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  1. 3" of gully washing rain. Feast or famine
  2. Drought getting dangerous on Mount Washington summit parking area this morning
  3. Looks like a bit either side of $6.00/gal
  4. Happy 51st anniversary! Most impressive
  5. We stayed at Green Mountain Inn last winter and I liked it well enough. Right in the village and the hot tub in the room was pretty nice.
  6. I get my buzz on at Perkins Cove before the sun rises. Last Thursday
  7. Pea-sized stones came through my 'hood while out burning shit
  8. That part of the deep south is more like the anus
  9. About to hit here. Lightning near Sebago
  10. I went to Perkins Cove in Ogunquit around sunrise. There was maybe a couple inches at that point and the wind was really strong. Forget about looking to the north, that snow stung hitting the face
  11. It's even icier now than it was before. Like a Zamboni smoothed it out. Maybe one did?
  12. Snowing up here in North Waterboro Maine too. Wasn't really expecting anything
  13. Nice run for NE MA up through the Maine coast. I'd be happy with a Euro/NAM blend. Euro was a tad too warm for my location
  14. Same situation here as it is with Mahk .. pounding sleet with occasional cottonballs. I'm not shoveling this shit, I'll just let it add to the ice substrate
  15. We ping in North Waterboro, ME! 1" of sleet, bitch 23F
  16. I'm riding the line myself. Looking forward to a lot of sleet
  17. This is how we know GFS is out to lunch. I'll take a GFS/Euro 50/50 compromise
  18. (Cue BrianW with his solar pimping)
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