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  1. We're still 2-3 days before this is even gets picked up by the mesos and mid range models. That's an eternity. Everything on the table and everyone still in the game. Ride the ensembles for now.
  2. The ggem is a hot mess. More time needed to sort this out. I’m leaning more chance of hugger than off shore. Just my gut. Hope I’m wrong on that.
  3. Wait a week then check back. Models might have a better handle on it by then.
  4. It’s funny but that little bit of weenie ridging has been poking in occasionally this winter. I thinks it’s what has been keeping us from blowtorching. Sometimes it’s timed right to offer chances. It’s been working quite well for Nick in YYT.
  5. The takeaway from that gfs run is ‘active’. That’s like a storm riding up the coast every 4-5 days. You get enough bullets fired at ya, sooner or later your bound to get hit. I like that look if it holds but as modelling has shown us this year, anything can happen.
  6. Don’t fall for it until you see the whites of its eyes.
  7. This will be up the St. Lawrence seaway by the time Friday rolls around. Not another good model performance
  8. Hate to say it but the Icon had this crappy solution for several days now. Had the storm moving over Eastport me while all the others had it well south. I thought at the time, it was just being the Icon but it looks like it found the nut early.
  9. I hope the Gem is correct. That will just be a fropa. In and out and hopefully keep the pack intact. I'm not giving this turd any more polish.
  10. GFS brewing up another biggie for the end of the month. Atleast it remains active.
  11. Making the gem, reggie and herpes great again
  12. This thing is looking like a hot mess and nothing good comes from that usually. Confidence low.
  13. Agreed. Last time he was posting in here, I put up a one footer and he did a two. Might be my good luck charm this season. Free that kid. Stat!
  14. They had a couple of forgettable winters before this one so I guess they were due for some retribution.
  15. Wow the gfs wants to do the one two punch. That would be something.