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  1. I’m adding -NAO to my fraud five. Blocking needs to go. #NovaScotiaStrong
  2. Block doing blocky things. Looks like I’ll see the kitchen sink. Lashing winds with periods of hvy rain mixed with snow. Awesome. #NovaScotiaStrong
  3. Heh. Looks like snow to rain here as the low starts sucking in marine exhaust. Could be a good blow either way. We track. #NovaScotiaStrong
  4. We Reggie. Gets this right and it might have to hoisted onto our shoulders again. #NovaScotiaStrong
  5. We need some cold air badly. Even with this blocked up flow we’re recycling garbage air mass. That ain’t gonna do it. Get this -nao (or whatever the heck it is) outta here. Voodoo. #NovaScotiaStrong
  6. get those roofs raked...for those that have feet on them.
  7. Jeez we might get into the 50's or 60's on Christmas day in the warm sector. If the snow is all melted, i'm going to fire up the grill, maybe have friends over for outdoor activities like washer toss. Make something out of nothing.
  8. 7” here. Lower than forecast but meaty snow. Storm was gassed. Nothing left in the tank. Nice to see snow otg but doubt it will make it till Christmas. #NovaScotiaStrong
  9. The Euro isn't far behind. It's amazing in a sea of cool and stormy, there still is that window to torch exactly at Christmas(24-26). It won't be denied I guess.
  10. Didn’t see the gem 18z posted. Looks tucked like his kid brother Reggie. Would love to see that happen. #NovaScotiaStrong
  11. I’m almost as excited about the model war brewing as I am the storm...lol. #NovaScotiaStrong
  12. Woah. The gfs is a one two punch for here. I’m ready to get my nose bloody. Let’s do this. #NovaScotiaStrong
  13. 12z euro...we take. #NovaScotiaStrong