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  1. 000 WTNT62 KNHC 091653 TCUAT2 Tropical Storm Nicole Tropical Cyclone Update NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL172022 1155 AM EST Wed Nov 09 2022 ...NICOLE MAKES LANDFALL ON GREAT ABACO ISLAND... Weather radar data from the Bahamas and surface observations indicate that the center of Nicole has made landfall on Great Abaco Island in the northwestern Bahamas with an estimated intensity of 70 mph (110 km/h). A private weather station on Elbow Cay, just east of Great Abaco Island, reported a minimum pressure of 986.8 mb (29.14 inches) as the center passed near it. Data from an Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft indicate that the estimated minimum pressure is 985 mb (29.09 inches). SUMMARY OF 1155 AM EST...1655 UTC...INFORMATION --------------------------------------------------- LOCATION...26.5N 77.1W ABOUT 0 MI...0 KM N OF MARSH HARBOR GREAT ABACO ISLAND ABOUT 185 MI...300 KM E OF WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA MAXIMUM SUSTAINED WINDS...70 MPH...110 KM/H PRESENT MOVEMENT...W OR 265 DEGREES AT 12 MPH...19 KM/H MINIMUM CENTRAL PRESSURE...985 MB...29.09 INCHES $$ Forecaster Beven
  2. Many friends and family in Ft lauderdale and North to West Palm Beach. Not a Single one is taking this storm seriously. Like zero. I hope it’s because they have extra supplies from Ian but I y family there boarded up for Ian and they are not planning to board up for this. Keeping it at TS intensity < 48 to landfall has a lot to do with the thinking that it won’t get dangerous in time
  3. I had a good run. 2022 sure gave the models a run for their money.
  4. Same here. Bummer. I had already spent my prize money for winning the forecast contest
  5. 13 named storms with Martin as of today the score is 13-5-2 but who’s counting ? LoL
  6. Death toll confirmed stands at 15 now
  7. Just saw drone video footage of homes in both Sanibel and in Cape Coral. A surprising number of homes look intact. A testament to the Florida building codes. As for water damage from surge flooding that’s a different story altogether.
  8. EVery now and then you see a home that is completely obliterated. Is this due to construction type? or did we happen to have small tornadoes spawning in the area on top of the wind and surge ?
  9. Everyone is in on it. When you can get flood insurance in a high risk area in Florida for half of what it costs in say Connecticut, people build knowing their investment is more or less secure through tax payer subsidies surge is now forecast along the entire East coast
  10. You are correct. I shouldn’t have said underwater. They’ve been crushed with high winds but the storm surge is not what fort Myers is experiencing edit: this is the video I had based my statement on. It claimed to be from punta gorda https://twitter.com/YaCelacanto/status/1575247806889136143?s=20&t=10p9wRsEoX2GAPuBpEq5IQ
  11. Punta Gorda was destroyed by Charley in 2004. It is all brand new construction to latest building codes but seems it’s now under water. It’s gonna take a lot of flood insurance money to get those residents rebuilding yet again
  12. I left my home in South Tampa and evacuated to Lakeland. The cam videos of my home do not show more than gusty wind and light rain all afternoon. no flooding.
  13. Ian took a wobble East on radar that should help keep the strongest winds away from the coastal areas North of Port Charlotte (Sarasota and places North of it). Tampa Bay sure dodged a bullet with Ian
  14. My friend works Florida emergency services. He texted that many calls have come in about pets left in houses whose webcams show have taken on water. These get put on a lower priority rescue list behind people. It is heartbreaking that so many people evacuated but left their pets behind
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