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  1. Every model has its day in the sun.
  2. Beware of a little baroclonic booster juice too. Even if it does start to transition, these things can get a shot in the arm to increase damage yield.
  3. Aren't land obstacles and obstructions(natural and manmade) taken into account when wind velocity is measured during landfall? I mean if a hurricane has a sustained wind of say 160mph, it's out in the wide open ocean. No impediments to the strength of the winds. When a anemometer on land measures the wind has been disrupted by land(hills,mountains, trees) as well as man made infrastructure(buildings etc). Makes me think you'll never get a true representation of the max wind speeds, atleast on land anyway. Perhaps this is all factored in? Always been curious about this.
  4. That's what I figured. I'm cool with that. Maria has caused enough mayhem. Time for it to ride off into the North Atlantic abyss.
  5. How's Atlantic Canada looking? Still in play or a whiff? Seems latest guidance is leaning toward the latter.
  6. I don't think you could get a more precise hit that that on PR. It just bulldozed through almost dead center of the island. Damn
  7. Agree and this behavior is getting worse every year. The weenies want to say "I told you so", or "I called that one".
  8. Yeah Karma has another name. It's called Maria.
  9. This should be the new default picture for a slightly breezier condition that warrants an upgrade from the tipped over lawn chair....lol.
  10. Someone been sprinkling hurricane food in Herbert's box. Funny how some seasons, no matter how good the indicies are, nothing ever gets going and than this season it's like a can't loose hurricane Fest. Really bad for the Caribbean and will probably be remembered down there for a long time.
  11. I guess it's still broken.
  12. Yeah mentioned that in the main thread. Jose is ET phone home or about to. Should pull Maria safely away too. Rough season for the Caribbean though.
  13. It looks to be becoming ET sooner rather than later. More of a fierce nor'easter look on IR.
  14. James hitting the sauce again. Just sit back, relax, and tone down the dramatics. You can post this stuff when the danger becomes clear and present. Otherwise I fear you'll be back on 5 post detention again before too long.
  15. Looks like Lee getting it's freak on down north of the Bahamas'