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  1. 952 mb dropsonde Lee continues to strengthen only 3 GfS members now have Lee as a harmless fish storm The rest bring it to NS or ME or even south NE
  2. VHTs are often associated with RI episodes. It’s possible Lee might regain some Mojo soon. From @KeviShader on Twitter: As an incredible coincidence, we got both a VDM and a GPM MW pass for #Lee's core within 3min of each other, with both data sources supporting a (28nm per recon) eye that is, for now, open to the south => persistent SW shear + dry air intrusions but VHTs have increased markedly.
  3. The Atlantic cane pinball machine is quite active right now
  4. True. One thing to note though is that euro has been among the most accurate trajectory models for Lee to date. Will be interesting to see if 00z repeats with this westward bias.
  5. Euro imagines a direct hit to New England from a high end category 2/ cat 3 Lee next Sunday question is what is Euro seeing now that wasn’t evident 12 hours ago and that other models are dismissing ?
  6. IR presentation almost suggests a WSW heading now, but it’s difficult to say for sure since the inner core has completely disintegrated (dry air and sheer forces) yesterday we saw RI and now it’s like we’re witnessing Rapid Weakening
  7. Ok it was not clear from previous response that it would actually break the model if they used real values. It just seemed like a capricious choice
  8. Initialized Lee at 991 mb Where do they get these #s ?
  9. https://twitter.com/jpatrickwx/status/1700162335355097241?s=20
  10. Anyone else notice a WSW wobble in the satellite presentation ? If the grid overlays are accurate Lee is trending toward the South side of the official track cone at this hour. Not of great significance yet but the models should reflect this on the next runs
  11. Can someone here care to explain the rationale for the models initializing using much higher pressures than what recon measured ? Mike's Weather Page @tropicalupdate · 1h Recent models initializing way higher than actual. EURO 983mb, GFS 966mb, CMC 996mb, ICON 999mb. HAFS/HMON seem accurate. Odd?
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