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  1. about 3 here in boxborough, only about a half an inch when I left winsted at 5 this morning...but the drive in, from about belchertown to auburn was a nightmare, then up 495 it wasn't bad, until I got here, then goose feathers put a couple inches down in a matter of less than an hour, just mod flakes now...congrats on those under that band, good April dumping, reminds me of I think 82, or 83, when we got hammered during spring break..
  2. 4.5 hours to boxborough from Winsted...
  3. just recorded a 43 mph gust...18 sustained, outta nowhere it came roaring in
  4. it'll be gone by the time I get back, at least I trained my wife how to properly measure when I travel, the last year it's been a LOT too, because nobody wants to do work, but not complaining, as long as they don't take away the ot I'm good with travel and running 5 programs at once. miss the fam tho
  5. wish I was there to see it...unexpected business trip to the boxboro, my second home for the last two years...
  6. never saw a flake here in boxboro... now rain washing my truck
  7. wife says 3" on the level now rain in Winsted
  8. I'm up in boxboro today unfortunately but wifey says 1.5" otg new in Winsted as of 1430. just some pellets and a few drops here off 111.
  9. what's up with the bung hole over wtby? i mean it kinda fits...
  10. believe I'm at 58.8, I'll confirm once my laptop cooperates... I'm 20 under avg for since I started taking obs here and I think about 25 or so from the average of the spreadsheet I sent you going back to the 30's.
  11. my avg is a bit more, it's gonna take a few nickel and dime events to get there, but my avg since I moved here and started my own obs is around 78, that includes three sub 50" years, but the average I came up with from the closest obs station to me is more like 85, doubt that gets hit but I'd be ok with 60, especially after the Jan we had.
  12. this may get me over 60 for the season, I take
  13. did I see an official report from northford of 8"? that area north of New Haven has had some good jacks in recent years...and that'll about do it, 4.5" storm total is what I'm submitting
  14. looks like back edge approaching, maybe a little burst to end, and make her done...good luck eastern peeps, looks like a couple more hours of the goods