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  1. Yeah, it's like halfway there now. I went out for lunch during that .. drenched from restaurant door to the car, wind blowing the rain sideways. Felt like one of those reporters in a hurricane.
  2. Crawford Notch on Monday morning. Reds and oranges replaced by yellow and rust.
  3. We wedgie. 53F and overcast in PWM
  4. I took this on Friday up near Tamarack's 'hood at Flying Pond. The resolution restrictions on this site really suck, btw
  5. Thanks to the drought, I mowed only three times this year. Mowed Saturday and it might be the last til next May.
  6. Or girls. College is a time for experimentation
  7. 6.79 seems high, but it has been pouring non-stop for over 3 hours
  8. A lot of home stations reporting over 3" so far
  9. Yup, same here. Light rain all day and about 0.4". Soaking right in
  10. 3" of gully washing rain. Feast or famine
  11. Drought getting dangerous on Mount Washington summit parking area this morning
  12. Looks like a bit either side of $6.00/gal
  13. Happy 51st anniversary! Most impressive
  14. We stayed at Green Mountain Inn last winter and I liked it well enough. Right in the village and the hot tub in the room was pretty nice.
  15. I get my buzz on at Perkins Cove before the sun rises. Last Thursday
  16. Pea-sized stones came through my 'hood while out burning shit
  17. That part of the deep south is more like the anus
  18. About to hit here. Lightning near Sebago
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