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  1. Para gfs with a wintercane. I’d love to see this happen. Weenie dream run. #NovaScotiaStrong
  2. That’s quite the gale per the 12z gfs as depicted. Eyes to the south again. #NovaScotiaStrong
  3. I like how it’s not just below normal red, it’s snowball chance in hell red...lol. #NovaScotiaStrong
  4. A bit early but golf season is over. Antigonish NS this morning. And so it begins. #NovaScotiaStrong
  5. Been blustery here with bouts of mod to hvy rain. About an 1” so far. In a bit of a lull for the last hour but now hearing thunder and wind is picking up. Also appears the centre might be a bit more west than models have it. Might track closer to Halifax. We’ll see #NovaScotiaStrong
  6. It might be post tropical but it sure is a beauty. Love the eagle head look. So ominous...lol. #NovaScotiaStrong
  7. Agreed and counting it. #NovaScotiaStrong
  8. Center of Teddy still appears to be moving NW. Should do the stall and turn to the NNE soon. Cape Breton will probably feel the worst of whatever winds occur. #NovaScotiaStrong
  9. I was just going to post to that effect. That’s pretty much a large North Atlantic ET cyclone. Either way all preps are done here. Will see what it brings shortly. #NovaScotiaStrong
  10. Finally some good news in 2020. I’ll take a strong nor’easter over a cane no problem. Maybe Teddy will become a further shell of its former self. Still expecting some amazing waves. I’m gonna try to get near the coast to see it myself. Depending on conditions and road closures.(Authorities like to keep gawkers at away. For good reason) #NovaScotiaStrong
  11. Hurricanes at this latitude can do funny things. Lots parts interacting and coming apart with potentially explosive results. #NovaScotiaStrong
  12. Going to be interesting how Teddy interacts with that trough. To sling that nw at such high latitude will take some forcing. Dull roar from the local media so far. No alarm bells sounding yet. If nothing changes track wise I suspect later this weekend will be hoping as panic hits. #NovaScotiaStrong
  13. Sooo not really bad. Just maybe kinda not good?
  14. It’s coming. Time to do some prep work before the public gets wind of the threat. Didn’t have damaging cane strike on my 2020 bingo card. Darn it. #NovaScotiaStrong
  15. I can’t even see my province. Yikes..and with that AoA, could be wild here. Juan like #NovaScotiaStrong