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  1. I’m on the good side of that crap. Nothing but mostly sunny skies and highs in the low to mid 80’s. Only had to contend with smoke from the fires out west. Looks like we get a taste of the damp side tomorrow for a few days. Oh well. Been a great summer up here. No complaints.
  2. 91/71 Humidex 106. Sauna stuff. 16th day of a max hi temp of 78 or greater. That’s an all time record. Old one of 14 days goes back to 1876. Should snag another day to add to the tally. That’s remarkable for for these parts.
  3. 12z gfs, after a small respite, keeps the heat going beyond the end of its run.
  4. Yup. Normal for the Northumberland Strait. Water is shallow(relatively) and not much current to mix. Acts more like a Great Lake vs part of the Atlantic. Temps routinely get into the 70's during the summer.
  5. Swampy here. 85/71 Heat index 99. Low overnight of 70. Same conditions yesterday and more the same for tomorrow. Lake temp of 80f. Good times.
  6. Hazey

    Tropical Storm Chris

    You’ll be fine. Maybe a few showers and brisk breeze but that would be about it. Nice looking storm but should move well east of us. YYT might have to keep an eye on things.
  7. Hazey

    Tropical Storm Chris

    Juan 2003. Low end cat 2. About as high as I ever want to go through again if I have to. Doesn’t take as powerful a storm to do damage at this latitude because nothing is hurricane proof or hurricane seasoned. During Juan, trees were fully leafed still and had no chance. They just toppled like dominos. And this area had a lot of trees. Still does despite the blowdown.
  8. Hazey

    Tropical Storm Chris

    Will be watching this one closely up here. Should make a swipe at me. Something to track atleast. I’m liking the start of this season already.
  9. 93f(34c) in Halifax. That's about as warm as it ever gets around these parts. Light nw wind keeps the humidity in check but brings heat right to the beaches.
  10. Solid 35cms(14") recorded at Gander International. Smashed some records as to be expected. Most snow ever recorded for both May 23rd and 24th. Deepest snowpack for the date. Records go back 50+ years. Sad Ironic thing is this was their biggest storm of the entire 2017-18 winter...lol.
  11. Glad we don’t live there
  12. Very nice weather here. 68f high yesterday. Sitting at 48f now. Very comfy for outdoor activities. Just need to get things to dry up.
  13. When the Napril thread transitions into the treepril thread, we yawn, we bud, we leaf.
  14. 60’s today. We take with open burly arms.
  15. Lake frontage Ftw. Bring on the install weather. A tank tops and irocs watch has been issued.