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  1. is that what that was, I was down in the dirty a bit ago and saw a couple areas of police presence, heavy, watertown ave was shut too, anyway here we coat...temp falling off the cliff
  2. yeah that could have been it, was definitely between 98 and 04 when I was living at an apartment in Waterbury, that much I remember, the next place I lived was an awesome thundersnow storm in Feb in I'm pretty sure 05
  3. don't recall exactly what year, early 2000s I think, was literally gloomy and dank like April weather north of Richmond until June, remember driving to Florida that year and as soon as we hit that area, beautiful, two weeks there and on the way back after that spot back to dank, also think it snowed on opening day at yankee stadium too, 02 maybe? that sucked, late leaf out and everything
  4. that is cool thanks... I'ma steal it if you don't mind... really shows how the NW hills become the berks, then the greens, and shows the hilly terrain NECT into RI and SEMA
  5. you still under one of those streamers? those had surprising staying power, and like like they mean business
  6. despite radar, it's been light snow here since sundown, nothing like out east but added at least another .2" to what fell today, feels like deep winter out to boot, nice send off
  7. rocking the radar back and forth and it almost seems like the NW flow undercut the lift, almost appeared like a meso low was over my area as you can see the circulation... actually lightly snowing again, fluff, and wind blown
  8. 17/9 and feels like Jan... guess this is it huh, no faith in the end of the month deal
  9. congrats, missed out on that one... I purposely went out to clean the deck thinking one last go, and literally fell apart above my head, ha, this winter I swear
  10. it has the feel as if I should be clearing a foot of snow or more out there, but alas...2.4 total
  11. that damn band legit fell apart and rapidly intensified east of me, ffs!
  12. power outage again, as soon as the TV reboots, it flickers again, ugh, gusts are vicious, like the other night
  13. good thing Monday will erase any of the mess, I ain't cleaning anything but the sidewalk and deck
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