mentions that figure.
  9. My regular haircut appt was yesterday, so I'm behind the curve already. Gon' let it grow, let it grow, let it grow
  10. Yeah, it's diverging a bit from coronavirus now
  11. I also don't see the issue with letting him know how things are going healthwise, esp since it's been a few days.
  12. Yet he was imploring Hippy a couple days ago to not go to his local brewhouses.
  13. Were you out and about?