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  1. I'm glad Will is here to talk sense into weenies, though some aren't listening.
  2. Storm nearby, sounds good at this stage. Deets to come later.
  3. "Could be more inland. Some signs of a good thunderstorm"?
  4. Yeah, I knew it was 0F when I left the house this morning, but with no wind it wasn't bad at all. Wind will do it every time.
  5. Car tickled -6F briefly outside of Portland
  6. I'd like more analysis of New England property purchasing.
  7. And even then, cry in the NYC forum
  8. I believe the quote du jour is "Split the GFS and the Euro OP and call it a day"
  9. A week away, not putting all money in on any single solution.
  10. 5.7" North Waterboro, ME
  11. 1.0" in North Waterboro, ME
  12. Not everybody. Just the loudest and most annoying ones.
  13. Portland's waterfront this morning just after sunrise.
  14. Was on the waterfront in Portland taking photographs, 34F with slushballs falling. I looked like I had just gotten out of the shower when I finished. Just a mile or so inland it was 32F and snow sticking to every surface.
  15. Weenies at GYX put themselves in the jack
  16. That's sucks it gonna rain in bath. Wth lol ... the forecast shown is for his home in ORH. He be snowin' in Bath
  17. This was never supposed to be a big hit. A few inches to whiten the landscape.
  18. Focus on the low end of that range
  19. From shut 'em down to start 'em up!