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  1. Video quality was better on the original but YouTube made it blurry for some reason. 65 mph or so in the video around 5 am on Cape Sable island causeway.
  2. Lee is making his presence known in my exposed area of NS. The winds ramped up fast in the last hour or so with house cracking gusts. I will try to grab some video in the morning at high water as I’m in a very good spot to see whatever sea state and surge Lee has to offer.
  3. I feel like I’m in a good spot also, more southeast of Briar Island but still on the far southern tip of the province. 6z gfs has me gusting to nearly 140 kmh from the southeast so surge would be an issue.
  4. Pretty intense thunderstorm for Nova Scotia standards rolling through currently. This was a very close hit, 2 houses have been hit in my area. Volume up !
  5. How weak are those trees ? It doesn’t even look like the wind is all that strong really.
  6. This has been my view for 5 days now, we had northeast wind on Monday after that backdoor front came through and the smoke was unbearable. Thankfully the wind has been blowing from southwest to northeast the majority of the time. Looking like a good soaking of rain coming this weekend and beyond so hopefully that will put an end to this monster finally. Picture was yesterday afternoon. Around 20,000 hectares has burned so far making this the biggest wildfire in known history in NS.
  7. I’m right in the thick of it here, it has been a nightmare to say the least..
  8. It’s the same fire, it’s just flared up. It dies down through the night then gets back going again as the sun come up and wind strengthens.
  9. You guys can keep the dry nice weather, we need rain desperately in southern Nova Scotia. There is currently several large forest fires in the area with the biggest down my way. Multiple properties have been burnt to the ground already and it’s still raging as of this morning. Based on visible satellite some of the smoke is making its way down toward Cape Cod this morning.
  10. Nope sorrel doesn’t grow deep roots, it’s makes runner roots just below the soil that sprout new plants. If you miss a piece of root it will just grow a new plant. Easy to pull up anyways. I find like you said they like to take over around plants with nice amended soils. Sure beats goutweed any day, that stuff is a nightmare.
  11. This is Sorrel, it is an absolute nightmare to get out of your garden beds as the roots spread like crazy. If you miss one little piece or root it just reprouts again. Best of luck.
  12. Still dumping here, hard to tell how much I have with the drifting but it has to be 12+ inches at this point.
  13. Absolutely pouring snow here in southern Nova Scotia. It moved in around 8 am this morning and we’ve already got around 4 or more inches down. Could squeak out a foot with this one I think.
  14. Been lurking on this board for nearly 15 years now. Way back to when it was named Easternuswx I believe was the name. Yup that corridor has been smoked all winter long ! We have done better here than most of SNE but still a good 15-20 inches below normal so far.
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