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  1. Hazey

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Looking at the damage, it’s almost a certainty that the death toll will rise. It will take days and possibly weeks to due a thorough search. In that time, the list of the missing will likely shrink as survivors check in and authorities remove them from the list. It is sadly, highly probable that some on the list did not survive. There is a reason they tell you to evacuate and I hope, at the very least, this storm serves as a cautionary note for future hurricanes for anyone contemplating “riding it out”. Gut wrenching pictures and videos popping up more and more. Very sad.
  2. 46f for a high today with light rain. Has that deep fall feel out there.
  3. Hazey

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Mikey will be everything that Florence was supposed to be but wasn’t. Hope it’s sparsely populated in the land fall area. Yikes.
  4. Hazey

    Is Tropical Storm Michael a threat to New England???????

    Only a matter of time before the US got hit with a cane on the uptick. The last several threats have weakened before landfall, some surprisingly so. Perhaps Mike bucks that trend. Have to see what happens.
  5. Quite the spinner that went through the burbs of Ottawa and Gatineau Yesterday. Looks like solid E/F2 possible E/F3 damage.
  6. The whole lifecycle of Florence has been nothing but dramatic upticks and collapses. Perhaps one final uptick?
  7. Hazey

    Hurricane Florence

    Something has been kicking Flo in the rump ever since the first EWRC. Seems like it stumbled and couldn’t gets its footing back. Should still cause some extensive damage with surge/flooding potential.
  8. Hazey

    Hurricane Florence

    Not a bad scenario as the models show now. Can sit back and watch Flo rip someone's a$$ up from the comforts of my own home while enjoying the late summer weather as the WAR flexes its muscles. Not against that at all.
  9. Hazey

    Hurricane Florence

    Lol at that gfs run. It’s like Flo can’t break through the ridge so she backs up, puffs her chest and gives it another go. Ok sure....
  10. Hazey

    1,000,000th Sub-forum post imminent

    Ahh the good ol ne.weather days. Jack hating on DT. DT hating on Craig. A lot hating on Joey and his cats...lol. Good times.
  11. Hazey

    Major Hurricane Florence

    Looks like Flo is hitting her stride. Ramping up quickly now.
  12. Hazey

    SNE Tropical Weather Discussion - Hurricanes

    Nice looking system. Looks like it's hitting a RI period.
  13. I’m on the good side of that crap. Nothing but mostly sunny skies and highs in the low to mid 80’s. Only had to contend with smoke from the fires out west. Looks like we get a taste of the damp side tomorrow for a few days. Oh well. Been a great summer up here. No complaints.
  14. 91/71 Humidex 106. Sauna stuff. 16th day of a max hi temp of 78 or greater. That’s an all time record. Old one of 14 days goes back to 1876. Should snag another day to add to the tally. That’s remarkable for for these parts.