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Hurricane Ian


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5 minutes ago, Sn0waddict said:

18z RGEM is right into Tampa as well. East of 12z for sure. Only reason I’m bringing this up is because the CMC was still pretty west at 12z, so I wonder if this is a sign that the 0z CMC may join the east train tonight.

PSU local eWall doesn't have Reggie for down here, I assume because we are at the edge of the inner grid for short term high resolution guidance meant mainly for Canada but useful in the Northern US.  Cuba is probably outside the grid, hence Ian forecasts from the Reggie may not be that useful.

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14 minutes ago, Hotair said:

Recon flights are headed into Ian now.  Always good to see Cuba allow NOAA to use its airspace to recon these storms. 

Cuba only let non-military NOAA planes fly in Cuban air space.  I think Hurricane Charley was the first storm the USAFR was allowed to fly their airspace.  Probably because timely and accurate warnings are more important than allowing military aircraft from the US in their airspace.

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4 minutes ago, Ed, snow and hurricane fan said:

WeatherNerds is overloaded.  Can anyone post 850 or 925 winds from GFS?  Even with frictional slowing of surface winds, if there are storms, those storms should mix down inland.  At 66 hours the dry air hasn't reached the TPA area.

I'm only to hr 57 on weathermodels. Sarasota is about 100-110 kts. Tampa about 70 kts. That's 850. 

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