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Dec 27th Miller B nor’easter threat


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image.thumb.png.4a9ff86c692f3ac08d47f480dd01a47c.pngI know the models aren’t showing hits yet, but the 500s tell a different story. This look is REALLY close to something big for the shortwave diving down for the 27th threat after the big cutter. The western ridge axis is still quite far west, but it’s not offshore anymore. The NAO isn’t super negative but it is still negative which argues against a progressive solution (why I’m not buying the wave spacing issues, I’m thinking the northern energy will be much slower to enter the country). If that ridge pokes up a bit more and links up with the decaying block, I bet we will start seeing big solutions on the models. It’s really not far from doing so, it only needs a couple minor adjustments. This is a legitimate big dog Miller B nor’easter threat. That northern stream energy is quite powerful, and the teleconnections are in a transitory state. 

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16 minutes ago, WinterWolf said:

I thought we were told to close the shades for at least two weeks….:axe:

I get the frustration, I’m frustrated too. It sucks that Fridays storm is going to cut, but it is what it is. We got a lot of posters having big melts, myself included. There’s nothing wrong with expressing frustration, but there’s still 3 and a half months of winter left! Is this threat a slam dunk? No, but it’s a legitimate threat with a high ceiling. We track, then yes, it looks like a mild stretch is coming. However, we can get big snows in bad patterns especially in January, so the shades remain open. 

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