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  1. Agreed, will they do post analysis & if so wonder what it’ll lead to? .
  2. Let’s kick things off. .
  3. I realize it’s off topic for this thread but, I thought you all might get a kick out of this. .
  4. Wolf Ridge cam shows it snowing hard currently! .
  5. Congrats to all & thanks for letting me ride along!!! .
  6. My Brother (4100’) outside of Glenville has about 14”, multiple measures, as best as he can figure. Here’s a pic he snapped a while ago. .
  7. Just got a text from my brother (4100’) just outside of Glenville. Best he can tell he’s over a foot with heavy snow now & very windy. .
  8. The backside of this system means business, it’s currently 39 with a stiff NW wind down at the beach. .
  9. Just talked to a buddy in Woodstock GA and he’s gone over to snow. .
  10. That’s a great view! It gives a good look at what’s to come! .
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