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  1. We wax, we wane.
  2. Yeah that's no Bueno. That's as bad as it gets. Even the few folks in northern Labrador traded in their skidoos for irocs and take tops that year.
  3. And we're off and running. First flakes of the season. Sn/Rn mix with a temp of 2.7c(37f).
  4. CFB Greenwood, about an hours drive from me, hit 25c (77f) today. They also hit that mark on the 3rd. Unprecedented for November. Incredible fall here with regards to warmth. Waiting for the pendulum to swing the other way anytime now.
  5. Probably modify a bit by the time it gets here. Still a nice stout cold shot to break the warm cycle.
  6. A couple of snow chances too with s/w's sliding underneath the area.
  7. Has a late bloomer that crushes the eastern maritimes too. We take.
  8. Yeah with a well timed s/w moving south of the region, some folks might see their first flakes. The period is worth watching
  9. You have no need to worry. I'm certain your area will have a banner snow retention season. Unforgettable actually.
  10. Probably will be another sub par snow retention season. Hopefully not as bad as last year.
  11. Could be active with that look. Troughing nearby.
  12. I like how the models want to throw in a few coastals in the mid/long range. Thats encouraging at least.
  13. Always puts me into winter mode when I see the first potential Nor'easter on the long range euro charts. 12z has a tasty appeal.
  14. Baby steps down are a bit concerning. Gonna have to start picking up the pace to get a good December.
  15. Man storm + Sallie trees = hard times for you folks. Had gusts to 100km/h (62mph) here. Pretty meh. Some leaves and pine needles down from what I can see. No power disruptions in my local area although there were a few pockets. We have hardy tree growth I guess...lol.