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  1. Wouldn’t take make of a shift west to get this into Halifax, I wonder how far this can actually come west ? It was over St, Johns a few days ago now both the 0z Euro and Canadian have this landfalling on the Eastern Shore around Canso.
  2. I have one also, it’s a Kyushu paniculata. I have a video with at least 100 bees plus a wide array of other insects having an orgy on it. My other paniculata varieties don’t attract nearly as much attention.
  3. Talk about big flakes, I’m getting golfball sized flakes here right now. Never see anything like it ! Slow motion video to try and get them good
  4. Here ya go, never realized it was set as that. Still coming down nicely, just eyeballing I would say about 8-9 inches so far.
  5. How do I do that ? Never realized anything on my channel was private..
  6. Literally pouring snow here on the southernmost tip of Nova Scotia, my Bernese is loving it also https://youtube.com/shorts/55336qpxRXI?feature=share
  7. You guys we’re saying something about wind ? https://youtube.com/shorts/XRtl0f_Sjuw?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/SigX2U_szM8?feature=share
  8. Nice sting jet with this thing here on the southwest tip of Nova Scotia. At least 80 mph southwesterly. Video doesn’t do it justice at all.
  9. https://youtube.com/shorts/0CfG79f-sv4?feature=share Expecting around 12-14 inches here in my area of Nova Scotia along with 60 +mph winds. Not the massive amounts you guys are expecting but still a good storm. Awesome snowgrowth here currently as you can see in the video. Might get in on some sting jet action tonight as the low pulls up into the Bay of fundy. Some models including the Euro show southwesterly gusts over hurricane force around midnight ! Hope you guys get absolutely crushed, you’ve been dreaming of a storm like this for a while now, enjoy !!
  10. Hurricane force Winds at the local wharf.
  11. Crazy conditions here on Cape Sable island.
  12. No Stein up this way that’s for sure !
  13. Yeah we’ve a had a ton of rain here the last week or so, Im pushing 4 inches for the last 7 days and it’s still raining, Eastern shore up through Cape Breton has had substantially more than me.. I even had measurable snow Sunday evening from this low right to the coastline.
  14. Not as much I don’t think, very localized to the Cape sable island area for the most part.
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