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  1. Yesterday I got doored pretty good. Only high of 68 and misty most of the day. Today recovered to high of 80. Perfect balance between Saturdays heat and yesterday’s coolness. #NovaScotiaStrong
  2. High of 92F. Little bd front came through after supper. Temp dropped from 86 to 66 in 1hr. Currently 63F. Going to great for sleeping. #NovaScotiaStrong
  3. Another scorching day in New Brunswick. Miramichi recorded 99F. Second day in a row of a station in the province with that temp. Crazy and it’s only June. #NovaScotiaStrong
  4. High of 93f today. Very toasty for here. Mostly low to mid 90’s for most of the maritimes. Hot again tomorrow. #NovaScotiaStrong
  5. Bathurst New Brunswick hit 99f (37.2c) yesterday. Damn that’s hot. Crazy airmass for this time of year or anytime for them. #NovaScotiaStrong
  6. Is this over the top heat going to be a long term thing? Seems to be the general theme the last month. Forecast is for a possible heatwave here. 90 tomorrow and 92 Friday. Just need Saturday to come on-board. Pretty rare occurrence in these parts. #NovaScotiaStrong
  7. Made it to 84f here. That was after it took most of the morning to burn off the low cloud/fog. Been very dry. Could use some rain. #NovaScotiaStrong
  8. Our winter pattern lagged 3 months to late. Such a shame. Oh well. #NovaScotiaStrong
  9. Just had this problem. I had two rats(at least) living under two different feeders. Never had a problem before. Anyway I just took the feeders away and eventually the rats left. I haven’t seen them or evidence of them in weeks. So start with removing the feeders and see where that gets you. #NovaScotiaStrong
  10. One last blast of winter here...hopefully. A couple of slushy inches but more in elevated areas. #NovaScotiaStrong
  11. Eastern sections of Cape Breton got crushed. Hearing reports of over a foot in some spots over by Louisbourg. Saw a dusting here which was vaporized by the rising sun.
  12. Actually one of the better t-storms I’ve Witnessed in a while...lol. Still going with vivid cg’s (couple of close ones) and some house shakers. Ahh what the heck the way things are going.
  13. And we have thundersnow. About an 1” down. S+. Temp 32f.
  14. I’m glad the pattern shit the bed now. Crappy weather keeps people inside...where they should be.
  15. 5” total. Most of that fell in a two hour period mid morning. Very hvy snow with big fatties for a time. It then changed to rain for a few hours. Down to a couple of gloppy inches now. Was an overperformer here and really wasn’t expecting much accumulations.
  16. One more close in fail before keel over from the virus. Let's do this!
  17. Rumour has it that when the economy collapses, toilet paper will be the new commodity. Full roll 20$. Half 10, Quarter 5.
  18. Whatever it takes to turn humanity into paranoid germafobes, that’s what it’s gonna take to put this virus in check. Keep the fear mongering going is what I say. Can’t hurt to scare at least a few people into washing their hands after using public restroom facilities.
  19. That’s where I stand. Several nickel and dime events but just missed several biggies by a few miles that nailed eastern NS and then went on to visit Nick. .
  20. This winter was better the farther northeast you were. Cape Breton and eastern Newfoundland are having a banner winter(well above). I will be lucky to crawl my way to average or slightly below. NNE will be sub par except extreme northern areas. Obviously you guys in SNE have had it really bad. The most annoying thing for me this winter is how many teases we had. Like having the ball ripped away time after time. Just a barrage of close but no cigar misses. Just makes a crappy winter worse in my opinion.
  21. Same here. Way too many teases this winter for my liking. Lucy must be tired from pulling the ball away so often. Good grief.
  22. Most likely another fail setting up. It's not going to let us out.
  23. They way storms have been going this year nothing is gonna happen.
  24. It's a Newfoundland winter. They were due it's just that it came at our expense.
  25. Agreed just referencing this model for this particular storm. No hands down model winner this season that's for sure.