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  1. Pretty sure these were Masshole transplants
  2. Crawford Notch is peaking. This is Frankenstein Trestle at sunrise this morning
  3. Thanks for the tip, Ginx, but I just now downloaded it from my camera and edited it. There was a few other folks up there snappin' pics so it was one of theirs. But I appreciate the heads up!
  4. Thanks, Scott! I have taken photos of this train every year for the past four years from the other side of the trestle, though not on the same day so it's difficult to compare, unlike the lake photo from CAR that Kev shared. Dixville Notch is where I was at sunrise Saturday, and though I had no views atop Table Rock it was prime time peak colors down under the clouds
  5. I was on the other side of 302 as the foliage train passed over Willey Brook Trestle Saturday. I was in and out of fog with rain falling. Not to give the Rev more ammo, but it was surprising how green the notch still was.
  6. We had wicked hvy rain for a bit. Its trajectory took it over Windham
  7. I can't wait til my kids are outta the house
  8. I was going to put up an image of some sort from this show and then saw it only lasted a season and a half 40 years ago and figured absolutely nobody would understand the reference .. haha!
  9. Low 60s dp now will feel refreshing after the 70+. Toss "noticed"
  10. A buddy snapped this at his workplace here earlier today
  11. Another rando emerges with nothing interesting to say
  12. Yeah, I don't watch the news either - if there's one way to become miserable, that's the way. Trixie is Exhibit A
  13. Exactly why I stopped caring about sports many years ago. I got tired of being depressed about my sportsball losses and find my life much more rewarding without it
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