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  1. 18hrs without power and counting. Internet and cell phone are dodgy. Minor damage here. Fence blew down and limbs fallen. Multiple gusts in the upper 50’s and low 60’s for most of the night. Hearing reports of heavy damage along the eastern shore of NS as well as the northumberland coast. Strong surge noted in those areas. Damage reports will be slow to come in but this was no slouch of a storm. Especially out east of here.
  2. Lost power an hour ago. I’m gusting 95kmh or around 55mph. Still a while to go. Very heavy rain bands. I’m over 50mm (2”) and counting. Winds seem to be mixing down pretty good even inland where I’m at. Stormy night ahead.
  3. I’m wondering if the momentum is going to drag this east a bit.
  4. My bet is Canso for eye landfall. It’s on the mainland but it might be best as the causeway might get damaged or even destroyed. Best of luck. I’m going to hunker down at home. Got too much to worry about here to go chasing this. I’m sure I’ll get sone decent winds and hvy rain.
  5. I’m not far from there. The worst will definitely be east of here. Concern is heavy rain, which we should be able to handle due to our rain deficit. Might get some localized flooding with high rates but should drain off. Winds will be in the 60’s mph for gusts. Probably a few rogue gusts into the 70’s and possibly 80’s. I’m expecting a Juan type experience but boy are Cape Breton and PEI going to take this on the chin. Bad here. Ugly for them.
  6. Perfect storm…..on roids. Yay me. .
  7. Oh hell no. Nope no no. Not taking a right upper cut after Fiona’s left hook. F that. You guys have at er.
  8. Sable island is F’d. Like seriously screwed. If you could get out there to chase you would witness hell I’m sure. If you make it. The surge is going to be massive and monster waves on top. No words. .
  9. This is correct. Also storms of a tropical nature are more frequent now. In the past it was years in between glancing blows. Now we get a direct threat every couple.
  10. If you are on Twitter Look up #nsstorm Should be lots of good stuff in there.
  11. I feel bad for the Sable Island ponies. I know they are a hardy breed and have handled storms before but i'm not sure what nearly 200kph will do to a sand bar with no real shelter.
  12. Strongly worded from EC’s hurricane director. .
  13. SST's are above average even up this latitude. If there is ever a chance at breaking the Atlantic Canada all time low pressure, this is it.
  14. Hortense landfall location but more intense. Different angle of attack so should be more damaging. Getting interesting. .
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