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  1. Welcome to Hurricane season 2020!
  2. Just saw this, hope I’m in! 903 155KT .
  3. This may be one of the strangest disco's I've ever seen (MOB).....2020 I guess. .NEAR TERM UPDATE /Now Through Friday/...Hurricane Zeta was moving rapidly northeast at ~30 mph over the interior of southeast MS/southwest AL. Along the path, Zeta has been responsible for downing widespread trees which have taken out power lines and have contributed to structural damage. Life threatening/dangerous storm surge will continue over the coast. Zeta will continue to accelerate northeast through the night and is progged to lift out of the forecast area shortly after midnight. As the center of Zeta lifts out and weakens, strong winds will begin to taper as well as the tornado threat. Rain bands will also gradually move from west to east. A vigorous southern stream mid-level trof ejects eastward over the Lower MS River Valley Thursday and makes steady eastward progress over the southeast US Thursday night. This feature supports the passage of a strong cold front Thursday, which brings drier and cooler air to the local area in its wake. Coolest highs will be over the western zones with numbers in the mid 60s. Mid 70s along I-65 and 77 to 82 east of I-65 southward to the FL Panhandle. Overnight lows dip down into the mid to upper 40s north of the coast Thursday night.
  4. Getting a decent blow in Navarre now, gusting to the mid 50’s. .
  5. Lightning in the eyewall this late in the!!! .
  6. Found this little gem while checking our weather. .
  7. Impressed with the HWRF on this one. It wasn’t perfect but it got the gist of it. .
  8. Looks like these are flagged but it makes one wonder what they’ll find in the NE pass. .