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  1. 86f for a high yesterday. A record for this time of year.
  2. Nick will be posting pics of snow flakes. While the rest of us are BBQ'g and in banana hammocks...lol
  3. Man the ticks are horrendous this year up here. Almost can't even go in the woods. We lyme
  4. Not to butt in on the car buying convo but another thing you could consider if they won't budge on the price is to get them to throw in some extras instead. I had a similar experience so I went the accessory route. I wanted a hood deflector and a hitch for a bike rack. Got them to throw that in installed. See, they pay peanuts for the parts and the labor is free because the mechanics are already there. It's a win the dealer and you.
  5. Car thermometer said 24c(76f) here in Halifax. Snow is gone. Ground is drying out. We take.
  6. I'd hit that in January. April? Puff puff pass. Just imagine when the pattern flips the script and they get a bunch of sou'easters. Like next week for instance could be dicey.
  7. I said that Gander would take it on the chin but that's a TKO...lol. Snow otg or atleast piles till June?. On a more serious note, If some hvy rain comes into the picture in the next several days, there is going to be some structural troubles for some.
  8. Gander nfld. 230cms (7.5') on the ground and still snowing. All time record. No weenie goggles required to see that. Really glad I don't live there.
  9. I'm happy I don't live there. You?
  10. Talking is alright. Hoping it hits you? meh
  11. If you want snow. You need to be in Gander nfld. YQX getting destroyed. 26" a few days ago. Another 20-24" today. Man pack stuff.
  12. Guys, put the snow weenie goggles down. Just take em off. Time to move on...lol.
  13. Welcome to April. Underperformers are usually the norm minus 97 of course.
  14. 383cms(150") at YHZ season to date. Bests 2014-15 by a foot an a half but more drawn out and not the dramatic snowpack retention of 2015. Still impressive stat.
  15. The Nam better be off its rocker or I'm going to snap my shovel over my knee. Grr. It's keeps god darn snowing here. Added another 5" onto the tally today.