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  1. Solid 35cms(14") recorded at Gander International. Smashed some records as to be expected. Most snow ever recorded for both May 23rd and 24th. Deepest snowpack for the date. Records go back 50+ years. Sad Ironic thing is this was their biggest storm of the entire 2017-18 winter...lol.
  2. Very nice weather here. 68f high yesterday. Sitting at 48f now. Very comfy for outdoor activities. Just need to get things to dry up.
  3. When the Napril thread transitions into the treepril thread, we yawn, we bud, we leaf.
  4. 60’s today. We take with open burly arms.
  5. Lake frontage Ftw. Bring on the install weather. A tank tops and irocs watch has been issued.
  6. Typical April weather. We transition.
  7. APRIL 7-8 SNOW-fizzle

    4.5” final. Now for some milder weather to melt this crap.
  8. It’s coming!.....respect the warmth. Hopefully with a few or more days of 60s plus, weenies will forget all about winter and chasing day 10 blue snows.
  9. Nice warm up next weekend on the 12z euro. Probably 60’s at least verbatim. Back door be damned. Cool shot after though.
  10. Good luck. Stay safe.
  11. You’ll see 15cms maybe out of this. It will be gone or mostly gone by Tuesday. How’s the big backloaded winter working out?...lol.
  12. Maybe I’m loosing you in translation. Define good. Maybe 4”(10cms) is good in your eyes but that doesn’t impress me; even for April. If that’s the case I apologize for the miscommunication.
  13. We’ll see. How’s your big end of winter comeback going?
  14. Should miss me to the east. Congrats Cape Breton. We over. We done. We tip our cap. We had fun.