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  1. First snowfall of the season here on the coast in Nova Scotia ,nice big fattys. Shame this second system is going to miss here for the most part because this airmass is perfect.
  2. Gfs has been hinting at some kind of tropical entity coming up from the Bahamas for a few runs now. Looks at least like a fairly active storm track setting up with multiple rain chances. Let synoptic season begin !
  3. That should all melt and be warmer for next week by the looks.
  4. Looks like my fully bloomed panicle hydrangeas get spared the worst here on the south shore lol
  5. Looks like poplar to me but not sure.
  6. I’m not sure I’ve even seen half an inch of rain since the first of July, a lot of dug wells are bone dry. Not a great situation, you don’t realize how important rainfall/water is until you turn on the tap and nothing comes out..
  7. That plume of moisture coming up the coast looks so promising but alas it’s not gonna happen again It’s so dry here now the burning bushes are all going red from drought stress.
  8. Come to my area of Nova Scotia to live if you want yawn lol I haven’t even heard one rumble of thunder all summaa
  9. Sigh..was hoping this would bring some rain up this way but we dry until October lol
  10. Just buy panicle Hydrangeas, they can take the heat and cold.. Tough as nails and they always bloom year after year
  11. Those need a lot of shade even here in Nova Scotia.
  12. Definitely a vigorous looking wave, I have faith this one will be talked about a fair amount in the coming days.
  13. Meanwhile GFS is down in Georgia lol Split the difference and SNE looks prime
  14. I live on Cape Sable Island on the very southern tip of NS. Would love to visit Sable at some point though, certainly some active weather to see.