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  1. We ping in North Waterboro, ME! 1" of sleet, bitch 23F
  2. I'm riding the line myself. Looking forward to a lot of sleet
  3. This is how we know GFS is out to lunch. I'll take a GFS/Euro 50/50 compromise
  4. (Cue BrianW with his solar pimping)
  5. Probably the inspiration for this gif I created. Can't believe I have all these dippy gifs and photoshops saved 10 years later. This one's for you, Georgie porgie pudding pie
  6. -15F at home, but down at the water in South Portland it was 5F. Still good enough for a nice smoke show
  7. Hell, I'm in NNE and have never needed them
  8. Waves at Whaleback Light off Kittery around noontime
  9. 5.6" and 32F .. about to changeover
  10. 3.9" now, so that is 1.2" in the last 30 minutes. 27F but the freezing line is just a few miles away
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