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  1. Solid warning event here if guidance holds with death band tantalizing close. Another tick or two west and double digits might be attainable.
  2. GFS not backing down. Thought it would move east. All other guidance seems to be trending more offshore. #NovaScotiaStrong
  3. Crush job on the 18z gfs. Still a lots of time but that would be fun. I can remember a few winters up this way where the first storm of the season ended up being the biggest of the winter. #NovaScotiaStrong
  4. Shame the pattern goes to kaka after this system but we know that's going to happen (or pretty sure). Focus on one storm at a time. Get some numbers on the board.
  5. Blended guidance is a decent hit for a lot of folks. Adds a bit more confidence. Hope this one doesn't fade
  6. Can’t wait for the 2021 version of “A Christmas Cutter” Nothing more festive than eggnog and thongs. #NovaScotiaStrong
  7. Was an active run of the GFS. Threats with frequent cool/cold shots. Sign me up even if nothin pans out. That's a tasty look.
  8. Pattern did set up a snower just not for most of us. Congrats Nick. Looks like about half a foot on picture. Nice start. #NovaScotiaStrong
  9. CMC also has the follow up wave. Some timing issues between models but looks like around first week of the month is a time to watch. #NovaScotiaStrong
  10. CMC cooking something up around same time. #NovaScotiaStrong
  11. Thanks Nick. I'm hopeful the ridge breaks down and the westerlies give it the boot but some of the models sure want to make us sweat alittle. example 12z euro. Yikes.
  12. Shit that's a direct hit. Thankfully it's 10 days out but I don't like the theme lately. Not sure why the Maritimes are a hotbed for tropical activity now...lol
  13. Sam looks about to take off. Impressive already. Hey Nick, Are we gonna have to watch this up here? #NovaScotiaStrong
  14. Hope this guy doesn’t shawshank us. #NovaScotiaStrong
  15. Looking through the pictures on Twitter the damage looks Juan ish. Maybe not quite as bad but close with tree damage and roof/siding damage. The storm surge on the other hand was impressive. 1.5m above high tide is no slouch for around these parts. I think Juan was around 1m and that was a record for here. All in all solid storm with a stout core that seemed bulletproof. #NovaScotiaStrong
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